Intuitive Tarot – Level I, II & Professional Tarot
– Taught by Tracee since 2011.

Professional Tarot
ONLINE Course.

NOW.. Held ONLINE within the High Dimension® Portal
- Previously taught both in person & online.
For beginners or those wanting to deepen their practice.
This course is held in 3 parts to gain clarity and experience to become a professional Tarot reader.

 – also many have that have previously taken the course find that it enhances their intuition and their own spiritual development so find they ‘read’ in many situations following on from the course not just using the tarot as a ‘tool’.
LIVE tuition - Support Group
& *1 Year access to course.

Read through this page for full details & insights into the course, what to expect and to check if this is the right 'fit' for you!
Payment Plan available in above link

£185 Includes all 3 levels
Level I workshop £45, Level II Workshop £45
& 6 Weeks Professional Tarot Course £95
- Helping you to gain certification during this global transformational year!

Taught by - Tracee Cullen - Spiritual Teacher & Mentor
Intuitive | Channel | Healer
200 Hour International Yoga Alliance & Accredited by IPHM
(International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine - Executive Education Provider)

Course information (Below)
Student Testimonials..


Professional Intuitive Tarot - ONLINE Course - 2021

I can’t believe the transformation I made in such a short space of time. I’ve shifted so much fear and come such a long way. I was literally on the edge of giving up. But with your extra words of wisdom and time, you gave me the drive to push through. The course isn’t over whelming in anyway and is delivered in manageable bits. It’s good to have the time to practise between the sessions and to raise any issues the following week. Thank you for everything x

Victoria H - 2021 - Professional Tarot Course


Professional Intuitive Tarot - ONLINE Course - 2021 
Great great course. I did both workshops and the professional tarot course. I got soooo much from it. Mainly knowing how to access my intuition quickly and more and more not only with tarot but everything. This is not just a tarot course, I learnt to trust myself more, trust my intuition more and live life from a completely new perspective. Thanks Tracee. Would highly recommend.

Lexi D - 2021 - Professional Tarot Course


Professional Intuitive Tarot - ONLINE Course - 2021 
This course has surpassed all my hopes and wishes and I feel like I’ve been on a massive brilliant journey. It has integrated itself into other areas of my life and I am so very grateful. Tracee’s teaching was spot on each step of the way, nothing went unnoticed, unchallenged, or unsaid. So much wisdom and knowledge was delivered with love. I entered with ‘not knowing’ and am leaving with all the knowledge I need. Thank you . x

Karen B - 2021 - Professional Tarot Course


Tarot level II workshop
This Workshop has really given me more confidence to allow my intuition take over and flow without having to try too hard to arrive for answers when using the cards. This level will take you much further on with your spiritual progression and your journey towards the higher self. Thank you Tracee Namaste x

Gary B - 2021 - Level II Tarot Workshop


Professional Intuitive Tarot - ONLINE Course - 2021
I would encourage anyone that has an interest in Tarot or Angel cards etc as to be honest I never saw myself doing this was always someone else I would go to. But now having done this course I am like yes I can do this!!

I have been playing with cards for years now and just reading the booklet, I never went any deeper than that and would think I could never remember the meanings for 78 cards!! But reading intuitively I now realise you don’t need to do that. In fact, you don’t have to think at all. You just feel, feel the vibration of each card at that time
for that reading.

I love numerology and colour therapy (have an interest) so learning bits about those were fun and held my interest. This course has given me so much confidence in my intuition and to trust myself, that to me is worth its weight in Gold. I would highly recommend.

Kim D - 2021 - Professional Tarot Course


Professional Intuitive Tarot - ONLINE Course - 2021
If anyone is new to tarot, is coming back to it after a time out, is stuck in a rut with it or is trying to navigate the new energies this professional course will help you gain your mojo or get your mojo back to deliver professional readings. Very empowering and I have found this to be another part of the jigsaw of my personal journey that has shifted some further things within me and shifted my frequency so the course is tarot as a tool and the course itself has also been a tool for me shift into new vibration fully. If you feel called to do this do because you will find the calling was as much about what you need on your journey as what you need to deliver tarot readings in new vibration. I have found Tracee as always to be an authentic teacher who delivers with such kindness too. Massive love for this soul.

Kate B - 2021 - Professional Tarot Course

Wow!  You have given me wings! xx

Melissa W - 2013

Tarot Level I

Amazing as always!

