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- For Beginners or those wanting to deepen their practice
This Meditation foundation course, is for you if you are beginning in meditation, would like to deepen your practice for either your own development or to continue onto the Meditation Teacher Training. 

New! Immediate access & take at your own pace
* Special Price £97 | Normally £165
- Helping you to gain 'Inner Peace' and to raise your vibration!

Meditation Teacher - Tracee Cullen
200 Hour International Yoga Alliance & Accredited by IPHM
(International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)
Teaching Meditation since 2008 - various methods, before reaching a place of BEING..
Now its all about - meeting ourselves on the inside!

'Learn Meditation - For your own inner peace'..

This Meditation foundation course is for you if you are beginning in meditation, would like to deepen your practice for either your own development or to continue into the Meditation Teacher Training Course.

A very relaxing & restorative course for the soul!

This Meditation Foundation Course is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine IPHM.  A certificate will be given on completion.

‘Recap’ on the basics of meditation, to instil a good foundation to your practice, to assist you in your own development giving you more depth to enable you to deepen your practice with ease – suitable for all.

We will experience various different types of meditation to explore as you will resonate with some more than others & we will also include meditative/contemplative meditation.

The intention is for you to feel confident to continue your practice at home with the tools and the confidence to do.. to change your life – whatever that is for you!

Meditation Foundation Course..

  • This is an authentic Practice
  • Ancient Techniques & New Vibration
  • Supportive energy, teachings & group
  • Teachings & Guidance - Tracee Cullen
  • Take this course at your own pace
  • Access 24/7.

A note from me..

Welcome..  I have been teaching this course in person for several years and then taught it online throughout 2020, which was really helpful to many wanting to learn this natural method, to help with their well being.  Now I have made it more accessible and it is available immediately - Tracee.x

What does the Meditation Foundation course include?
Topics of learning included within the curriculum:
* Introduction to Meditation
* What is Meditation
* Preparation for Meditation
- Aspects of meditation
- What breaks meditation
- Basic guidance for meditation

* Meditative postures & how to position the body
- being comfortable for practice (whatever your circumstances)
Sitting positions for meditation
* Relaxation postures

* Meditation Asanas

* 5 Steps to meditation
*Other factors influencing meditation
* Diaphragmatic Breathing
* Meditation, Mind & Mantra
* Breathe awareness & pranayama
(technique to assist you before you meditate)

* Meditation
* Progressing with meditation

Traditional foundation of Meditation:
* Pranayama
* Mantra, Mudra & Meditation

The meditation techniques:
* Basics of meditation
* Breath awareness meditation
* Mantra meditation
* AUM meditation
* Metta meditation

Syllabus in 6 areas of study:

  1. Meditation tradition
  2. Spiritual Practice
  3. Relaxation
  4. Concentration
  5. Meditation from different traditions
  6. Meditation Philosophy

Student Reviews - for the Meditation Foundation Course..

claire / Devon 

march 2019

"Thank you so much for helping me on my spiritual journey.  Absolutely loved this course."

wendy / Devon

March 2019

"Fantastic. Thank you so much. Really enjoyed the whole weekend".

carrie / devon

march 2019

"Amazing! Inspiring start to a new beginning.  Can't thank you enough for helping me start my journey of finding me."

ginny / somerset

june 2020

This course was extremely educational for me , as well as relaxing, I have learnt much more than expected, but I have learnt to expect the unexpected which is more beneficial anyway.

I learnt to relax more, take time out to meditate more, to rejuvenate myself, inner core ,and, body feeling more whole on the inside.  I recognise different feelings or how I am feeling rather than carrying on, I take more time out when feelings of stress or tension come in which I didn’t recognise before .

emma S / Devon

june 2020

If you have tried meditation but feel that there is something just not quite authentic about the experience then this course is for you. It all makes sense when you break down the practice into steps.

I learnt that it still comes down to putting the time in to yourself through practice. I also discovered more about how posture affects the breathe and how that is one of the main causes of distraction. I also found that the 5 steps to meditation make the practice of being in a state of relaxed awareness a natural progression.

Delia / wales

june 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be good value for money. This course was just what I was looking for as I was able to complete it from home while looking after my young family.
I have now got the tools to achieve effective meditation. As a result I know feel confident in carrying out meditation. Also I am pleased that I am able to access the course literature and live recorded sessions when I need to along with the guided meditation sessions (up to 1 year) I look forward to see what will open up for me. Thank you Tracee.

Johnathan / Devon 

march 2020

"Lovely lessons learned to practise daily.  Thank you.".

sharon / Devon

March 2020

"What an amazing extra day and start to new astral year.".

jordan / Somerset


"Thank you". 

Acquiring Knowledge & Skills

You will gain practical knowledge and skills through; 

  • Direct Teaching
  • Self Practice.
  • Energetic Initiation - transmission of energy
  • Self Study

Become who you are...

Make a difference in this world.. Raise your Vibration..

