Behaviour & Beliefs


Whatever our beliefs… our behaviour shows everything.. we must speak our truth but also walk our talk..🌞

People behave in many different ways..
Some will take what they can and then ignore you when they have what they want.. seek whatever they ‘need’ from you to use in ego..

Others will take what they need in gratitude and mutal exchange.. seek whatever is given and evolve to become unique and use it for the highest good..

But you see we cannot control how anyone behaves.. but we will ‘see’ everything.. we will know when others are not aware enough to move forward with focus on themselves rather than you.. to be in a place of love & unity..

We can only be responsible for our own actions and not how others perceive us..

We are each here to challenge (this is how we grow) and therefore when others feel uncomfortable (or ourselves) it will be a reflection showing them themselves.. it is their learning.. an evolved soul will use it and grow.. with gratitude for the experience  (that sometimes only they saw.. as it was for them not you) a soul still in ‘old energy’ will use it against you.

We each support each other for 2 reasons..
1 either fear of not conforming, to be liked.. or
2 because their vibration shines..

Make sure you resonate with souls for the 2nd reason.. make sure your light is shining and those that you support.. if not you dim your light too!

Namaste… ‘my soul honours your soul’


f88317c1f0b265ff2e5c048a293d6666.jpg11:11.. The Awakening Code.. Awareness of High Dimensional Vibration.. Twin Flame connections..❤

The number 11 in numerology has the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and is idealistic and compassionate.

You may have started to become aware of seeing 11:11 in various places or maybe your awareness of seeing 11:11 is shifting.. you are noticing synchronisities?

Those with this awareness who are drawn to 11, operate on a different level of energy than most, and when two people come together who both have this type of energy… look out as it’s amazing & terrifying all at once.

11:11 is the universe’s way of giving us a ‘wake up’ call asking us to pay attention to our heart, our soul and our inner intuition so that we can be aware of all the opportunities around us.. the synchronisities are showing the way. We simply need to be aware and trust!

Seeing 11:11 can also be a sign of experiencing accelerated soul growth, which means that we may soon be finding ourselves living the life we had previously only thought about. Our inner world is changing and we may find people and events coming unexpectedly into our lives—but at just the right time.

The universe ‘knows’ and delivers what we need at the right moment.. what we are ready for.. it clears all illusions! (Which can also be what we think we are or not ready for)! We simply have to have faith that everything happens for a reason, and that it will all work out exactly as it is meant to.. not as we perceive..

11:11 also represents the ‘Twin Flame’ connection.. that they are or will be manifesting themselves in our lives. Twin Flames are a unique soul connection between two people & are considered to be an example of an eternal type of relationship between two souls.

The Awakened vibration.. the New Energy that we are living.. in this human evolution, where relationships are now begining to highly enhance the spiritual growth between lovers not just someone whom we love or who fits into our lives—they will be someone who makes us want to become a better person.

It will be a connection that works together to assist the raise in human conciousness.. for the good of collective energy not just physical or 3 dimensional. The twin flame relationship brings change on a far bigger scale not just to each other but vibrationally effects many souls through evolving by witnessing the dynamic.

Twin Flames are a higher frequency than Soul Mates (also brought to assist change but ultimately opens you up to be with your twin flame).

When we meet our Twin Flame in our current life there will be nothing that can seperate them even though a pattern of running and uniting can take years.. the spiritual connection cannot be broken though whilst we play out the physical journey.. which can be long.. much has to be released to shift each other to 5th Dimension.. it can and will be done as ultimately twin flame souls are one.❤

Tracee Cullen

The other side of Fear..

​Still applies.. always will..

Let go of ‘fear’ you know within you what feels right and its not what others expect of you..!

To live a full and authentic life we must each look to raise our own vibration.. and that means not staying where we feel comfortable.. to avoid growth and to evolve..

Growth happens on the other side of fear and requires us to change.. many times.. That’s why we are here!

We are not meant to just live a comfortable material life just to survive.. our soul seeks and knows more..

We do meet many on our path of life some for a season, a reason or a lifetime.. that love or hate us, support or abandon, disrespect or respect, encourage or hinder, some bring us light or some feed fear in us.. all our perception though as we need each of these to grow.

Some meet us with honesty some meet us without or simply bring distrust.. but each teach us to evolve by either loving us or hurting us.. it is written.😉

So the other side of fear is the UNIQUE you.. go meet yourself today.. fully!

