Meditation Teacher Training
 International Certification | In person teaching online                       
        Ancient Himalayan Techniques & New Earth Vibration Teachings

  3 ways to learn - Online 7 Day Immersion  or  Online 1 month course or Online 3 week course  + 2 Days in North Devon.

Choose option to suit you, work at your own pace between LIVE in person teachings, mentoring & practical experience sessions.
Receive very experienced guidance and support in person, for questions and supportive transformational teachings for YOURSELF to experience and 'become' your the meditation practice, as well as gain access to resources in the HIGH DIMENSION PORTAL  teaching academy - a private, sacred and safe space.

*Teaching opportunities in the portal once qualified, to hep you gather your own students, groups and classes.

Meditation Teacher   Training ONLINE Course.

Held within a sacred private space ONLINE
- The High Dimension® Portal
- Previously taught in various locations UK & India
Do you feel called to deepen your own practice, be able to hold a professional and transformational space for others?

Teach one to one & groups on a deeper level, with a wealth of methods to assist people to journey inwards.

Join this course to deliver your own meditation classes, workshops & retreats.  This is about learning ancient Himalayan techniques and align to new vibration.
Beyond guided meditation!
Options:  Join as either a 7 Day intensive course
or take the same course over 1 month
LIVE tuition & supportive continued resources.

1 year access given on completion.
to support for your own classes & students!

COURSE START DATES 2024 - booking links BELOW

Change your reality & help others achieve inner peace!
- Helping you to gain certification.
Passionate about teaching authentic ancient practices
and new vibration awakened energy!

2024 Meditation Teacher Training..

  7 Day Intensive course - with daily live teachings
or  1 month course - one morning a week live
plus work at own pace in between.
held ONLINE - within the High Dimension® Portal
Gain practical teaching experience and intuitively hold space and support your students on completion. Mentoring & support given throughout.

Meditation Teacher Trainer & Mentor - Tracee Cullen
200 Hour International Yoga Alliance & Accredited by IPHM
Certificated through Yoga Alliance - India
Approved Executive Training Provider - IPHM
(International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)
National Teaching Qualification held
Teaching since 2008

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Certification - course options below..

    60 hours certification take one of the follow options..          
3 ways to learn:

 1. Online 7 Day Immersion or

2.  Online 1 month course or

3. Online 3 week course  + 2 Days in Devon

A transformational inner path of self discovery. 

*This is a complete teacher training course, certified & insureable.

100 hours certification can be taken as
Steps to advanced certification:

1.  1st take any of the 60 hour course options
                            2. + take an online course for a further 6 days               

An optional course, the additional 6 days allows you to complete your
100 hours, bringing a deeper learning, more advanced knowledge & practices.
*This is an additional course for personal development & deeper learning.

ALL COURSE OPTIONS have the same content, teachings and certification, just the length of time to take the course and how aters.

Choose which course length option to suits you, all work at your own pace between LIVE in person teachings, mentoring & practical experience sessions

* 7 Day immersion has 2 hours morning DAILY LIVE teachings
* 1 month course has weekly 2 hour morning LIVE teachings begins on start date
*3 week course has 2 hours LIVE on start day & 2 days in person (North Devon)

**On completion of your Meditation Teacher Training (7 Days or 1 month) you have the opportunity to continue your development to extend to 100 hours certification - with a further 6 day course.  This is not essential but normally chosen to continue with your own personal and spiritual development.  It is an advanced level of practice and exploration of meditation, with deeper knowledge of understanding giving  you the option to offer more to explore with and teach your own students.
Contact me directly when you're ready to join.

Video Testimonials - Meditation Teacher Training. 
What previous attendees have said about the course..

Internationally Accredited Meditation Teacher Training Course

About the Course

What you benefit by attending and taking this step..

You will have been drawn to this course as you are feeling ready to deliver meditation classes, groups, and hold space for others, this enables you to do so in a deeper way.

