Energies today.. Happy Solstice..

Wishing everyone a Happy Winter Solstice today.. the shortest day when the light starts to return. The sun returns to Capricorn.

Also with Mercury still retrograde we each need to make extra effort today to be positive, happy & if travelling allow extra time and expect changes.

Tomorrow Mercury will go direct and we will gently be able to resume easier communication and technology will flow a lot easier! (The shadow is until January the 2nd/3rd).

Save any big purchases until Saturday if you can.. especially if mechanical or technical.

So we can now ease into Christmas and the new year with Mercury direct offering a more collective energy which is very much welcomed by many.

Wishing you all a happy Solstice, Christmas & 2018.


Tracee Cullen

New Moon.. December ๐Ÿ’ž

Yesterday (18th Dec) we entered into the last new moon of 2017.. this new moon is in sagittarius and will bring more peace.. but after the release!

You may have felt compelled to release even more yesterday.. of what no longer serves you.. or at least what you do not wish to take with you into 2018.

It can feel intense but also like a weight is lifting as YOU fully emerge.

During 2017 we all have naturally been seeking new beginnings but may have delayed releasing what needs to go before the new can truly have space to come in. So the past few weeks have been gaining momentum for this release.

This means setting the foundations.. the structure of how you see yourself moving forward.. becoming aeare finally of what you feel you have been continuing with as (old energy) to no avail.. what you need to finish to make room for your ‘new begining’..?

Naturally we are each seeking more freedom in whatever context is needed within our lives.. whether it be in our beliefs, relationships, jobs/purpose/vocation, location.. or all of it!

The energy of 2018 is resonating now.. it can be felt strongly as a strengthening of what we have already started.. who we seek to be.. and with this.. right NOW.. it is highlighting what is stopping us in doing so.. we are shown the blocks we have been imposing on ourselves by not letting go.. of changing.. releasing.

A new way ‘being’ is unfolding with both our own individual awareness and the collective consciousness.

So shed another layer.. and release anything that is not working for you because it simply no longer resonates.. it requires being truthful to yourself of what you already know.

Become aware and make concious decisions knowing that what remains in your life, the foundations and structures you put in place now in the next few weeks will go forward with you in the next 9 year cycle.

Wishing each of you peace in this vibrational transition.. be bold and brave in creating the life you want.๐ŸŒž


Tracee Cullen

Reiki Share.. Collective conciousness

reiki principles picture

Reiki Share.. tonight 5.30pm – 7pm

So tonight is our last gathering of the year for Reiki Share. It has been an amazing year of group sessions with such profound development for all.

Each soul throughout has continud to raise vibration and resonate with the collective consciousness.. shifts in vibration and all that this brings as a Reiki Healer.

Truly evolving incorporating all that comes to enhance each souls journey of Self healing, and consciously developing to be able to grow and choosing to continue to hold space for others.

We have many healers within the group with such depth of experience over many years as well as welcoming many that have just begun their Reiki Journey.

This year at Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit many have attended each level of Reiki Training therefore expanding each group and bringing through new energy and collective healing.

So congratulations to all that I have taught and delivered Reiki Courses to this year;

โ—‹ Those that have started the journey at level I as self healing.

โ—‹ Several practitioners this year have chosen to advance to Reiki master themselves.

โ—‹ & a few that have been Reiki Masters for a while have chosen this year to start to teach.

So such a lovely collective energy.. all sharing their experiences for collective development, meeting regularly yet each on their own journey of life.

So I look forward to seeing many of you tonight as we finish the year off collective healing. ย For those unable to attend then tap in the group energy and be with us anyway!

Tracee Cullen High Dimensional Teacher/Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

Be the Light..

FB_IMG_1504519513420Be the light..
Light has no shadow and polarity is diminishing quickly.. this is a new vibration and old energy is rapidly shifting..

We much each accept and embrace change but individually and collectively.

Being an aware soul of High Dimension and choosing to ‘be here’ at this time of Awakening is profound and will be shown externally as both exciting and ย terrifying all at once!

The reality is.. there is none.. we are seeking and stepping through illusion and within you, you simply know.๐Ÿ’›

This journey has to also be consciously taken and the lessons are many.. uniting as one collectively is hard when all we have known is segregation.. now is the time..๐Ÿ’ž

Always be open to the next layer of what we yet do not know.. always be open to the fact our awareness cannot yet at any stage see the truth in every situation.. be open to knowing also that our soul knows and we are being guided..

We must however 1st take responsibility for our own journey, lessons & actions to realise this!

Tracee Cullen High Dimensional Teacher/Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

Spiritual ‘Tool’s.. Self Development.

FB_IMG_1502354358414The thing to remember about raising vibration.. we at first seek ‘tools’ to assist us which can be anything from crystals, cards, sound, affirmations, visualisation.. even meditation..

The journey is long and will include seeking holistic / alternative therapies & ways of living, psychic readings or becoming the practitioner to gain awareness through experience through all of this you emerge some more.

Then there comes a point of letting go of the tools to simply recognise you are ‘it’.. this starts very simply with maybe reading without cards.. healing without tools, starting to channel in the moment.

The expansion continues when you will even question why we use crystals etc.. why they are not used from the earths grid.. again all ‘tools’.. ย Your awareness will start to work magnetically with the earth.. universe and beyond…

Then this is just the beginning!

As we collectively raise vibration our awareness shifts and we again let go.. shift in frequency.. accept what is and beyond without ‘human’ knowledge.. but knowing at an intuitive level what is the way.. folloeing the unknown.. until everyone catches up..

But remember you can only accept this at the level of awaerness you are currently at.. and this changes continuously and rapidly with trust.

Love the journey.. embrace all the changes.. go with the flow!


Tracee Cullen

Unravel.. The Awakening!

Truly knowing yourself.. the beautiful soul that you are requires so much unravelling, releasing of everything that no longer serves your soul..

Whether it be inherited, learnt or chosen; Beliefs, Doctrines, Behaviours.. the journey is long.. continuous.. many layers.. many levels of awareness..

Know that each of us can only meet each other with the level of awareness we have..๐Ÿ˜‰

During this journey you change dramatically.. shift with frequency.. like and chose different things.. resonate with different people or social gatherings, maybe even you dress differently.. eat differently.. so much is seen externally that leaves you open to judgement but this is minimumal compared to the changes within!

Your soul shines brighter with each stage of this journey.. and others will ‘feel it.. they will just know.. this will make some people uncomfortable others will feel inspired and join you.. but on their unique path..

The Awakening.๐Ÿ’š