Do you want to reconnect WITH you?

High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme


JOIN for 3 Months
Personal Development &

 Spiritual Teachings
- held over 3 weekends (1 month apart)

 “Self Transformation”
& LIVE Mentoring


3 months teaching & support for complete course..
with LIVE tuition on course access date for each level

1 Day  | Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies W/shop
1 Weekend | 
  1 Weekend | Awaken
1 Weekend | Ascend Course 
Each level is a weekend and held 1 month apart
 - LIVE sessions at 11.30am on start date for approx 2 hours
The course (except lives) can be taken in your own time.
Supportive mentoring sessions given.

Let’s Meet LIVE online and take action, embrace change and actually work through both your individual
& the collective Awakening shifts..
Seeking your Authentic & Unique Self..
find your Soul Purpose

All held online with the sacred teaching space
- High Dimension® Portal - 24/7 Access

Includes - *Bonus 1 month FREE Access to the -
 High Dimension® Awakened Inner Circle
& * 1 Month FREE Access to ONLINE Meditation Library.
* For non members to support you through this course.
Registration is now OPEN for this course - Book Course

Initially you start with the 1 Day Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies Workshop (this is a pre request to the full course), to raise your vibration and explore the Awakening process, as well as align yourself Physically & Spiritually for current energy - this is also included in the price of the course. 

"I invite you to take this opportunity to attend this extensive, comprehensive and intensive course, that delivers the energetic SPACE, support and ascension required for the transformation your soul is seeking - this is to assist those ready to use this current global situation for personal & spiritual transformation  - allowing an opportunity to create more conscious change in your life." - Tracee Cullen.

Starts - Fri 8th April 2022
4 levels of teachings
Raising Vibration in New Energies & Foundation - Awaken - Ascend
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Join many souls all resonating with the Awakening energies & make Changes!
Tracee Cullen
     High Dimension® Teacher,
Mentor & Retreat Facilitator 
     - Namaste Everyone!

Hear from those who have taken this programme..
Thinking about joining me for this High Dimension Course?
These amazing souls did - check out what they had to say...



"I wanted to deepen my spiritual awareness, a way to look deeper within myself as well as understand current energy and the awakening.  I found the programme was even better than I thought,  great support and live sessions were absolutely amazing.  This wasn't easy but big changes and I recommend it to anyone.  Doing it online has been great to revisit" 

Lucy M - Meditation Teacher & Colon Hydrotherapist & Life Coach - Cambridgeshire - 2020

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Video testimonial


"You will know when you are ready for this course.  You will have had something happen in your life and you want to create a better life for yourself whether internally or externally.  This course is incredible.  You have someone to guide you every step of the way, you will have to do the work yourself and go inwards yourself but Tracee will be holding space and if you need some additional support just log back on to the course and get some help through a video or meditation.  A truly life changing course, not for the faint hearted, but so so so worth it in every area of your life.  I finally became free."

Alex D - Alex D - Meditation Teacher & Music Teacher - Cornwall - completed Nov 2020.


Video testimonial


  "A sure path of getting to know yourself at soul level"

Kev D - Reiki Master & Builder - Somerset - 2017

Video testimonial



"what an amazing experience, although uncertain what I was coming to!!  Great to reconnect."

Sarah D - Nurse - Devon - 2017

SO.. What Are These “High Dimension” Courses All About...
And What Do We Actually Get Done with our 3 months Together?

