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AWAKENED Inner Circle:??

This is where I show up.. every 2 weeks to deliver specifically for this group of AWAKENED souls.  There is a fortnightly CURRENT energy soul session that I record in real time that is available for you to view -Video / listen - MP3, whenever you choose 24/7. 

You also receive FREE access to my Meditation library (these are payable for on this website in the download section), the portal forum/community within the group, Monthly Energy updates and LIVE an hour group session with me for continued mentoring, discussion & raising vibration - see?? more here.

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The following  run currently as LIVE courses but will also soon be available ONLINE..

  • High DImension Awaken & Healing Programme
  • Raising Vibration - Working in the New Energies
  • Intuitive Tarot - Professional Course



It has been a pleasure to work with each of these souls - all have had the courage and awareness to travel deep within to make phenomenal changes at soul level.

The Awakening - Life Changing - Empowered - Finding You - Soul Level - Love - Unity

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WOW! Awesome, Empowered. Feeling to have let go of a lot of old emotions /attachment!

- High Dimension & Healing Programme June 2018

Rebecca G - Berlin 

Growth, Empowerment. A Knowing.

High Dimension & Healing Programme June 2018

Karen J - Worcester?

High Dimension
Awaken & Healing Programme

Amazing, Awesome,
Blown Away.

Steve L - Taunton


?Pamela W - Birmingham


Solid, Balanced, Serene.
?Judith F - Liverpool


Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energy - 1 Day Workshop & 3 Day Foundation Course.

If you have come across this programme and resonate that is for a very reason...  do it and don't look back.
Kate B - Exeter

?If you are ready then embark on this transformational, empowering, life changing course... It's the step back to inner bliss that was already there. 

Alex - Cornwall

?I have thoroughly enjoyed this foundation level and excited for the next.  Than you Tracee for holding this space and allowing me to be me :-)
?Claire R - North Devon

Awaken - 3 day Course

High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme 

If you feel drawn to do this, please do so for yourself for the change will be profound and the ripples created from this could make such a change in the world.
This is essential work for growth of self and the collective.

Kate - Devon

The course is truly transformation and I would highly recommend but only if you are willing to do the work yourself - freedom is on the other side of fear.

Alexandra -Newquay

Would recommend this course to anyone who feels ready to throw away the programming and taking their life back to consciousness.
Claire - North Devon

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