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I am passionate to help others achieve their freedom, through work life balance and creating conscious change in their life, as I have.  My own path of ascension, as a channel, dedication to seeking extensive holistic and spiritual knowledge through study, intuition and experience creates an unique 'space' held for you.  This is often the catalyst needed for you to shift through the 'space' of who you once were, to who you are now becoming.

Through New Vibration Teachings and ancient techniques assisting souls as a healer, intuitive, channel, therapist, spiritual teacher & mentor for clients and students from all walks of life, experience and needs for the past 20 years.

In Person - Chi - Mind, Body & Spirit Academy - UK|Devon
ONLINE - High Dimension® Portal Teaching Academy - Worldwide
- Transformational Groups,Workshops, Courses, Events & Retreats.

When we work together..

Empower yourself through self inquiry - Ascension

Learn Meditation - Step into BEING.. not just for practice

Be your own Guru - learn how to TRUST your intuition

Become a spiritual leader - Work in a deeper,soulful way.

Why work with me Spiritual Academy

There are several ways in which we can work together.. it really is about what you 'feel called' to for your soul growth.  All options will empower you and lead you, to trusting your intuition, stepping into BEING, shifting to 'work' in New Vibration fully and expanding beyond the sub conscious patterns that you keep revisiting, restricting your true potential, life purpose & impacting the world, and making a difference, shining your light even brighter!

You will resonate and just know what you need what to book as you read below, so trust that this is divine timing and key to your investment in yourself as is required by us all energetically, to answer our calling for us to step up.  I know this, because, I to have had to do this many times, often when it didn't seem possible but I knew within it was essential to find a way.  You can also book a one to one for a personal intuitive session as a place to get started if you prefer.

So feel in to this present moment, as well as BEING open to make a soul choice to go beyond your current 'comfort zone' in order to create the conscious change that you need to raise your vibration and create balance in your life.

It would be beneficial as you are here.. to have a look below and go with what feels right.. what resonates for you and we can work as deeply as you feel ready for…  The Portal allows us to work together across 'linear time & space' no matter where we are in the world.

Signature High Dimension® Courses

The SPIRITUAL journey is one that releases all illusions and rises beyond separation and conditioning.  It is a sense of freedom, equality and the vibration is compassion, kindness and knowing each other as the same energy.

High Dimension® Awaken
& Healing Programme (HDA&HP)

A conscious choice to delve deep within - clear your energy field at soul level, work through any residue from the 3D that keeps returning as a 'block', behaviour or keeps you 'getting in your own way'. Integrate your wisdom to live consciously, create your own expansion | freedom within NEW VIBRATION. Deepen your intuition, align mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually - Wellbeing & Ascension is a core life enhancer, giving you both physical and spiritual skills, tools and knowledge to manage your own wellbeing, transform your life to create more freedom and flow in alignment to your soul calling.
An intensive 3 weekends | 3 months - 1 year access.

High DImension® Calling..
Follow your Passion

6 week business course - for those wanting to either set up your own spiritual business, align your current one, or recalibrate, change direction or shift into new vibration.  It is essential to work on your business creation from a spiritual level to deliver all aspects of your passion authentically & also with confidence. We need more than 'the best idea in the world'.. we need to have released our fears and done the internal work, unable to deliver it to the world.
No more procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm of ideas or even lack of direction.  Each week provides business mentoring that keeps you accountable with support.

High Dimension mEDITATION®
- Method & teacher Training

This method of meditation | 'BEING' was channelled in 2013 and has been an integral and significant part of my own inward journey, creating profound shifts into BEING.  Naturally evolving within my teachings to assist souls through ascension.  It is about going beyond the static practice, time or position.  Meditation for everyone - Simply BEING it | Living as a spiritual being - New Vibration.  This method is so natural and simple (once we can get past the mind, 'chitta' and surrender into being) for us all to become more aligned to our consciousness and how we 'show up' in the world.   The Teacher training level is for you to learn to hold space in this transformational way.

Meditation Accredited Courses

Mediation is the key to our inner journey, ascension path & spiritual development.  It is the source of all that is within and therefore when we surrender and make the soul choice to explore within, we must embrace the ancient practices that bring knowledge for our whole existence, cycle of life and when ready, to align to new vibration to enter a state of BEING..  These Mediation Courses are for ALL levels and offer continued development as well as the ability to change your lifestyle, wellbeing & bring balance to all that is in your life.

