Bring colour and vibrancy to your life.. Happy Holi

Happy Holi.. to all my Indian friends and all those who resonate with this festival.

My favorite for sure! Many happy memories over the years of vibrancy, ‘playing colour’ and also hiding from it at times! – this festival goes on for several days and I had to leave one year on about day 3 and taking taxi to the airport, we pulled up for traffic next to a group of people and the window was slightly open.. unknown to the driver, we quickly raced to wind it up before coloured powder paint hit the window..

Holi is special for many reasons, it is a celebration of good over evil and that’s needed more than ever at the moment, as the global agenda rolls out and we hold within the knowing of a better world, we just have to remain in light and intention.

The colour is also vibrant and brings natural joy and also play, a light heartedness no matter what age you are, which is also good for the soul. In India today ‘fun’ and laughter will spill the streets and beaches and anywhere.. there are of course some places that it isn’t done as much nowadays as some place get sadly westernised, and the past 2 years pretty much stopped most things that were good for the soul, but you will always find communities celebrating. Hopefully today will unleash this play and vibrancy again!

It is needed within us all..

Namaste everyone,