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 “High Dimension Calling”
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Let’s Meet  LIVE within the Portal and actually work through a fully guided 'Soul' Business set up - for Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists, Intuitives,
Soul Entrepreneurs, Spiritually Awakened Game Changers.

Seeking your 'UNIQUE' Soul Passion.. your Life Purpose..
Create from within.. deliver it to the world!

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Create a work life balance that resonates with your soul
Make a difference in this world!

Shine Bright.. Lets begin now!
This course starts - Friday 18th March 2022
Take at your own pace - 1 Year access

**NB - This course is only held twice a year September & March.
Places are limited - so book now with a deposit or payment plan.

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Includes - 6 weeks LIVE Mentoring during every step of your
Holistic / Spiritual business set up or realignment of existing one.

High Dimension Calling.. Follow your Passion
Live the Life you choose.. Make your work your Vocation

Next Course -
Friday 18th March 2022
Access given 10:00AM
Held in the High Dimension® Portal
Limited Places Available...
Join like minded souls all seeking
their passion to make a difference
in this world!
Tracee Cullen - High Dimension®
Intuitive | Channel | Healer
Soul Transformation Teacher & Mentor 

Be the Soul based Entrepreneur you dream of..

Have you felt a 'Calling' to want to do something good in the world.. To assist others in someway..?
Do you have so many ideas in your 'head' but not sure how to make this a business..?

This Course will allow you to actively participate and take action to get you on your path..

Join Now - Access to the course will be given on the Friday START DATE
you can start when you're ready!
6 Weeks support & mentoring - weekly LIVE sessions - join at any time but not essential.
Access for 1 year is given to work through the course at your own pace.

If you are serious about creating a Holistic / Spiritual business..
If  you want to create change..
Have an aligned work/life balance..
Do what you LOVE..
Make a difference in this world, more fully..
Then.. You must first.. INVEST IN YOURSELF..
It is of old vibration to put yourself last or struggle..
We need to know how important it is for us to do the personal and spiritual development,
in order to deliver ourselves out into the world, with authenticity, confidence
 and embrace the courage and support given to do this journey..

What about Self Confidence..
'I can't do that'..  well let me tell you.. YOU CAN..  We are ALL here to be AUTHENTIC.. to do this we must always follow whats in our hearts.. Follow our Passion..

For that is what we will do best..  with ease.  We can in this state also be genuine and authentic in ourselves and what we deliver.. but due to ancestral and current life conditioning we believe 'we can't' more than 'we can' and even if you have the support around you, society has conditioned us to remain in fear.  But the very fact you are reading this tells me that you are 1) ready & 2) have enough belief to know you want change (even if your not sure how) & 3) maybe just maybe your ready to make a difference in your live.. which will impact and assist others.. for the better!

'Be the change you want to see in the world'?

P.S. It is also possible that some of you have already followed your passion and set up your Holistic/Spiritual Business..

But.. no longer feel aligned to what you do and need to shift to the next part of your journey, adapt what you do or now feel ready for the next level.. maybe to expand or to teach.. or to go from soul trader to Ltd company or to move from your house set up to premises in someway..

 You may have such a good busy business but now want to strip back to just you..  this is also very possible and can allow again a more authentic focus on realigning now to your calling.. wants and personal needs.

Follow your High Dimension Calling..

     - it's your time to SHINE!

                         Whats holding you back..? Money..?
Every time we even start to dream, think about or even try to follow our passion or make our lives better - the Fears of Money Rise!!

This thought process of not thinking that to do what we love as a 'job' wont pay the bills, restricts us immediately and gives us more doubts than anything.. when we are caught up within the 3 Dimensional 'material trap' - however much you want to change your life you will feel 'you can't'.. the problem is you will do this cycle many times..

'Dare to Dream' and then recoil in FEAR or at times despair.. no matter what I or anyone else says at this stage you will simply 'think' it impossible..

BUT..  What if you have done this cycle many times.. and you are going to FEEL the FEAR and do it anyway!

What if I don't know what my Passion is?

This is very common thing that also holds us back..  So if.. you know you want change.. you have enough self confidence to at least try.. but have absolutely no idea what it is you want to do.. have the skills for.. or where you can do it..

That's also okay.. part of the initial session within the Follow your Passion course will help those of you with too many ideas floating around and also those without any ideas.

Both have to start with a willingness and desire to find out what your High Dimension Calling.. Passion is.. so you can follow it!

Be prepared to believe in yourself and simply start.. as you are right now!
With what you have which includes.. skills, finances & time!

SO.. What is the course All About...
And What Do We Actually Get Done with our 6 weeks Together?