Raise your Vibration.. New Energies

You will experience the most productive 3 months you've EVER spent on yourself.   Having a gap between each level to allow your vibration to raise and shift all that rises up within.  It brings physical and spiritual changes that are tangible.  The universe supports this process and brings everything around to choose differently - its quite amazing really.. Its all synchronicity
 & flow, that we must be quiet enough in our minds to notice! This course does this for sure.
You'll be able to finally go within at a level your soul is seeking - more focused than all the time you have been seeking change..  We have to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in creating our physical reality to align with our spiritual awareness, which is much higher..  Learning how to JUST BE.
Energetically.. the time is now!
Commit to change..  
When we do we can shift out of 'lack', hardship and just existing.. Clearing our energy system is essential and learning how to look after our energy and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our own energy, development and uniqueness.
We must learn how to ALLOW ourselves to LIVE FULLY and unapologetically..  We also learn, through 'feeling vibration' how we are not separate from nature, or each others energy field - when truly knowing we are the same eco system,  we can align more deeply.
the deeper aspects of our Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual requires the attention and complete focus to really find ourselves at this stage of the evolution.  These are incredible times we are living and we came here to do this.. We know this and yet can feel tired and maybe even at times want to 'exit' but the desire to create the new world is more.
Raise Vibration.. the main reason we are all here in the first place right? :-)

Self Transformation, Guidance & Tools

We navigate the awakening path of ascension, TOGETHER..  The teachings and tools shared throughout gives you the practical learning, so you will FEEL changes at soul level.  This will give you awareness, understanding and will support your consciousness to release layers that no longer serve you.   Some aspects you know you want to shift but the most profound are the levels that you don't consciously know, and don't need to!
When we know how to TRUST ourselves and let go, such profound shifts and change can occur, also so incredibly easily,  lifetimes of influence on our decisions, choices and also how we receive energy & give energy.
Working in the New Energies requires a 'surrender' of all that we have learnt often following many years of development.  It  therefore takes COURAGE to do this and accept that we have risen and shifted consciousness and the collective frequency has also - and we know because it IS DIFFERENT in how we 'receive'..  To get to this point we can feel 'lost' and use words like 'imposter syndrome' and feel like we are between who we were and who we will be, and that we cant do what we did..
Its learning this frequency of BEING, not using old methods of 'connection - we SIMPLY are.
All of this enables you to NATURALLY become a clear channel.  You will feel this as a calling.  The process of all spiritual aspects included, explore many ancient teachings as well as the understanding of dimensions, looking after our energy, what ne vibration unity requires, as well as soul connections, twin flames & masculine & divine feminine role in the Aquarian Age.
give thorough feeling and wisdom of within!

We will be working  in the New Energies to Integrate into 'Being'..  Finding You.. & your Voice to support yourself and goodness!

More Authentic Life,  your Calling!

Everything you'll learn, remember and know within is focused on helping you build a lifestyle-friendly reality..  By BEING your Authentic Self..
This is about TRUELY meeting yourself at Soul level
Supporting you to unravel, exposing your TRUTH, who you are and embracing your ability to love you..  NO MATTER what has go you to this point.
Empowerment to know your worth, value, your input and contribution to the world,  will be a NATURAL process with this method, inspiring you to follow your authentic path.. ignite your creativity.. honour BEING a spiritual BEING living a human existence and the importance of following your passion!
You will feel empowered to seek your vocation in life.. connect with like minded souls as you take this supportive journey within.  Each soul is different but WE ALL have a unique calling and RESPONSIBILITY to work on ourselves at this DEEP level, to make changes in our internal world that will reflect our external world,  learn to quieten the mind, seek within and question everything through FEELING.  This will of course NATURALLY be for the collective shift in consciousness.
Throughout the 3 months there will be many life changing moments, and genuine appreciation for ALL THAT IS, as well as acceptance that you are about to 'step up' to you next level.
Your awareness, if you choose, can definitely without doubt help others in a deeper way than you currently are,  by me holding space will bring a whole new meaning to you and how you 'work' with others.  This may feel 'impossible' either because of a lack of self worth or that you already help people in profound ways.  However in the last 8 years of delivering this programme I am yet to see someone not change completely in sharing their wisdom and how they live their life in a much more aligned way.  There will no longer be 2 separate aspects of your life, but be living as a whole, fulfilled BEING - living more fully and you playing the leading role in YOUR LIFE.   Knowing. believing and owning that your wisdom and skill in what and who you are is already magnificent.. you are your own GURU.. you just need a have this space and shared, process, teachings and experience, to show you, the next part of the journey!

