Intuitive Healer ~ High Dimensional Teacher/Mentor & Retreat Facilitator.

As an Intuitive Healer the core of all that I deliver resonates from ‘healing’.. as the healing of oneself is essential in transformational Awakening!

Founder of Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit in 2004 ~ a successful Holistic centre which has naturally evolved to focus on Healing, Meditation & High Dimension Spiritual Development.

Delivering currently Workshops, Classes, Groups, Courses, Reiki Training as Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit, I have also been facilitating Retreats since 2010 in North Devon which naturally progressed to founding Retreats & Holidays Ltd  in 2011 and expanding to Glastonbury, Greek Islands & India/Goa.

I have during these past few years been assisting with collections and reaching out and delivering to charities, slums & areas suffering from natural disasters, these travels have taken me throughout India, including Goa, Delhi & Kashmir.

My own personal journey, experiences & Awakening has been immense & led me to amazing inspirational teachers & mentors as well as souls who have been a reflection of learning.  This has been over many years & worldwide specifically in India & Asia. I have been intuitively guided to each.. over time the most profound gift of channelling has become stronger & clearer & assisted me in working in the ‘new’ energies, an essential step in evolving & assisting others.

The earlier part of my life I was privileged to have worked and lived overseas in several countries for UK tour operators for 7 years. Most of this time was spent within what I now know to be my spiritual homes; Greece & India, although I travelled extensively including Portugal, Spain, Greek Islands, France, India & America.  During this time the experiences allowed me to both grow and evolve considerably.  It is therefore no surprise that naturally my spiritual work has now evolved into offering spiritual retreats.

Spirit always prepares us with an ‘education’, a journey ‘life’ experiences that will assist and guide us on our path to fulfill our purpose.. for this I am grateful.. the journey continues.💚

Since 2013 I have also been specifically delivering ‘High Vibrational’ talks & workshops throughout the UK to assist predominantly practitioners and spiritual teachers through the transition to also understand the clarity of working in the new energies.. this has now evolved into the channelled course for everyone wherever you are on your own ‘journey’ – ‘High Dimensional Awaken & Healing Programme’ ~ Transformational finding you.. for empowerment of self & unity.

The time is now.. the launch of this self transformational programme was in June 2016 and is also taught as a retreat in Glastonbury ~ the Heart Chakra of the world!

I have evolved enough to embrace what I do as a vocation.. long ago my ‘work’ integrated into simply a way of life.  To assist others fully in the awakening first we must live it ourselves not just ‘speak of it’.. ‘do & live as you guide others’, ‘walk your talk’.. after all actions speak louder than words!

I believe that we never stop learning and that everyone is both the Teacher & the Student.

To assist in raising vibration in North Devon, I was guided intuitively (actually quite a profound channelling received clearly & concise in details) in August 2015, and so the AWAKENED Holistic Healing Event was created and its 1st year was exactly a year afterwards in August 2016.  It is now going to be a yearly event each August during the Bank Holiday weekend ~ a 3 day event, created with love & Unity.. the vision ~

Vision ~To create an event that is resonating with the awakening energies… to integrate individuals that all work in their own unique way & to come together in Unity’.

Qualifications & Certification ~

The ‘paperwork’ ~ I don’t do well with labels but appriciate that it is essential to know who I am, and certifications held so, this is as follows although not complete but adequate to show here..

° Eastern & Western Reiki Master/Teacher & Mentor
° NFSH Spiritual Healing
° VTCT colour Therapy
° VTCT Crystal Therapy
° VTCT Reiki (National Certificate)
° PTTLS Teaching Certificate
° AIN Numerology Diploma
° High Vibrational courses & Meditation
° Master class Animal Healing
° Meditation Teacher Training 200 hrs  ~ Yoga Alliance Certification incorporating Yoga & Joints/Glands.
° Travel & Tourism BTEC National Certification
° Business NEBS certification

Previously qualified in but no longer offer one to one sessions;

Swedish, Hot Stone, Thai Foot & Indian Head Massage
Ayurveda Shirodara
Hopi Ear Candling

Thank you for seeking and reading this page.  We have already made a connection and if you feel drawn to connect with me personally then please do, either by attending a course that you resonate with or via social media, email or telephone.

With Love and light.. keep shining, be who you are.. ‘unique’.


Tracee Cullen.