Samantha S -2013

Tarot Level I

Helping me on my spiritual journey.

Jess L - 2013

Tarot Level I

Its been a great experience. Thank you.  xx

Helen W - 2013

Tarot Level II

Thank you for helping me move forward.

Adrienne - 2014

Tarot Level II

I cant recommend you enough xx

MW - 2014

Tarot Level II

Thank you for helping me expand me tool kit!

Rosalyn B - 2014
Tarot Level I

Thank you Tracee, feeling confident!!! :-)

Mandy B - 2016
Tarot Level II

Getting into the flow - Thank you!

Amanda M - 2016
Tarot Level II

Excited to progress on the course.

Kieron B - 2016
Tarot Level I

Excited & enthused - cant wait to get started,

Emma S - 2016
Tarot Level I


Jean C - 2017
Tarot Level II

Loving it. 

Denise P - 2017
Tarot Level I

A beautiful safe space created by a wonderful teacher!

Kane S - 2017
Tarot Level I

Thank you!

Vicky B - 2017
Tarot Level II

Super - an emotional compass for me.

Vivianne M - 2017
Tarot Level II

Help to clear my channelling. 

Amanda B - 2017
Tarot Level I


Karen D - 2017
Tarot Level II

I have discovered NEW skills & intend to continue my development.

Rachel L - 2015
Professional Tarot

Learnt a lot especially to TRUST.  Thank you.

Sam M - 2015
Professional Tarot

The course has helped me grow as a person.  Thank you.  Love it. x

Cathy S - 2016
Professional Tarot

Absolutely brilliant.  So inspiring!!

Emma - 2016
Professional Tarot

Life changing!! xxx

Kimberly C - 2016
Professional Tarot

Thank you for helping me find me. xxx

Nicola M - 2017
Professional Tarot

Thank you ! Namaste

K S - 2017
Professional Tarot

Thank you, Tracee exceptional course.  Looking forward to giving people guidance.

Jean C - 2017
Professional Tarot

Amazing, lovely challenging journey. x

Sarah F - 2017
Professional Tarot

'Reading intuitively -

'Tarot as a tool'..

You will have been drawn to this  course as you are feeling ready to hold space and deliver channelled guidance for others,.

You can create your own reading 1 to 1 sessions, intuitive 'evening gatherings', development to 'read' on or offline (in person), maybe even create workshops or group sessions as you gain experience of various environments and situations.

This course will give you enough depth to work deeply on your own practice to be able to deliver to others.  You will of course be required to 'practice' as in the format of your sessions (rather than reading, as once you clear yourself you become the channel which flows, we are just the channel / messenger).

It is essential that you have already reached a level of regular practice of 'meditation' or creating a quiet mind, be able to withdraw from the 'busy' mind or external world. As long as you take regular 'time' to go within, and are used to at least quiet contemplation and seek inner peace - then you can access your inner knowing.

You will however be given all the required techniques for you to be able to deliver readings as a professional reader and will learn how to do so with DEPTH - this is the difference of a 'good' or 'bad' interpretation of a client reading (no such thing as either, as its our perception, however depth gives a deeper knowing and conscious ability to get out of the way and trust what you receive as a clear channel).

Whilst each level of the workshops and course are delivered in its own right,  I do not teach live just as individual levels.  This is because I find that those whom are drawn to attend and work with me are ready and wanting to read intuitively and professionally and this takes the FULL process to go through with your participation and interest for the outcome of the highest greatest good - it takes us all the patience and letting go to just BE!

For ALL Spiritual development for all the answers are within - we just need to be able to be quiet enough to listen!

6  week Course - Intensive Tarot Course - with LIVE teaching..
Authentic Practice - Covering all aspect for professional recommendation

Who is this course for?

For beginners or those who already read and want to deepen their practice, or learn intuitively - this is not about memorizing cards!

This course is held in 3 parts to gain clarity and experience to become a professional Tarot reader – also many have that have previously taken the course find that it enhances their intuition and their own spiritual development so find they ‘read’ in many situations following on from the course not just using the tarot as a ‘tool’.

Held online within the sacred space – High Dimension Portal
– (Password access is automatically given once you have booked your placed) www.highdimensionportal.traceecullen.com

Course dates & details

Tarot Level I – 10am - 2pm (£45)

This workshop will allow you to develop your intuition and to use the Tarot as a ‘Tool’ for readings. An introduction to the Tarot and ‘letting Go’ of ‘learning cards’!!Also incorporating cleansing of cards, preparation & card layouts.

