Established since 2004 Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit has been a sacred space for many over the years.. based in North Devon (UK) initially as a holistic and spiritual centre offering many therapies, treatments and workshops, expanding in 2008 to offer many more workshops, reiki teachings and spiritual development. Since 2011 also founding Retreats & Holidays Ltd, Tracee Cullen has been facilitating spiritual retreats worldwide, attending many national events and increasing workshops and offering courses becoming in 2013 an Academy. In 2018 the High Dimension® Portal was the next natural step to allow for teachings to be global.

Now 18 years on, the tranquil space of Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit remains to be a sacred space for delivering High Dimension® Intuitive Teachings for ascension, awakening consciousness & raising Vibration. It is known now as an Academy for awakening consciousness, ascension & meditation.

Many soul sessions, channellings, intuitive readings, workshops, courses & groups are delivered here through in person training as well as also being the ‘HQ’ hub for online teaching where many recordings are made within the beautiful and empowering energy.

So many souls over the years have shared some of their most difficult and immensely positive experiences here whilst transformation takes place.. the space held is one of enlightenment of self empowerment to create life changes to aspire into positive role leaders and authentic beings.

Initially created as a holistic therapy centre which many repeated clients have enjoyed and benefited from both the replenishment and healing at soul level through treatments, spiritual guidance and teaching offered and the expansion evolving into a meditation centre and training academy for holistic and spiritual learning.

Over the years this transition has taken place naturally whilst Tracee has been continuing to offer training, personal and spiritual development, meditation and soul transformation through her own Awaken & Healing programmes, workshops, courses throughout several locations in the UK and also deliver Retreats since 2011 in North Devon, Glastonbury, Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka.

Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit continues to be and incredible energetic teaching space for delivering such life changing intuivite sessions, workshops and courses as well as sharing the journey of life and working with many souls that resonate to this awakening journey and continued self development.

For those that are looking to book a course to attend with Tracee at Chi Mind, Body and Spirit as an ‘in person’ training then please see my availability through my booking page.

We have been welcoming students from all over the UK for many years and for those that need local accommodation please email and we can forward details to you of those that are close by or offer a discount to our stundents.

Based in North Devon delivering ‘in person’ training by appiontment/booking only – details are as follows: Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit, North Road, High Bickington, Umberleigh, North Devon, EX37 9BB.

As we steps into 2020.. we bring through another year of ‘Soul Goodness’ through workshops, courses and retreats for ALL levels. Those seeking to continue with their inner work and attaining inner peace.

All this will be available through the advertised courses held both ‘in person’ at Chi – Mind Body and Spirit and also online through my High Dimension Portal for ONLINE learning.

Through both personal and spiritual development you can reach a level of freedom from the ‘busyiness’ in the world to attain a more enriching balanced holistic life for yourself and those close to you.

Tracee works with ‘those that are ready’ to make changes within themselves and assists you to do the ‘inner work’ that creates this change in your awareness and how to actively participate in your own journey to inner freedom.

Those wanting to leave the restraints of the 3 dimensional world are encouraged to take the next step into ‘working for yourself’ and creating the life you want through answering your High Dimension Calling and Following your Passion. This can be many ‘things’ so 6 weeks mentoring is given to assist you through this process.

d to continuing the journey and working with those that resonate.