You will be ready to seek beyond 'guided' or 'mindfulness' to reach within to take these courses.  This authentic Himalayan and New Vibration Teachings gives you the knowledge and ease to take back control of a busy mind, seek within to become more aligned to your intuition and generally release stress, anxiety and fear from your live.  What do we gain.. 'nothingness' - INNER PEACE..

OM Shanti.x

Meditation Foundation

Immediate Access Course.. For Beginners or those wanting to deepen their practice -  5 steps to meditation, preparation and ancient techniques to enable you to practice at home confidently.   Includes deep practices and meditations for you to revisit 24/7 that support your development and help maintain your practice when life gets busy again!


'Become what you teach' is the ethos of this course. A unique blend of Himalayan ancient techniques and teachings, delivered in new vibration. Authentic practices and knowledge enables you to confidently support your students from beginner to advanced level. Explore many methods of meditation, learn how to facilitate your own classes, workshops & retreats.

MEDITATIOn 100 hours

Advanced spiritual and meditation development for teachers - those that want to continue and deepen your knowledge for both yourself and your students.  The inner journey is one that can rapidly shift when we consciously participate and continue to seek to deepen our practice.  Transform your awareness and gain much more to share with others.

professional Tarot Intuitive Course

When reading intuitively in New Vibration, it is to do so as a clear channel.  Again the process is to be empowering to help people you read for, to gain inner knowledge and guidance as well as to see opportunities and possibilities that may not have been 'seen'.   The tarot is the 'TOOL' used in reality mainly as a visual for the client.

When learning to read Intuitive Tarot you will BE the channel and find that your intuition opens up in ALL that you do and whatever tool you use - i.e healing, reading, meditation & even when in 'normal' conversation with people!I have been teaching Professional Tarot since 2011..

Tarot Level I

This workshop will allow you to develop your intuition and to use the Tarot as a ‘Tool’ for readings.

An introduction to the Tarot and ‘letting Go’ of ‘learning cards’!!

Also incorporating cleansing of cards, preparation & card layouts.

Tarot Level II

This Workshop works on a deeper level & is a vital part in your continued development to be reading intuitively.  Increasing your intuition, knowledge and development working with Tarot cards.

You will develop your readings with more depth and understanding… whilst raising your vibration, intuition and self development.

Professional Tarot - 6 Weeks

Read intuitively in your own unique way… letting go of fear and giving more depth and understanding to your readings  Develop your confidence to give professional readings using the tarot as a ‘tool’.  Learn how to also hold space for your clients reading.  Incorporating setting up as a professional tarot reader with pricing, promotion and advertising.  Also learning and integrating Numerology and Colour into your readings.

Sacred Learning Space.. The Portal.

In 2018, I trusted my intuition to create my sacred online teaching space - The High Dimension Portal.  This was a huge learning curve and one that took me out of my comfort zone, much technical learning and the passion to create the same energy virtually, as I have physically in my spiritual centre and teaching venues for the previous 15 years.  Technology is 'Aquarian Age' - so we must embrace it.

The PORTAL is a professional learning environment, with specific technology to deliver your courses with ease, create the ability for us to work in safe space, and importantly private space.  Enabling me to work with you wherever you are in the world, (or me) which was another reason for creating the space as I was living in India.
You also receive access 24/7 to learn and receive support whenever you need it, be a part of a community with other like minded souls and above all energetically to work across 'Linear Time & Space'.

Tracee Cullen

Passionate about holding space for deep transformation,  for people to find themselves and become the game changer they know they are.

To assist and empower the challenges in your life to become the positive strength to assist others.

Chi - Mind, Body & Spirit Academy Founder

My Clients & Students What others say..

"Thank you for the catapult!

Retreat Devon 2013 & Sri Lanka 2018

Amazing.  Thank you so much Tracee.. I didn’t know what to expect but it was way beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you for the catapult!

Sue L – London - Nutritionist

"Clarity of what is happening in the world."

High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme, Glastonbury – June, November & December 2017
“Very timely for me.  This course has helped clarify what is happening both to me personally & in the wider world. Thank you.xx”

Rosalyn B - Reiki Master & Support Worker

"Inspiring & Empowering.