Tarot Level II – 10am – 2pm (£45)

This Workshop works on a deeper level & is a vital part in your continued development to be reading intuitively.  Increasing your intuition, knowledge and development working with Tarot cards. You will develop your readings with more depth and understanding… whilst raising your vibration, intuition and self development.

Professional Tarot 6 week Course (£95)
(6 x 1 1/2 hour classes  or 3hr sessions held over 3 weeks).

This professional Tarot course will enable you to develop and read intuitively in your own unique way… letting go of fear and giving more depth and understanding with your readings… allowing you to develop yourself and your confidence to give professional readings using the tarot as a ‘tool’.

You will develop further with confidence and read with more depth and understanding of how to also hold space for your clients, incorporating setting up as a professional tarot reader with pricing, promotion and advertising.

You will also be learning and integrating Numerology and Colour into your readings.

Raising your vibration to deliver Intuitively Tarot sessions Professionally.

(This course is also a very good development basis for those of you that want to develop your intuition and psychic ability to give readings intuitively with or without the tarot).

About the course & essential information

Please note that I feel very blessed to have been ‘given’ this format to assist others into reading Intuitively as my own journey was varied and long!

So I am able to deliver this in a way that will allow you to grow and develop perhaps much quicker than many routes but the core is to ‘read intuitively’ so therefore I ask the following to assist me in delivering this to you in the way it was created – in Love and Unity with the deepest respect for this ‘gift’ and awareness of how to use it to go and assist others.
Please do not try to ‘learn’ any cards before we start or it will be harder for you to ‘let go’ of trying to do everything within the mind instead of TRUSTING intuitively.
If you have been ‘reading’ before you are still required to start at Level I – as this format will allow you to read in a pure and authentic way without any input from others (me included).. (I have taught previously many experienced readers) – this is working in the New Energy!
Recognise that most of what holds you back is FEAR… we will be also working on you increasing your self belief/confidence and how you value yourself to achieve and be a professional reader..        to TRUST and then follow your passion!
I have delivered ‘Reading Intuitively’ courses for many years and many of these students now read professionally full time so therefore there are several readers I can recommend if you are seeking a personal reading yourself.   I am offering readings again, due to current global situation,  these limited to a few a month and I do not read specifically Tarot but work with you intuitively on a one to one basis.  These sessions are offered for Business Mentoring or Intuitive sessions/Personal & Spiritual Development.

October Course Dates
- Tarot I - Saturday 9th October 2021
Tarot II - Saturday 16th October 2021
Professional Tarot - Tuesday evenings starting 19th October for 3 weeks – 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Acquiring Knowledge & Skills

You will gain practical knowledge and skills through; 

  • Direct Teaching
  • Self Practice.
  • Energetic Initiation - transmission of energy
  • Self Study
  • Practice Readings

Become who you are...

Make a difference in this world.. Raise your Vibration..

Tarot Cards for the course

You may have with you any cards that you currently have or use but for the actual workshops and course we will be using the Ryder Waite deck, so you will need these for ease of your development – (you can at anytime after completion of the course progress to any other deck you choose) which you can buy easily and cost approx £15.00.

Times: Access will be given as stated on the given dates of each course and the times given. Make sure that before you start you are relaxed and aligned to do the course in a peaceful environment.

Accreditation: This course is accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. certification will be given on completion of the course.

Assessment of this course for completion, evaluation & certification is based on:
Practical, Written, Oral, Attendance, Performance & Behaviour
- There is no test for this course,  the assessment is achieved holistically for all elements of the course. 
- Full guidance is given for you to achieve this.
Be the change you want to see in the World'.. Mahatma Gandhi'

Additional Information here...

Pricing: The workshop pricing remains the same as it has been for 10 years! The professional Tarot has increased by £10 – the cost for the 3 courses is as a total payment and your place will be held with a 50% deposit.

I no longer accept bookings for the individual tarot courses as the full 3 parts need to be completed to give you adequate teaching and assist your confidence to move forward positively to offer readings whether to friends and family, to assist your own development and/or professionally.  (This option though will be available ONLINE soon if you want to do this).

Note: If you resonate with this course then you are wanting to really apply the course for both your own development and to use this to 'work in service' to offer guidance and assist others.

