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Downloads Created in Love and Unity – each download is channelled and delivered with integrity and the intention of raising vibration. Reaching those that enjoy time and space to evolve and grow with the space held.. for each download is Holding Space for you to do so.. Healing is essentially received as is deep replenishment of the soul.

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November – 2019 – Self Love & Inner Wisdom – Download 28:03 – £11.11
Self Love & Inner Wisdom Download – Available again soon!
Self Love & Inner Wisdom Soul SessionSoul Session – This session requires you to give yourself permission to love you!  Bring a journal with you and allow yourself this space and let channelled guidance take you within whenever your can until it becomes ‘a natural process’ to do so.  It is an opportunity to work deeply within yourself and to do so with the tool of meditation.

An opportunity to listen to your inner guidance to understand the importance of Self Love.  To evolve through the process to be able to embrace this shift that is occuring within you by moving to the New Vibration which is to love and honour yourself with deepest respect and to show yourself deep, deep self love and self care.  I look forward to sharing this space with you.  Namaste.x
Self Love & Inner Wisdom Download –


Chakra Cleansing Meditation & Alignment Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually – £11.11 – Available again soon!

An essential part of our Awakening journey is to take responsibility of our OWN ENERGY,  part of this is to cleanse and be mindful of our chakras.

To realign the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual as our Spiritual bodies are often being developed quickly,  leaving the physical to ‘catch up’ or struggle with ailments.  The Aura is reading energetically ALL of the time and bringing into the Chakras.
Chakra Cleansing & Alignment – Available again soon!

Global Awakening – Current shifts and awareness of the collective – £11.11

Poster vimeo Global AwakeningThis is a very potent time (that we have been waiting for)!

With this as expected comes much ‘uncertainty and fear’ from the collective as does the balance of those that know.. those that have been believing and knowing that this is possible.. YOU.

Want to know more.. Do you resonate?  Then click here to view today’s (part) session for my ONLINE Group – in video format 30.06 minutes – Global Awakening – Available again soon!

golden pyramid meditationGamma Meditation – Personal Transformation – £11.11
Gamma Meditation – Personal Transformation This session takes you to the Golden Pyramid for soul level reflection – allow yourself to explore bliss – our natural state!

0,Gamma Meditation – Personal Transformation



AUM – £11.11
Feel the true vibration of ‘AUM’ – an experience for you to work with to go within and feel the vibration of creation throughout at soul level.  An eveyday tool to be able to feel more grounded which is essential as we develop spiritually.
0,AUM – Guided Journey of AUM


11026031_796343523784650_6380190919772808487_n (1)Soul Choices – £11.11
We are continuously making Soul choices but rarely realise it!  This will enable you to have more clarity, awareness and confidence in recognising the process.

0,Soul Choices..


Just beGoing within.. – £11.11
We often read about this and want to do it.. but how do we do it?  What does it mean.. Be guided and use daily to assist your spiritual development and Inner calm. 20:22 Track Recording..

0,Going Within

Energy imageCurrent Energy.. & how we resonate.. – by Tracee Cullen – £11.11
An overview of current energy shifts over this extraordinary period from in September leading through to 2019.  Navigation during Geometric storms and the influence it has on us.  Exploring the current energy shifts (on a deeper level than my free blogs) – What the September Full Moon has brought us to work through and why!  Also an understanding of Solstices, Equinox’s, seasons and the overall vibration of 2019 and what to embrace!  0,Current Energy.. & how we resonate..

Meditation coverWorld Peace Meditation – by Tracee Cullen – £11.11
– Collective consciousness meditation is essential now for raising vibration – meditation when for the good of all is an incredibly powerful positive thing to do – with intention.

0,World Peace MeditationPURCHASE NOW




Re calibration Portal.. Session for completion of 11:11 Master Year energy.  Embracing the re calibration that the end of this master year 11 is given us as we prepare for completion of the year.

Assisting you through this process to give you a more aligned approach to your purpose and releasing ‘mind’ from the equation!
Re calibration Portal..11:11 Master Energy – Available again soon!

20181218_144947_00006810042374056436486.pngAwakened Inner Circle – Intense Energy release – session for ALL – available to download NOW!
This is a channelled session to allow yourself to go within deeply during these intense Scorpio energies and to navigate the past 7 year cycle and to embrace the coming few months energy. This is YOU choosing to actively participate in this moment in your ascension and can be listened to as many times as you feel guided to. This will resonate with those souls who are aware of their awakening journey and resonate with doing the work on themselves.. going within. Created with Love & Unity as always.
Namaste, Tracee.  Available again soon!

Ascension through Intense Scorpio Energy

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