3 months of shared Teachings & support - over 45 Hours Teaching
1 year access - take course in your own time & access 24/7

Format for each course

Content access is given 10am on start day & Live session follows at 11.30am (approx 2 hours)
Remaining course access follows - for you to work through in own time over 1 week.

1 Month gap between courses to allow for shift in vibration.
An additional LIVE session is also arranged with the group.

Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies £80
Equivalent of 1 Day Workshop (taken over a weekend in your own time)
- 1 year access FULL COURSE
Realign your spiritual (5th Dimension+) & physical (3rd Dimension) 
Resonate with Awakening individual & collective shifts
New vibration grounding, being, meditation & protection 
Explore Dimensions, The Awakening process
& magnetic shifts
Embracing the 'Old' & 'New' Energies
'Being it' - resonate with your authentic self
Understanding the path of 'High Dimension' vocational Calling
Raising your vibration & awareness ready for the HDA&HP
Foundation Level £240
 - held over a weekend - in your own time
- Awakening codes
- Timeline of Vibrational Shifts
- Predictions & Earth's journey
Being a Spiritual Being in a Human Existence
- Self confidence to participate in change
- Healing ancient wounds - divine feminine (Men & Women)
- Taking responsibility for your own ascension & healing
- Going within deeply & profoundly
- Path of Ascension - FULL awareness
How to ‘Be it’
Trusting the journey - Self & Universe
Awaken Level £240
- held over a weekend - in your own time
- Reaching & releasing the 'raw state'
Seeking your authentic self - releasing layers
- Conscious, sub conscious & collective consciousness
Authentic Self,
..living the life your soul longs for
- Emotional detachment, healing at soul level
- Twin flames - The journey & Union
- Self love & Healing
Empowerment of self & others
- Accepting you are here to make a difference
Journey of Healing into FULL awareness
Raising Vibration
Ascend Level £240
 - held over a weekend - in your own time

- High Dimension Meditation®
- The importance of the pineal gland
- Self healing at soul level
- Current vibrational shifts & Numerology
- Channelling - consciously, for collective unity
Endocrine system participation in Awakening
‘Being it’ with authenticity
Channelling in New Vibration
Sacred Geometry
- Viewing timelines
Navigating the continued journey
- Being it

- Special discount price £695 -
Includes ALL 4 levels - complete course!
(1 Day workshop £80, Foundation £240, Awaken £240, Ascend £240)

2022 Pricing - £695 (Norm £800)

*Normal Price for Full Course £880
**Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies Workshop £80, Foundation £240, Awaken £240 & Ascend £240 = £800.
**When booking the Full Course you receive the £80 workshop for FREE & an additional discount = Saves £105.

What does the price Include..
- 1 Day Workshop PLUS 3 levels for the full course -

Teaching 45 Hours & continued support - 1 year access
1 Day Workshop - 4.5 hours
3 Days Foundation - 3 days (13.5 hours)
3 days Awaken - 3 days (13.5 hours)
3 days Ascend - 3 days (13.5 hours)

Plus Additional Bonus for 2022 HDA&HP Courses
*I Month Free Access to the Awakened Inner Circle ONLINE Group worth £22
*FREE Access 1 month to the Meditation Library - invaluable!
**Applies if not all ready a member of the Awakened Inner Circle

Course Dates & Timings..

Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies Workshop - Friday 8th April 2022
- Content released at 10am | LIVE session 11.30am - 1pm
- Followed by released course content | complete in your own time throughout weekend

Foundation Course - Friday 29th April 2022
- Content released at 10am | LIVE session 11.30am - 1pm
- Followed by released course content | complete in your own time throughout weekend

Awaken Course - Friday 27th May 2022
- Content released at 10am | LIVE session 11.30am - 1pm
- Followed by released course content | complete in your own time throughout weekend

Ascend Course - Friday 8th July 2022
- Content released at 10am | LIVE session 11.30am - 1pm
- Followed by released course content | complete in your own time throughout weekend

Please note ** to complete the course all levels need to be attended.
The Intense delivery of this course enables a profound life change so you MUST be willing
to do the work and give yourself the 'time' and permission to do it!

I look forward to assisting you on your Journey!
Find your Wings.. & Fly..