Equivalent to the in person 2 Day Course £165
Now ONLINE - Immediate access £97

Teaching Elements of the course
Intuitive Meditation
* Going within
* Depth of Meditation - Being present - Oneness
* Continued Self Development
Environment, Mindset & Methods of Meditation

Assessment of this course for completion, evaluation & certification is based on:
Practical, Attendance, Performance & Behaviour

"Om Namah Shivaya"
"O salutations to the auspicious one!"  or "universal consciousness is one"
I bow down to Shiva”, meaning "I bow to myself, as Shiva resides in us all as consciousness".

Meditation topics, practices, & further learning here...

Following on from the 2 day Meditation Foundation Course, with continued practice and integrating your learning, you will be able to progress to the Meditation Teacher Training Course.

This will be to continue deepening your own practice and develop skills to hold space for others.

Certification, Accreditation, Insurance & Professional Conduct

Given on completion on the full course.

Recognised & accredited through IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)
Quality professional training.

Course Completion & Access
Live sessions are optional but beneficial.
*1 Year Access is given.

Who is this course for?

Although this course is for those seeking to learn or deepen their meditation skills,  this course also provides an opportunity for both personal and spiritual growth for consciously raising your vibration.

So, it is also beneficial for you at soul, bringing balance and harmony
mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This course is suitable for anyone but specifically helpful to:

  • Anyone New to meditation
  • Anyone that has already had some experience of meditation at some point
    If you have more experience and have been meditating regularly for some time (any method),
    then you are welcome to  join the 
    Meditation Teacher Training course.
  • Anyone who is looking to bring inner peace to themselves and into the world.
  • Anyone wanting to 'Go within' and work on yourself.
  • Those that wish to deepen their meditation practice, knowledge & potential.
  • Anyone who is wanting to raise their vibration and learn more about themselves.
  • Anyone who is already practicing meditation and also wants to progress on to teach others.
  • Healers and Holistic / Spiritual Therapists.
  • Persons in the Medical Profession, Doctors, Consultants, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
  • School teachers and assistants
  • Occupational Therapists, Complementary & Integrative Medicine Professionals
  • Anyone from any profession looking to develop skills to be relaxed and more efficient in their working environment
  • Those within the corporate world seeking balance within themselves
  • Those wanting to assist in the raising of vibration for collective consciousness
  • Individuals looking for career change & want to have a good foundation with also the opportunity to progress onto the professional teacher training course, that enables you to be in an ever growing profession that makes a difference in this world!
  • Those that want to enhance healing through meditation both personally or collectively.
  • Anyone wanting to join like minded souls on a journey of self discovery!

More testimonials.. What my previous students have to say..

matthew / devon 

june 2017


susan / devon

June 2017


margaret / Somerset

august 2020

A good meditation practice is based on learning the correct way, from the foundation up. This you will do with Tracee.
Highly recommend.

sally / London 

October 2019

"Brilliant Learning & growth! x".

Kev / Somerset

June 2017

"Amazing Weekend".

julie p / Somerset

june 2017


Meditation Foundation Course Price.

Course pricing..

Meditation Foundation Course
including Certification & Accreditation

Normal Price - £165
- In person Training

*New - Immediate Access ONLINE Course
-Special Price - £97

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*Dependant on availability as limited places are kept for this offer.

Teaching Format
- for what is normally taught as an (equivalent) 2 Day Course

1) Purchase Course through booking link
2) Receive email confirmation & Log in details
- to the High Dimension Portal
3) Course content release - immediately in Portal
4) Access 24/7
5) Take the course at your own pace
6) Certification given on completion

* You can join from any location no matter where you are and any device.

* The teaching sessions will require your FULL participation, so please ensure you are in a quiet undisturbed location.

This is an intense course & ALL sessions must be completed and attended for your learning & experience for accreditation.

Authentic Training.. Expanding to reach you!

Meditation over the years has become a 'big' subject and as everything has been in many cases diluted into 'main stream modern labels' for individual techniques.

This course has been created in Love & unity from a foundation of traditional practice, ethos & is inclusive of many different 'types' of meditation - for there are many paths that ultimately lead to the same destination.

Therefore is is my true essence of experiencing many aspects of meditation that the core elements are the same - to go within.

This is also very much dependant on the Vibration and the Old energy required techniques to help us achieve quietness within that maybe the busy modern world doesn't 'allow' us to reach easily..

"Ultimately Meditation for me is and has been the key to my own personal & spiritual development as ALL answers are within - Intuition is our strongest best allies to navigate this journey of life - we just need to know how to reach within to obtain and then to TRUST ourselves and the universe - for we are not separate - we are one"!

- Tracee Cullen.

Tracee Cullen -
High Dimension® Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

My own personal journey has been varied with experiences through different cultures and practices throughout the world and has so far taken and guided me to continually evolve enabling me for the past 15 years to assist others to raise their vibration to become authentic Therapists, Healers, Intuitives & Teachers.

Established Full Time & Following my own Passion since 2004.
Facilitating national events, Retreats & Teaching Internationally since 2011.
Delivering specifically High Dimension Meditation, Workshops, Courses
& as a Speaker throughout the UK (since 2013).

High Dimension Meditation®,
Finding You & Being You Retreats are held in;
UK - North Devon & Glastonbury
  Overseas - Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka since 2011.
- Founder of Retreats & Holidays Ltd.

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