Enabling you to deliver professional, confident and knowledgeable space for your own meditation classes, workshops and retreats at some point with experience.  

This course will give you enough depth to work deeply on your own practice to 'BECOME WHAT YOU TEACH' to be able to deliver many life changing natural techniques to support others through their development, meditation is key to this process.

What previous experience do you need to attend this course?

It is essential that you have already reached a level of regular practice of 'meditation' whatever form that may be as long as you already take regular 'time' to go within, and are used to at least quiet contemplation and able to seek inner peace.

You will however be given all the required techniques for you to be able to teach others from basic introduction to assist busy minds 'chitta' with positions, methods & techniques up to a more advanced state of breathwork (pranayama) and High Dimension Meditation® for your own spiritual development.

Meditation is the basis of ALL Spiritual development for all the answers are within - we just need to be able to be quiet enough to listen!

I look forward to working with you,


"I took the course wanting to deepen my knowledge of meditation so that I could confidently give to others a worthwhile experience and understanding of the aspects that are included in meditation practice. This was fulfilled above and beyond.  What I wasn’t expecting were the shifts that took place in me.  I am in a completely different place after 7 days and for that I am wholeheartedly grateful." – Emma S -  Online 7 Day Meditation Teacher Training Course.

7 Day Course - Intensive Meditation Teacher Training..
or.. Take the same course over 4 weeks to take at your own pace.
Authentic Practice - Covering all aspect for professional recommendation

What does the Meditation Teacher Training course include..

Teaching Traditional foundation of meditation
Meditation techniques full syllabus in 12 areas of study 
Acquiring knowledge & skills
Teaching Elements 
Meditation topics, practices, & further learning..
Certification, accreditation, insurance & professional conduct

Topics of learning included within 7 Day & 4 Week Teaching curriculum;
* The essence of Meditation
* What is Meditation.. and what it is not
* Postures for all abilities - sitting in meditation
* Using Breath to calm the body and mind
* Understanding the elements of Yoga for Meditation
* Gentle movement - joints & glands learn the full practice to forma gentle approach to stretches, exercise of the physical body (pre meditation)
* Meditation asanas - to create the energy flow within
* Explore the authentic yogic lifestyle practices & himalayan teachingsto support, create change and align mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually
* How to use affirmations, visualisation, walking mediation & nature
* Concentration techniques to overcome mental restlessness - 'Chitta'
* How to expand your heart consciousness
* Visualisation & Guided Meditation (as a tool), many meditation methods are included to explore and gain knowledge of different practices
* Intention to hold SPACE & support stillness, silence and'going within'
* Teaching experience, preparation & channelling
* You will be guided through teaching and professional practices
* New Vibration - High Dimension Meditation®
* 5 ESSENTIAL Steps to create SPACE for meditation* Music as a 'tool' to meditation

Traditional foundation of Meditation:
* Pranayama
* Mantra, Mudra & Bandha

The meditation techniques:
* Basics of meditation* Breath awareness meditation
* Mindfulness meditation
* Vipasana meditation
* Mantra meditation* Chakra breathing meditation
* Papa-purusa dahana meditation
* Kundalini meditation
* Osho meditation
* Dynamic meditation
* Susumma meditation
* Om meditation* Tantra meditation
* Metta meditation
* Yoga nidra
* Gayatri mantra

Syllabus in 12 areas of study:

1. History and meditation tradition
2. Spiritual Practice
3. Relaxation
4. Concentration
5. Meditation from different traditions
6. Spiritual Anatomy
7. Ayurveda relation to Meditation
8. Meditation Psychology
9. Meditation Philosophy
10. Practising & Teaching Meditation
11. Sat Kryia
12. Meditation Therapy

Acquiring Knowledge & Skills

You will gain practical knowledge and skills through; 

  • Direct Teaching
  • Self Practice
  • Energetic Initiation - transmission of energy
  • Self Study
  • Practical & experiential teaching

Become what you teach...

