Heart Language!

‘Follow your Heart’…  how many times do you hear this or tell others?  Many I am sure.. but how often do we actually do this.. without question..❤

There are many situations and times that you can ‘hear’ your heart.. and literally with all your ‘heart’ you want to do something.. but then something else pops in…

Fear and your ‘ego’.. that thing that makes you feel like you ‘can’t’.. we are conditioned to believe this!

Blimey.. how simple it sounds.. but to ‘see’ what is stopping us..

Well this is very simply a ‘distraction’.. you will get ‘busy’ will others things.. make excuses.. like the time isn’t right, I don’t have the money, or I don’t have the time..

Actually none of which is true!

If we truly listen to our hearts we will know instantly with such knowing what it is we want.. whether this be a lifestyle, job, relationship anything that resonates..

It is then the ‘battle’ of quieten your mind enough to still hear your heart so that you can follow through.. when we get lost or too busy then we feel detached again.. normally as we ‘think’ (hmm the mind again)! That we don’t deserve it or that our priorities aren’t right or we will upset someone else if we do this.. again all the ‘mind’..

Here is the thing that we know really but kid ourselves not too..

When we are happy, following our passion, feeling inspired.. i.e. following our heart.. we our shining brightly..! we then also inspire others & we feel fullfilled..

This is energy..😉 the vibration & frequency that we resonate with effects us all.. both ourselves and others!

Also know that “if something is for you.. it won’t go by you”!

The Heart is persistent and will keep bringing the same feeling back to you until you finally listen.. for it knows best and has all the wisdom and “your best interests at heart”! (funny that.. all sayings come from some truth)..😇

So.. just for today.. follow your heart💜




FB_IMG_1493792132594Many are now seeking ‘freedom’.. letting go of the constraints of ‘paperwork’.. manmade restrictions that are rife in the western world..

Many are seeking.. the courage to remove yourself from ‘jobs/work’ that depletes you.. that drains you.. that depletes your soul..

Many are now resonating.. with assisting to help change the world.. to do what lights your soul.. your life purpose (which changes at each stage of development).

Many are seeking freedom.. to let go of inherited out of date belief systems,  to noe resonate with the truth & peace of the core of these beliefs & why it was given but to now rise above the fear, control & shine as one.

So many souls are seeking the path of self healing.. empowerment of self.. increasing self confidence.. to asdist in empowering others..

This path of freedom will bring resistance from others.. mainly as they are struggling to do also all of the above.. when finding your new sense of freedom you may even do more hours than ever before but this will be as a vocation.. you may find yourself in solitude.. but as you grow then you will attract unity of other awakened souls..

Many are now.. Awakening.. seeking Freedom.. and so are you!  Have the courage to follow your heart.. for it will lead you on this continous path of the ‘journey of life’..




New Vibrational Shifts..

hdahp-logo-blackgoldThis is such a positive time of assension..  for me an amazing raise of vibration.. movement of where I am meant to be to delivering High Dimensional Workshops, Courses & Retreats..

A shuffling & balancing of events that I am exhibiting at which is manifesting instantly..

A clearing of old vibration a welcoming of new is all part of the process.. evolving as always.💞.. progression means stepping out of the comfort zone.. being a channel to bring in & proceed with the unknown or not familiar.. to be working fully in the new energy means leading the way.. that is not yet known & requires a new level of trust in the universe & my journey.. what I am here to do.. to reach out to all those that resonate.

This is where the vocation of raising vibration & working in Love & Unity is guided.. complete universal trust..

I thank you all for the many private messages and emails as some of you can feel this shift..

So many of you being drawn to attend the High Dimensional work now.. progress.. evolving..x

Namaste everyone,

In Love & Gratitude,


Tracee Cullen

Souls gathering.. exploring vibrational teaching..

FB_IMG_1488615988872A lovely vibrational day yeserday.. resonating with many souls that are stepping forward ready for empowerment…

My courses attract many practitioners & amazing teachers in their own field that are drawn to wanting to now move forward energetically.. to work in the new energies.