Course Content

- Create your Vocational Vision
- Find & deliver from your inner Authentic & 'UNIQUE' self
- Turn your authentic idea into a Business Road map
- Foundation of your ethics, what you want to deliver & how.. Action it All!
- Technology - web presence & social media
- Promoting & Branding
- Marketing & advertising to promote your message
- Delivering your Authentic Self with Confidence!
- Seek your authentic self 'message' & use your voice with confidence!
- Following your Passion & getting it out in the world
- Soul development to release what is holding you back,, to work through the main areas that cause the fear...
- Setting up your business as a soul based Entrepreneur
- How to deliver your passion to be unique
- Align your soul to your vocation
- Know your clients
- Pricing, Planning & Delivering
- Releasing FEAR of LACK of... - Money, Time, Skills & Support
- Know your Value & authentic gifts
- Launch you High Dimension Calling - Business!
- Take action... it's always about the Doing!

We will get you started right now.. with what -
#Time #Money #Skills #Location - you already have..

The support is here!.. Lets do this.. the world needs your gift.. its time to shine.

Live Sessions & Content Access

- Content Access for Course-
10am - Each Friday for 6 weeks the Course content is available for access in The Portal
(You do not have to access it at this time, you can do it when fits with you and in your own time).

- Dates for Content Release -
18th March 2022
25th March 2022
1sth April 2022
8th April 2022
15th April 2022
22nd April 2022

- LIVE Sessions -
5.30pm - Each Wednesday for 6 weeks there is a LIVE session for guidance, questions & Mentoring.

- Dates for LIVE accountability & mentoring sessions -
Wednesdays - 5.30pm
23rd March 2022
30th March 2022
6th April 2022
13th April 2022
20th April 2022
27th April 2022

The 6 weeks support can be used as accountability to help keep focus and be supported,
use this time with me to work specifically on your business, development and goals.

Thinking about joining me..
Follow your High Dimension Calling?

If you resonate..  Then you are ready..
You don't have to immediately resign or denounce everything..
..but you will have to start..  To begin we must take action.. stop procrastinating & JUST START!

I'm going to be right by your side
- You've got this!

I have experienced all of the above on my journey.. I remember literally wanting to pass out the first time I had to charge someone for a healing but many situations and lessons of personal and business growth have led me to where I am now - which is to have a balanced exchange of energy for my time & energy.. that's all it is.. ENERGY!!

I have never been able to 'sell' anything I don't believe in.. and when I have it is always been from an ethos of providing something authentically that serves people - this has been throughout my corporate and spiritual journey - whichever field I have worked in - both have always been 'Holistic'.
We are always of course - 'selling' ourselves.. any soul trader is selling themselves and any role will always have an element of 'you' being the reason people want what you have to offer.. so Self Confidence is essential!

My Journey so far.. You need to Know who is mentoring you!

In 2004 - I had a breakthrough moment - without realising it initially I was about to answer my 'High Dimension Calling' and to 'Follow my Passion' - which I have since described as 'jumping out of a plane without a parachute' - I have done this several times since as I continue to answer my calling which means evolving within the New Vibration and by assisting others to find their wings & fly! 

I left the corporate world (I had never planned any of my career, just trusted and followed the opportunities that the universe gave me)..  I worked extremely hard (a Capricorn thing) and have always given a 100% into whatever position I have.  It seems I can only do something when I feel 'passionate' about it & believe in it.

I have also learnt that once you feel brave enough to your 'follow your passion' - what you resonate with also changes and therefore we must continually evolve - anyone that knows my journey knows that I have embraced change on many levels and often ahead of what is deemed 'normal' or 'out there'  I normally launch my work when it pushes people's boundaries and concepts - this is New Vibration.. my skill set allows future progression in!

It hasn't been an 'easy' journey but a well worthwhile one that I have never regretted taking.. It was stifling conforming in a 3D world.  Even though I didn't know what or how I was going to start the business I knew it would be something worthwhile to help others and that all I needed was 'me'.. (I actually kept seeing/receiving the message - 'everything you need is in your hands' - later as a healer I realise how true this is.. wherever I go I can deliver..  I am my business!

So now we need to help get you 'out there too'..  My forte is to build from scratch.. maybe a survival thing but starting from nothing seems to be a good place to start.. it's fresh and very rewarding.. nothing is unachievable - if you have the passion!

The main thing is to GET STARTED..  No more procrastination, waiting for this or that.. :-)

The universe has a way of getting us to work in certain roles & experience certain situations to be able to evolve to the next part of our journey with the life skills that we need.
I am thankful for my journey as the full picture comes together, as you also MUST be with yours to evolve beyond what you currently 'do' so that you can 'become'..

My previous professional business experience which enables me to deliver teach and mentor..

