Meditation weekend (2 days) 10th & 11th June 2017 – £165

This weekend of Meditation ‘for beginners’ is for those that are either new to meditation or for those that would like to ‘recap’ on the basics to in still a good foundation to your practice to assist you in your own development and therefore this is suitable for everyone.

We will explore from the foundation of;

What is meditation
Preparation for meditation
How to sit/postures – being comfortable for your practice, (whatever your circumstances)
Meditation, Mind & Mantra
Breath (Pranayama) & technique to assist you before you meditate,
Progressing with Meditation

We will introduce various different types of meditation to explore as some you will resonate with some more than others & we will also include meditative/contemplative Mediation.

To book contact Tracee Cullen directly on 01769 560118.