Make a difference in this world.. Raise your Vibration.. & Hold deeper spaces for others..

Teaching Elements of the course
Intuitive Meditation - Channelling sessions releasing 'script'
* Going within - delivering unique & authentic sessions
* Depth of Meditation - Being present - Oneness
* Continued Self Development & practice for Teachers
Environment, Mindset & Methods of Meditation
* Professional requirement for Spiritual Practice
Effective presentation skills to deliver sessions - overcoming 'stage fright'
* Becoming a truly dynamic natural and authentic teacher
Guided flow of delivering classes.
* Lesson Plans for creating and delivering Classes, Workshops & Retreats
* How to organise and market your own meditation classes

Assessment of this course for completion, evaluation & certification is based on:
Practical, Written, Oral, Attendance, Performance & Behaviour
- There is a completion test for this course,  and the assessment is also achieved holistically for all elements of the course. 
- Full guidance is given for you to achieve this.
Be the change you want to see in the World'.. Mahatma Gandhi'

Meditation topics, practices & further learning here...

Following on from the 7 day or 4 week Meditation Teacher Training Course you are required for your own personal development to continue deepening your own practice.
This can be done in a number of ways;

  • Implementing the methods & practices learnt during the course into your own practice
  • Attending collective workshops that assist in your personal development
    - yearly Meditation Teacher Workshops will be held yearly should you resonate
  • Progression to complete your 100 Hours Certification - within a year.

Certification, Accreditation, Insurance & Professional Conduct

Given on completion on the full course.

International Accreditation
 Recognised & accredited through IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

 Certification allows you to obtain immediate professional insurance as a qualified Meditation Teacher.

Professional Conduct
Full guidance is given within the course to ensure you feel confident to deliver with a professional ethos.

Course Completion & Access
Live sessions are compulsory to attend and to participate.
*1 Year Access is given on completion of full course only. 

Meditation Teacher Training course

International Accredited Course

Who is this course for?

Although this course is a training to become a Meditation Teacher, the course also provides an opportunity for both personal and spiritual growth for consciously raising your vibration.

So it is also beneficial for your soul even if at the moment you are not choosing to teach but would like the opportunity to do so in the future.

This course is suitable for anyone that has done some form of meditation but specifically helpful to:

  • Anyone that has already had some experience of meditation at some point
    - it doesn't matter than you may struggle to keep 'at it' or that life gets in the way, as long as you have done some form of meditation regularly in the past and not completely new to it.
    - If you have not then you are welcome to join the 
    Meditation Weekend Workshop for all as a introduction to take this course.
  • Anyone who is looking to bring inner peace to themselves and into the world.
  • Those that wish to deepen their meditation practice, knowledge & potential.
  • Anyone who is wanting to raise their vibration and learn more about themselves.
  • Anyone who is already practicing Meditation and also wants to teach others.
  • Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists or Yoga Practitioners
  • Healers and Holistic / Spiritual Therapists.
  • Persons in the Medical Profession, Doctors, Consultants, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
  • School teachers and assistants
  • Occupational Therapists, Complementary & Integrative Medicine Professionals
  • Anyone from any profession looking to develop skills to be relaxed and more efficient in their working environment
  • Those within the corporate world seeking balance within themselves
  • Anyone wanting to offer professional meditation sessions whether that be as their own business, private or public, within schools, classes, workshops or retreats.
  • Those wanting to assist in the raising of vibration for collective consciousness
  • Individuals looking for career change & want to have a good foundation with professional standing to be in an ever growing profession that makes a difference in this world!
  • Those that want to enhance healing through meditation both personally or collectively.
  • Anyone wanting to join like minded souls on a journey of self discovery!
Meditation Teacher Training course group
Meditation Teacher Training course group
Meditation Teacher Training course group
Meditation Teacher Training online course
Meditation Teacher Training  online course
Meditation Teacher Training online course
Meditation Teacher Training online course
Meditation Teacher Training course
Meditation Teacher Training course
Meditation teacher Tracee Cullen spiritual teacher and mentor

Namaste everyone

Meditation Teacher Training course online
Meditation Teacher Training video

Meditation Teacher Training Course Price.