High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme (HDA&HP)
Loved it, answered questions, supportive. Inspiring. Empowering.

Raising Vibration working in the New Energies“Awesome. Grounding. Light

Karen J  - Counseller

Work On yourself - with some support..

Option 01

One to One Private
Intuitive Session
  • Tarot Reading
  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Business Mentoring
  • Online Session - Book Here
  • In - Person - Book Here

Option 02

Join my fortnightly Membership Group

Option 03

Mini series workshops
- 'Create your own'
  • Create your own workshop - More Info & Book Here
  • Create your own course - Dates coming soon...
  • Create your own retreat - Dates coming soon...

Get started now!

Access to my social community group - in the portal WILL BE OPEN SOON..

What Makes Us Different


The current energies support us all to be our unique, authentic selves.. the only issue is allowing ourselves to SHINE..

Being a Channel and Mentor within this energy means to me.. ‘Holding space whilst you look within to seek and remove layers that no longer serve you..

For that is what AWAKENING is.. removing everything that we no longer resonate with.. and which no longer serves or supports us.

However easy this may sound.. we naturally because of conditioning look externally.. even in receiving therapies..

Everything is a ‘tool’ and we must at some point do the work on ourselves.. only then do we realise it is a continuous progress..


Teaching in New Vibration means that I hold space and 'show you', 'how to' in every aspect and guide you to FEEL the learning, so that a conscious change can occur and you are empowered to BE inspired and become conscious of the teachings.

I shifted to work this way FULLY in 2013 through my own divine calling, channelled teachings and shift to accept this profound change, to work this way.  Whilst this is a 'simple' way to just BE,  it takes courage and TRUST on a whole new level!  I now help you do the same, when you feel the calling!

In the old Paradigm as teachers we were there to help in a different way, often seen as the person to 'fix' people, as there was not enough strength to do it themselves in the'dense' frequency.  This has is all rapidly dropping away now, and wont remain as long as we ALL make this change.:-)


Throughout ALL of my teachings - whether it be a workshop, course, event, retreat or a one to one, I support you in an empowering way.  This means that you are here to 'do the work' yourself but I will hold you and the space as you work through all that you are shifting and learning during the process.
As an experienced teacher, mentor and empath I am passionate about helping you to complete the work, course etc as EVERYTHING I share in my teachings are about the 'TRANSFORMATION' and so it is my intention to help walk you through to complete the process in each case.   I am proud to say that each soul I work with, that comes to me with the dedication to work on themselves, completes the learning and leave feeling accomplished.  This is important for you energetically - the follow-through is essential for you to progress.  It is of no benefit to either you or me for you to have an unopened course in the portal.  


To feel empowered can, if not held also feel overwhelming.  As ancient wisdom held within our souls tells us, we have lived in 'times previous' when we had been punished for shining bright and so it is natural in the initial shift process that we can try to DIM our own light, be fearful of success even!

This is such a 'normal' reaction, but rarely seen for what it is and if not handled in a skillful and experiences way, can cause a withdrawal and an old pattern (excuse) will rise up to stop you progressing.

To feel empowered is to TRUST the process, as it will bring much internal resistance, even though you WANT to create change.

When you surrender to the teachings, process & are prepared to go beyond your comfort zone.. then this is where the empowerment starts to really unfold and will naturally become who you are.

Awakened Inner Circle

If you would like to work with me in a more personal way, then you are welcome to join my Awakened Inner Circle.

This CIRCLE is a group of likeminded 'awakened souls' meaning to be conscious of shifting through illusions and unravelling to awaken to a new paradigm - all navigating CONSCIOUSLY the soul journey together.   We are all working in current energy and aligning in every moment. 

Our intention is to keep vibration high, with supportive meditation | being, souls sessions and LIVE mentoring, channelled messages and guidance.  Each soul has the opportunity to share voice, discussion & anything about their spiritual path or ask questions to the group or me once a month during our LIVE session TOGETHER.

- Resources within the group are available to you 24/7 on REPLAY and new sessions are added monthly.

A group for ALL awakening souls – This is where I ‘show up’ regularly & work with you.  I deliver recorded sessions & LIVE via zoom - ALL sessions are direct from the High Dimension Portal®, so it is a safe, private space.

