1. High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme (HDA&HP)

hdahp-logo-blackgoldSince 2013 Tracee has been delivering specifically High Vibrational talks and workshops throughout the UK to assist predominately healers, practitioners and spiritual teachers through the transition of working in the ‘new energies’

This has now evolved… to the channelled..High Dimensional Awaken & Healing Programme

This Transformational programme is working within the Awakened vibration.. Assisting you from the ‘Old’ energy into the ‘new’ energy. (You may be a practitioner, medium, Healer or Spiritual Teacher, or feeling ‘new’ to all of this.. either way you will have felt/been aware of the vibrational changes.. shifts.. something ‘big’ happening and you will be reading this as you are already ‘Awake’ and realise that something has changed for you!

Some souls simply feel the struggles or the way in which they have been ‘working’ is no longer working for them.. or feel ‘it has gone’.. nothing has gone but a transition needs to occur.. we all need to work in the new energies & what many of us’ learnt’ during our often many years of development, sitting in ‘circle’ although this has been absolutely essential to get us to this point, it is not now.. (this might surprise some).. but you will already know that something has changed with how you are working..

If you are already reading this then it is a sure sign that this is for you!

What you may find to be very different about this programme is that as a High Vibration Awaken & Healing programme the ascension is;
1. Self Transformation &

2. Teacher (to empower others to do the same).


Depending on where your awareness is currently.. this may seem a bit strange but if we look at ‘the bigger’ picture.. we are here to raise vibration & change can only happen within if we choose it.. i.e self heal (soul choices) & then therefore you can then feel empowered to help assist others on their journey of self healing & awakening, but with them also having the same choices to evolve as you have.. so there is then the option for you to develop and teach this programme to others..

The outcome is.. empowerment of self & others in UNITY which will raise vibration beyond what we can imagine..

The Programme & Retreats..

For full details please click here.. HDA&HP

Various dates & Venues throughout the UK

Introduction 1 Day Workshop – Raising Vibration.. Working in the new energies £80*

Level 1 ~ Self Transformation
Foundation ~ 3 Day Course £240
Awaken ~ 3 day Course £240
Ascend ~ 3 Day Course £240

Level 2 – Teacher
Core ~ 3 Day Course £395
Vocation ~ 3 Day Course £395
Deliver ~ 3 Day Course £395

Level 1 ~ Self Transformation ~ You do not have to do all levels they can be done individually & in your own time. For those that feel strongly drawn to complete the Self Transformation then we offer the discount of £695 (For all 3 courses & Free Workshop saving £105).
Level 2 ~ Teacher ~  There are 3 parts to this level and you will need to complete each level before you can teach the HDA&HP, this level will enable you to become a vibrational teacher with support & guidance so that you can deliver the HDA&HP Self Transformation course, therefore empowering other in love and Unity.

Various dates and venues throughout the UK