Video testimonial



"I have 'found' gained 'discovered' so much.  Thank you universe. Thank you everyone.x."

Marion H - Gloucestershire - Retired

Video testimonial



"Really enjoyed the course - all totally resonates.  Thank you" 

Stephanie B - Spiritual Healer Teacher - Ireland

Completing the Programme as an ONLINE Course

This course is NOW online and so it can be completed across 'time & space', no matter where you are located!
Available to enjoy the experience of completing the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme as an ONLINE course through my 'High Dimension Portal' -  a stand alone Website for all High Dimension Groups, Workshops & Courses receiving exactly the same teachings & supported with LIVE Mentoring throughout the course.  This is a sacred ONLINE space with private access for participants.


  • Take the course at own pace
  • All sessions are delivered & recorded by Tracee Cullen
  • Full support throughout
  • LIVE Mentoring Sessions
  • Student Community
  • Live chat
  • Q&A Forum
  • A place to share the journey! 
  • Join the course from anywhere in the World
  • Certificate of attendance on completion
  • 1 Year Access to Course
  • LIVE Mentoring as delivering the course
  • 1 month FREE Access to the High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle
  • 1 Month FREE Access to the ONLINE Meditation Library

3 months Teaching - work through at your own pace - 1 year Access
ONLINE -  High Dimension Portal - Sacred Learning Space

The High Dimension® Portal - Sacred Online Private Space:

Current energetic Shifts

Each session we navigate the current energetic & vibrational shifts that are occurring both individually & collectively for Spiritual & Self Development.

24/7 online Community

This group has its own community chat facility & forum that can be accessed 24/7 through the online High Dimension Portal.

High Dimension Meditation

Is a New Vibration way of meditation - going within, which is a very natural process that anyone can do & is about simply 'Being'. It will transform your inner calm.

LIVE sessions - Mentoring

Held throughout the 6 weeks course to support your development & learning - delivered LIVE by Tracee Cullen.

Like minded souls

Each group for this Programme is of Awakened vibration and therefore a supportive energetic space for like minded souls all resonating with the Awakening.


All learning material is accessible whenever you want to throughout the 1 year access to the Portal so you can replay as much as you like.

Questions & Answers..

* You cannot book weekends separately, due to the layers of deep inner work.
* This experience creates lifestyle change & you will take action for a New start
* You will feel confident to do what YOU want to do and this is a very exciting energy to bring this into your awareness,  you may well shock people by your choices that are not aligned to following what does not resonate, but trusting yourself to rise like the phoenix !
Feel the fear & do it anyway -  When we are 'called' we KNOW.


JOIN the 3 month held over - 3 Weekends

 “Self Transformation”
High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Course

HELD ONLINE - available access 24/7

Let’s Meet  LIVE within the Portal and Actually work through 
both your  individual & collective Awakening shifts.. 

Seeking your Authentic & Unique Self.. find your Life Purpose

1 Simple Step to...

Join Like Minded Souls.. Navigate the Vibrational Shifts together..

Established group..
Expanding to reach you!

You no longer need to do this journey of Awakening alone - The Online Awakened Inner Circle (that you receive FREE access for 1 month) was established in 2013 (originally delivered at my centre in Devon).. NOW it has expanded to become an ONLINE group reaching those who collectively resonate wherever you live - Like minded souls all navigating the same journey.. 'Our experiences may be different but the lessons are the same'!

Namaste, Tracee cullen.xx

Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor. Meditation Teacher.

Namaste Everyone

Tracee Cullen - High Dimension®
Intuitive | Channel | Healer |
Spiritual Teacher & Mentor

Delivering High Dimension® Meditation, Workshops, Courses & Retreats.

Established Holistic & Spiritual practice  - since 2004
Teacher & Mentor - since 2008

Facilitator of High Dimension® Spiritual Retreats - since 2011
- North Devon, Glastonbury, Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka

International Speaker & UK - since 2013.

Established ONLINE scared learning space - since 2018

Soul Transformation - through Healing, Meditation & Empowerment

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