  • LIVE monthly session with Tracee
  • Monthly current energy update
  • Fortnightly Soul Sessions to navigate the awakening journey.
  • Healing Individual & Collective
  • High Dimension Meditation®
  • FREE access to Meditation Library - 1 added each month
  • Blog & channelled guidance
  • Collective energetic shifts
  • Like minded souls
  • Replays 24/7
  • & Community chat.



Monthly membership to the Awakened Inner Circle

£11 per session.

Saver option



4 months membership for the Awakened Inner Circle.

£7.50 per session.




Yearly Membership for the Awakened Inner Circle

£6.35 per session. 

Life Experience, Sacred Travel & TRUST..

The Ganges

The River Ganges - Himalayas | 2016

All part of the soul journey.. to allow ourselves to TRUST, to go with the natural flow of the universe and keep working on ourselves.

Throughout my journey I know that when I am ready my inner calling guides me to where I am meant to be and so many times, my students and clients have said to me also..

"When the student is ready the teacher appears"..  and with that said - I look forward to working with you and sharing the journey.

Namaste, Tracee.x

More from previous Students - testimonials..

"Its not just a course it is a beautiful journey within, which you will later share with your students."

Meditation Teacher Training ONLINE 7 Day Course - July 2021
I absolutely love the benefits I got from completing the MTT course, my own practice, energy and alignment has shifted massively and I feel confident to keep moving forward. Tracee is an amazing teacher, providing a very high level of teaching with great depth that I have not seen anywhere else. If anyone is feeling the calling, like I did and is guided to to this course I would highly recommend it. Its not just a course it is a beautiful journey within, which you will later share with your students.

Joanna L - London
- Holistic Therapist

"I learnt to trust myself more, trust my intuition more and live life from a completely new perspective."

Professional Intuitive Tarot – Online course - APRIL 2021

Great great course. I did both workshops and the professional tarot course. I got soooo much from it. Mainly knowing how to access my intuition quickly and more and more not only with tarot but everything. This is not just a tarot course, I learnt to trust myself more, trust my intuition more and live life from a completely new perspective. Thanks Tracee. Would highly recommend.

lexi D - Cornwall

"I will never be the same person I was before starting the course."

High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme - ONLINE Course - 2020

If you are thinking of taking this course do not hesitate, it is an incredible journey of self discovery that I feel so grateful to have experienced. I will never be the same person I was before starting the course (in a very good way?!)

Lucy M - Cambridgeshire Wellness coach 

Frequently asked questions

How Do I access the Portal?


The High Dimension® Portal is a private sacred space for ONLINE Groups, Workshops & Courses.  You do not need to be technically minded, just simply click on the purchase for the relevant course, workshop or session that you would like and you will be sent a password & user name and you will gain access to the website pages for your relevant booking.
- Occasionally this can go to your spam folder in email, so check there!

What if I am new to meditation?

Don't worry, we all have to begin somewhere and so I consciously offer workshops for Beginners, the Meditation Foundation Course would be a good place to start or even my FREE 5 Steps to meditation download.  
I also offer more in depth teachings through my courses to develop for more Advanced levels or Teachers.  This I find assists all levels and helps each person to gain a solid practice for themselves at home.

However I would say that I have had people even though they have meditated for many years, join my foundation course, because they maybe feel they haven't learnt the basics or feel they keep drifting away form meditation, or often haven't learnt the techniques to physically, mentally and emotionally sit in meditation, comfortably and step within, into silence.

Is there a payment plan option?

Many of the courses do offer a payment plan or a donation option, which you can view on the booking link.  If you need help or it isn't showing then you are welcome to discuss this by emailing admin at

Often when we are looking to invest in ourselves, depending on our life lessons, we will be given a barrier from the UNIVERSE! 'to choose you' normally you will be given a 'block' or and old pattern of 'resistance' of either Time | Money | Location | Support.  Break through it,  there will never be a 'perfect time' and to change your life requires deep soul work.

What if I don't have any Technical experience?

The High Dimension® Portal is accessed simply by a password and user name that is given to you via email, when you sign up to your chosen course.  The sessions are in linear order and easy to follow steps to view either a video or live link.  If you are able to view YouTube or Facebook then you will easily navigate the sacred teaching ONLINE space.

There is also an orientation video as you enter the dashboard on sign in.  Full support is always given.


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