So lots of gratitude to the universe for bringing us all together.. and to those that have already resonated, booked and recognised what the High Dimensional Awaken and Healing Programme is.  For it is of New vibration and many still won’t be able to resonate yet.. but it will come!.. this is a whole new level of transformation..  I know that this group (Glastonbury June 18th) will be assisting in leading the way with teaching this self transformational course in the very near future.

Also a few more of you yesterday have booked to come and join me on the Greece Meditation Retreat for such deep replenishment that is essential right now for everyone & lots resonating with their own journey of self discovery..

Much more will unfold now to assist you as teachers.. my journey is to bring in more quality development and training.. that resonates vibrationally to assist the Awakening!

For several years souls have been drawn to me so that I can help assist them on their path.. normally leading to teaching or group work.

I work uniquely as everyone does to allow a sacred space for you to shift enough to have confidence to ‘get out there’..

This can only ‘work’ when you fully resonate with collective energy.

The thing is you must remind yourself how far you have come and always look to this in gratitude..

So many have experienced this on some level by attending any of my previous Retreats in Devon, Glastonbury, Greece or India or even Reiki Training,  now you will notice a difference in your self.. and that is an amazing thing.. taking responsibility for your own development and actions.

The time is now for raising vibration and I have embraced this fully and in everything I deliver since 2013.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Tracee Cullen

Be.. Love.. Evole..

Be.. see how you grow,

Love.. feel how far you evolve,

Dream… observe how far you aspire.

Simply sit with knowing your boundries are made by you, and only you..  this ultimately will determine.. how far you reach & grow, seek & go, look & see, dream & can be!

Stretch your imagination.. the universe has so much for you.. way beyond what you can imagine!

In Love and Unity,

Tracee Cullen.xx


Replace fear with Love..

“Replace fear-motivated behavior with love-motivated behavior. Fear is the product of memory, which dwells in the past. Remembering what hurt us before, we direct our energies toward making certain that an old hurt will not repeat itself. But trying to impose the past on the present will never wipe out the threat of being hurt. That happens only when you find the security of your own being, which is love. Motivated by the truth inside you, you can face any threat because your inner strength is invulnerable to fear.” ~ Deepak Chopra

You are made of Earth & Stars!


Reach deep to the core of the Earth to resonate with who you are.. for you are not seperate…

Reach high to the stars to know your soul.. for you are not seperate..

You are made of both the Earth & Stars.. such magic is within.. so take this moment now to resonate with all that you are.. feel it.. allow yourself right now to go beyond any human restriction of ‘thought’.. embrace with a smile.. a ‘knowing’..

Because you are also strong & secure like the Earth & you shine like the Stars!


Tracee Cullen.x 💙

Somewhere, Something incredible..

FB_IMG_1487407847822.jpgBe still.. explore your vivid dreams, ‘thoughts’, feelings.. ideas.. for what you are seeking.. is seeking you!

Somewhere , something incredible is waiting to be known.. don’t try to control or steer anything.. go within.. seek peace within.. so that it can be shown..

At this moment so many ideas will be coming to you.. this is a time for accepting all possibilities & ‘sitting’ with it all for the moment.. feeling everything.. then as it all evolves what is meant will stay.. what isn’t will go..

Not every idea will be put into action, some come in to open you up again or even more than you are at this moment in time.. to something even bigger than the idea or dream!

This is a good time to continue processing lots of new ideas.. planning & looking at how to deliver.. start preparing.. laying foundations.. shifting to allow this all in..

Embrace that this time now is for being open to receiving knowledge..

The time for putting into action is coming but NOT right now it’s about laying the foundations.. shifting to accommodate the new beginings..

Then as life ‘unravels’.. you will know in your heart what is ‘meant to be’…

You have more opportunity for ideas to come in when you are peaceful.. than when you are ‘anxious’… so take time to process all these ideas.. let them settle.. resonate.. so that you can go forward when the time is right..

At the end of March you will start to put everything into action.. & by then you will feel more confident if you have used this time to process & prepare..

The universe is calling all lightworkers to now ‘step up’ & deliver.. all with love, support & guidance.. all that is required of you at this moment is stillness to listen.. & prepare..

Much love as always.