All previous business skills lead us to be able to deliver our Authentic Soul Based vocation - we need the 3D element to ground the Spiritual!
  • Evolving through the journey of Life!    
  • Overseas Manager & Trainer - Tour Operator
  • - Location office & resort set up in each country
  • - Recruitment, Sales Training, Brochure, Marketing, Advertising & promotion
  • - Public Speaking up to 150 people 
  • - Welfare of thousands of passengers!
  • Recruitment Consultant, Manager & Director
  • - National Business Branch set up from scratch
  • - Facilitate and manage offices into profit
  • - Training managers - business plan & targets
  • - National corporate meetings & contracts
  • Managing Director of IT Company
  • - Recruitment of Management & Sales Teams  
  • - Innovate business plan with technology build
  • - Holistic, Hospitality, IT, Professional Industries
  • - High Level Business Strategic Meetings
  • 2004 - Choosing to Follow my Passion!!
  • - Book keeping course
  • - Business course
  • 2004 - Choosing to Follow my Passion!!
  • Founded Chi Mind, Body & Spirit
  • - Holistic & Spiritual Centre/Client base 3,500+
    - Mentor, staff training & development
    - Mentor, many students into own businesses
  • National Teaching Qualification - 2010 
  • Founded Retreats & Holidays Ltd - 2011
  • - Creator & Facilitator worldwide Retreats
  • - UK, Glastonbury, Devon, Wales                         
  • - India, Greek Islands & Sri Lanka
  • Transition into www.traceecullen.com
  • 2015 -  AWAKENED Holistic Healing Event
  • - 3 Day Festival - National Event
  • Created Online Training Portal - 2018
  • - Online Course Creation
    - Self Build & Hosted
    - Online LIVE workshops
    - Online group membership
  • - Experience of the business & client journey
    - Experience of transferring from working one to one, to one to many.

My previous spiritual experience which enables me to deliver, teach and mentor..

All previous spiritual experiences allow the soul growth we need to have the courage, voice & confidence to deliver our Authentic Self in a business .
  • Bereavements awakened me on many levels
  • Honouring my intuition from an early age
  • Being 'different' & awareness - The Journey
  • Developed as Psychic, Medium & Clear channel
  • Working with many clients at soul level 16+ yrs
  • Intuitively mentoring clients & students
  • Becoming a clear channel - many layers to this!
  • Honouring Personal, Spiritual Alignment
    - Ascension process
  • Intuitive Reader throughout most of Chi MBS
  • 2008 - Created own Healing Modality
               - Chi Holistic Therapy
  • 2011 - Stepped up to attend National MBS events & work overseas teaching & Retreats
  • 2011 - Living & (surviving) - Twin Flame Journey!
  • 2012 - Acknowledging the Awakening deeply

  • 2013 - Answering my Calling more profoundly             - Channelling shifted completely
              - New Vibration  
              - Stepping into Vocation (thought I already had)!!
  • Extensive Travel, Cultural Awareness & Advanced Learning
  • Continued personal & spiritual development
  • Spiritual Teacher 'label' - since 2006
  • Previous certification attained:
    Reflexology, Massage, Thai, Ayurveda & Aromatherapy. 
  • VTCT National Reiki Certifictaion
  • VTCT Colour Therapy
  • VTCT Crystal Therapy
  • Diploma in Numerology AIN
  • NFSH Spiritual Healer
  • Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher
  • 200 RYT Meditation Teacher
Course Price - £333
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Inclusive of 1 year Access

Completing this ONLINE Course

You can now enjoy the experience of completing the High Dimension Calling.. Follow your Passion as an ONLINE course through my 'High Dimension Portal' -  a stand alone Website for all High Dimension Groups, Workshops & Courses receiving exactly the same teachings & supported with LIVE Mentoring throughout the course.  This is a sacred ONLINE space with private access for participants.


On making your booking you will receive your user name and password to access
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  • All sessions are delivered & recorded by Tracee Cullen
  • Full support throughout
  • LIVE Mentoring Sessions
  • Student Community
  • LIVE chat
  • Q&A Forum & a place to share the journey! 
  • Join the course from anywhere in the World
  • Certificate of attendance on completion
  • 1 Year Access to Course
  • 6 Weeks LIVE Mentoring as delivering the course
  • High Dimension Portal - Sacred Learning Space
I look forward to assisting you on your Journey!
Find your Wings.. & Fly..

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 “High Dimension Calling”
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Let’s Meet  LIVE within the Portal and Actually work through a fully guided 'Soul' Business set up - for Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists, Intuitives, Soul Entrepreneurs, Spiritually Awakened Game Changers.

Seeking your 'UNIQUE' Soul Passion.. your Life Purpose

1 Simple Step to...

Follow your Passion.. Join Like Minded Souls.. Make a difference!

Tracee Cullen -

Intuitive | Channel | Healer
Soul Transformation Teacher & Mentor

Founded 2004 - 15 years experience FULL TIME in the field of running a  Holistic & Spiritual 'business' .  DOne so with integrity whilst delivering my own unique calling to the world.. Now helping you to do the same!

?High Dimension® Meditation, Workshops, Courses, Events & Retreats.
Speaker throughout the UK (since 2013) at many National Events.
 Facilitating retreats in North Devon, Glastonbury, Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka since 2011.

Namaste - My Soul honors your Soul.
Tracee Cullen.

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