**For those just wanting a general one day workshop then this isn’t for you as it is not possible to ‘learn’ to read intuitively and confidently in one day.. my journey took several years!

The process is NOT about the cards its about YOU, letting go, your trust in what your receiving and in yourself to deliver through intuition not ‘ego’ / ‘thought’. - Tracee Cullen.

This comprehensive course and support will give you a good foundation and professional recognised accreditation.

Requirements: You must have completed each course in concession fully for attendance to receive accreditation.

Location of where the course will be held - my online sacred teaching space: http://highdimensionportal.traceecullen.com/login/
Access will be given before the course commences.

Payment: This course fee is non refundable.

This course is suitable for ALL levels, for those wishing to start reading intuitively or for those that want to continue to develop your intuition and to use the Tarot as a ‘Tool’ for readings.


This course has been taught for many years and most continue on to the professional Tarot to continue at a deeper level and to read professionally.. this can be with the cards or your development will take you to read intuitively in many other ways!!

Online High Dimension Portal:
Tarot workshops & the Professional Tarot Course will be delivered by Tracee Cullen personally within the sacred space of the High Dimension Portal (Online) – once purchased you will be emailed with access log in details (User Name & Password) to gain access to the courses – you can then go into the portal and click on the link to obtain access when you choose to as it is available 24/7 - 1 year access.

To ensure you are familiar and ready for the Workshop full guidance will be given and it is incredibly user friendly!

Location: http://highdimensionportal.traceecullen.com


Certification, Accreditation, Insurance & Professional Conduct

Given on completion on the full course.

 Recognised & accredited through IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

 Certification allows you to obtain immediate professional insurance.

Professional Conduct
Full guidance is given within the course to ensure you feel confident to deliver with a professional readings.

Course Completion & Access
Live sessions are compulsory to attend and to participate.
*1 Year Access is given on completion of full course only. 

A message and overview from me.. :-)

This Tarot course I teach is very much about intuitively reading, so the Tarot becomes the tool.  This course is about letting go of any books or specific meanings.. we don't 'learn the cards' and what I mean is of course each one has a vibration but the flow is to be able to read and the same card can have a different meaning/aspect for different readings, people, etc..

It then becomes clear in BEING the channel and whether you use the tarot, crystal ball, ribbons, crystal or the many other 'tools' you can read intuitively.  Several people as they progress actually as I have, over the years just 'read' and don't use a tool.

This can be a hard transition only because the client like to see the tool!!

I have delivered this course for beginners and experienced readers and always require you do the full course (no matter what experience you have) because we have to let go at the basic level to achieve the trust and intuitive aspects. Hope this make sense. - Namaste, Tracee.

Professional Tarot Course Teacher & Price.

Course pricing..

6 weeks -  Professional Tarot Course
including Certification & Accreditation

FULL Price - £185

*Includes Level I workshop, level II workshop & 6 week professional tarot course.

Start - 9th October 2021

Book here

Authentic Training.. Expanding to reach you!

Tarot over the years has become a 'normal' and not so 'out there' subject and more well known for people to seek guidance (as has always happened but more talked about now).

The internet has caused an explosion of readers and making us all more accessible to each other across time & space.

As everything tarot has been in some cases diluted into 'reading cards' rather intuitive within the 'main stream' - it is therefore even more essential that we take the time, energy and initiative to develop ourselves spiritually to BE the best clear channel we can consciously BE, to be authentic and pure in our service to others.

This course has been created in Love & unity from experience,  traditional practice, ethos & is inclusive of many methods including High Dimension Meditation® to align - there are many paths that ultimately lead to the same destination,  we must choose ours wisely and confidently and with what we resonate with.

- Tracee Cullen.

Tracee Cullen -
High Dimension Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

My own personal journey has been varied with experiences through different cultures and practices throughout the world and has so far taken and guided me to continually evolve enabling me for the past 17 years to assist others to raise their vibration to become authentic Therapists, Healers, Intuitives & Teachers.

Established Full Time & Following my own Passion since 2004.
Facilitating national events, Retreats & Teaching Internationally since 2011.
Delivering specifically High Dimension Meditation, Workshops, Courses
& as a Speaker throughout the UK (since 2013).

High Dimension Meditation®, Finding You & Being You Retreats are held in
UK - North Devon & Glastonbury
  Overseas - Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka since 2011.
Founder of Retreats & Holidays Ltd.

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