Meditation TEacher Training courses

Course pricing..

7 Day or 4 Week - Meditation Teacher Training
including Certification & Accreditation
Early bird price for ONLINE only


7 Day ONLINE Course
Early bird - £760 (£895 norm) Book now
1 month ONLINE Course
Early bird - £760 (£895 norm)  Book Now

ONE PRICE - Online + 2 days in Devon - £895  Book now

*Earlybird offer - Limited Places available per course | £895 Full Price.

Himalayas teachings

Himalaya Mountains - 5am..

Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation centre - UK

Teaching Format for 7 Day Course - Daily
* AM - Morning Meditation practice
Course content release 10am - 1 hour work
Live teaching & mentoring session with Tracee Cullen -  11am until 1pm (approx)

Then work at own pace in afternoon / evening for:
Course content released 2pm
* Additional LIVE session 4pm - if you feel you need it
* Evening homework will be given

Teaching Format for 4 week Course
* As above - delivered each Saturday throughout 4 weeks 

*All times are in GMT - You can join from any location by observing the time difference.

* LIVE sessions are delivered through zoom and will require your FULL participation, so please ensure you are in a quiet undisturbed location.

This is an intense course & ALL sessions must be completed and attended for your learning & experience to teach.

Already completed the MTT course & want to extend and take your 100 hours?-
You will need to have received your certificate of completion from your 7 days or 1 month Immersion and then you can contact me directly through this link -


1. is the first step - Join a course..
     2.  The second step - Meditate!

Once you have booked the course it is essential for you to incorporate daily meditation for preparation.

Authentic Training.. Expanding to reach you!

Meditation over the years has become a 'big' subject and as everything has been in many cases diluted into 'main stream modern labels' for individual techniques.

This course has been created in love & unity from a foundation of traditional practice, ancient Himalayan teachings and authentic ethos, inclusive of many different 'methods' of meditation - because there are many paths that ultimately lead to the same destination.
As a meditation teacher you will hold space for souls approaching life in many different ways and you will have the tools to assist them.

Therefore is is my true essence of experiencing many aspects of meditation that the core elements are the same - to go within.

This is also very much dependant on the Vibration and the old energy required techniques to help us achieve quietness within that maybe the busy modern world doesn't 'allow' us to reach easily..

"Ultimately Meditation for me is and has been the key to my own personal & spiritual development as ALL answers are within - Intuition is our strongest best allies to navigate this journey of life,
 we just need to know how to reach within to obtain and then to TRUST ourselves and the universe, 
for we are not separate - we are one"! - Tracee Cullen.

Tracee Cullen -
High Dimension Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

My own personal journey has been varied with experiences through different cultures and practices throughout the world and has so far taken and led me to continually evolve, enabling me for the past 19 years to assist others to raise their vibration to become authentic facilitators of space, no matter what the 'label' as therapists, practitioners, healers, intuitives, lightworkers, teachers & mentors - but I know that ALL are leaders of the new earth vibration.

Established full time & following my own passion since 2004
- when Chi - Mind, Body & Spirit holistic & spirit centre was created and birthed.
Facilitating national events, spiritual retreats & teaching Internationally since 2011
UK - North Devon & Glastonbury | Overseas - Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka
Founding Retreats & Holidays Ltd - 'Finding You' & Meditation & 'BEing' Retreats.
Channelling High Dimension® Intuitive Teachings since 2013
Focus specifically on High Dimension® SIGNATURE transformational Workshops & Courses
& sharing these as a Speaker throughout the UK
 High Dimension Meditation® Method & Teacher Training - simply BEing, for everyone!
High Dimension® Awakened Healing Programme - Advanced healing for conscious souls
High Dimension® Calling.. Follow your Passion - 6 week business course

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