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Hi,  my name is Tracee Cullen, its lovely to connect with you, and I hope you find my FREE PDF - '5 Steps to meditation' helpful.   Please download below.  If you would like me to take you through these 5 Steps, and do it together? I have created each step in short video sessions for you and available as a 'Mini Course'. 

5 Steps to Meditation - Mini Course..

My guess is that you 'turn up' to the mat, cushion, chair and sit and expect to meditate.. right?

Busy mind?
- Do you struggle to keep focus to meditate?
- Do you get discomfort in sitting in meditation? 

In this '5 steps to meditation'  I will take you, step by step with guidance in short videos and you also receive an additional;
*Bonus of a 10 minute 'BEING IT' Meditation.

For Beginners wanting to get started now!
- Preparation to meditate & feel calm.

Foundation Meditation Course

Meditation Foundation Course..

So you have done some meditation but find that you still get distracted? or your not sure really what or how to meditate? Maybe your a beginner or you are wanting to deepen your current practice?  or you would like to gain a good foundation to go onto the Meditation Teacher Training course?

In this 'Meditation Foundation course' you will ALSO receive & learn the '5 steps to Meditation', as well as Mind, Mantra, Mudra, Breathe, Pranayama and more techniques.

For all levels to create a good regular practice.
- Certificate on completion.

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