Love everyone for their part in your life.. but make sure you live it for yourself not others.. then you are a complete being that will naturally attract other like minded unique souls into your life.. you soul will feel more peaceful.. you can relax and ‘be it’..

This journey of life is meant to make you feel uncomfortable when it is time to ‘move on’, shift, evolve or reach out to expand your conciousness, physical world & acknowledge yourself as a spiritual being.

Much love as always,
Tracee Cullen

Energy Exchange..

FB_IMG_1496568376487.jpgEnergy exchange happens in each and EVERY interaction.. whether we have awareness or not.

We are each responsible for our own energy.. and this means many things..
○ not giving our energy/empowerment away to others.
○ having boundries..
○ speaking your truth..
○ of being the light/energy in every moment..
○ awareness of mutal energy exchange.. which raises each other to a higher frequency..
○ know when to withdraw from situations that are not vibrationally right for you..
○ know that it is okay not to interact.. especially when coming from old patterns and 3 dimensional reasoning.
○ if each person speaks their truth a positive interaction can occur even of the 2 people don’t resonate.. energy is not ‘lost’.. mutal balance remains.
○ remove yourself from ‘fear’.. any situation that is fear led either with control or ego is from 3 Dimensional view point..
○ seek 4th or 5th dimensional interaction depending of your own energy.. these will always take place with love and kindness.. whatever the situation, content & outcome.
○ know that we are ALL energy and all ONE.. therefore everything is a reflection.. everyone one is a mirror..😉

Of course basic awareness that we are actually ‘made of energy’ in the first place is required to grasp any of the above!

In Love and Unity as always,

Heart Language!

‘Follow your Heart’…  how many times do you hear this or tell others?  Many I am sure.. but how often do we actually do this.. without question..❤

There are many situations and times that you can ‘hear’ your heart.. and literally with all your ‘heart’ you want to do something.. but then something else pops in…

Fear and your ‘ego’.. that thing that makes you feel like you ‘can’t’.. we are conditioned to believe this!

Blimey.. how simple it sounds.. but to ‘see’ what is stopping us..

Well this is very simply a ‘distraction’.. you will get ‘busy’ will others things.. make excuses.. like the time isn’t right, I don’t have the money, or I don’t have the time..

Actually none of which is true!

If we truly listen to our hearts we will know instantly with such knowing what it is we want.. whether this be a lifestyle, job, relationship anything that resonates..

It is then the ‘battle’ of quieten your mind enough to still hear your heart so that you can follow through.. when we get lost or too busy then we feel detached again.. normally as we ‘think’ (hmm the mind again)! That we don’t deserve it or that our priorities aren’t right or we will upset someone else if we do this.. again all the ‘mind’..

Here is the thing that we know really but kid ourselves not too..

When we are happy, following our passion, feeling inspired.. i.e. following our heart.. we our shining brightly..! we then also inspire others & we feel fullfilled..

This is energy..😉 the vibration & frequency that we resonate with effects us all.. both ourselves and others!

Also know that “if something is for you.. it won’t go by you”!

The Heart is persistent and will keep bringing the same feeling back to you until you finally listen.. for it knows best and has all the wisdom and “your best interests at heart”! (funny that.. all sayings come from some truth)..😇

So.. just for today.. follow your heart💜




FB_IMG_1493792132594Many are now seeking ‘freedom’.. letting go of the constraints of ‘paperwork’.. manmade restrictions that are rife in the western world..

Many are seeking.. the courage to remove yourself from ‘jobs/work’ that depletes you.. that drains you.. that depletes your soul..

Many are now resonating.. with assisting to help change the world.. to do what lights your soul.. your life purpose (which changes at each stage of development).

Many are seeking freedom.. to let go of inherited out of date belief systems,  to noe resonate with the truth & peace of the core of these beliefs & why it was given but to now rise above the fear, control & shine as one.

So many souls are seeking the path of self healing.. empowerment of self.. increasing self confidence.. to asdist in empowering others..

This path of freedom will bring resistance from others.. mainly as they are struggling to do also all of the above.. when finding your new sense of freedom you may even do more hours than ever before but this will be as a vocation.. you may find yourself in solitude.. but as you grow then you will attract unity of other awakened souls..

Many are now.. Awakening.. seeking Freedom.. and so are you!  Have the courage to follow your heart.. for it will lead you on this continous path of the ‘journey of life’..