Welcome to my Greek Island Retreat for 2023 - A Spiritual Retreat held on the Greek Island Amorgos
inner PEACE is achieved through High Dimension® Meditation, Intuitive Teachings & Soul Work.
We will be replenishing deeply at soul level yet feel energised to let our natural flow of life take on a new meaning and energy!

*For conscious souls within awakened awareness.
*All levels of meditation are welcome, as you will find the simplicity yet profound sense of BEING easily achieved & supported.

A good overview of my previous Greek retreats and insight of the NEW private VILLA that we will be staying in this year is within the video opposite, it is just over a minute, 1.11 to be precise!!  This is the chosen outstanding location that I first connected with in 2011 - the year of awakening to new vibration.

In fact this location chose me..  it was the resonance and intuition to accept the invitation, because there is far more to holding a retreat than just a beautiful location.  It is all about my resonance and energy to hold space for you energetically and together we have something quite amazing!  This was my 2nd overseas location to deliver retreats, the first being India.

Having had a break, it is 'linear time;' to return to this beautiful island.
It has been 4 years since I have been able to deliver this very special Greek Island Retreat and to be honest... what we have ahead of us for this visit in 2023.. its been worth the wait!
Many of you have been awaiting this and so I look forward to holding space again this year and sharing with you all of this wonderful energy and the passion within to create a safe space, envelop local life & assist transformation in all that attend.  I work very much in the present and so I have not committed to any future dates at this time,  the world is rapidly changing and we are together, collectively and energetically creating it!

High Dimension® Soul Work & Meditation   - Replenish from within.. FINDING YOU..

Inner peace - just BEING  - Replenishment at soul level

- Tracee has been delivering Spiritual Retreats since for many years and this is a special one!

This SIGNATURE High Dimension® retreat has been well established over the years, each group I have held space for has been unique and I am pleased to be able to return after a 4 year break.   This 7 night retreat offers total replenishment on the unspoilt Greek Island of Amorgos, set within an idyllic location overlooking the bay, a private villa just for our retreat group with our own pool, and absolute luxury throughout.  

Breakfast & Dinner is included served with organic and locally grown ingredients,  we eat together as a collective which is always a SOUL experience for raising vibration together for shared meals.  Lunch and afternoons are free time,  but often most still choose to explore together,  its all soul choice and great freedom!

Daily we have soul sessions, often in the mornings within the amazing dome Shala overlooking the sea,  which forms the core of the retreat soul sessions including meditation.  These sessions are providing a deep dive inwards,  yet feel gentle, subtle and peacefully aligned to current vibration,  this experience will create a profound and life changing transformational process,  which is an internal catapult to help you align, surrender and live the life you want. .   we also take sessions wherever the energy takes us, sometimes it to the beach for a sunset meditation or where we as a group align locally for a gathering of our energy.   All truly replenishing from within..

Having many years of experience in working overseas and delivering retreats,  you will find everything is delivered with a confident yet relaxed energy,  which allows me to hold a safe sacred space and the freedom to create and gather wherever needed to give the group the best experience.  Often we find ourselves exploring a local beautiful authentic greek village or find ourselves on an ancient pathway,  strolling, meditating or simply BEING, honouring the energy all the way.  It is often thought that most transformation happens within meditation or on 'the mat' but the reality is the that they are the 'tool', the shift within can and will occur when you least expect it and sometimes not even realise it has until you reflect, when you are shown or realise you have altered state of consciousness.. again!

The island is accessed from Athens via ferry (all will be given in the booking details) and it is still considered unspoilt, mainly because of its location and not having an airport.  I am passionate about Greek life and integrating locally as much as possible. For this reason the High Dimension® soul work & meditation along with exploring the island together often through ancient pathways, remain in tact from before the Island had roads (which was only in 1989), allows us to wander through small friendly local villages which brings a warmth to the soul even before we start our 'inner journey'.  The combination never fails to bring a sense of renewed direction and well being that has often been described as 'life changing' by previous participants.

This retreat has been created through my love of Greece and holding space for soul transformation - (what ever that means for each individual is okay), the authenticity of which we receive while visiting Amorgos as a relatively unspoilt Island and the exploration of the whole journey makes this retreat perfect for those aligned to raising vibration and creating collective consciousness .

The High Dimension Meditation® and soul work is the essence of this SIGNATURE retreat it's about 'Being'.. and returning to our inner exploration.  The techniques are simple to achieve easily within this EXPERIENCED space that I hold for you and it doesn't matter where you are on your 'spiritual path' you will be where you are meant to be,  just come with an intention to move through where you are, surrender and allow yourself to be present and open to conscious change within,  you will without doubt then receive what you need from this retreat space.

Often it is said and there is much truth in it.. "we have to get out of our own way" to grow and replenish,  this mostly due to being too critical of oneself,  maybe more of a giver than a receiver in life, able to help others shine but have forgotten or not sure how to do it for yourself.  You will however receive as needed for your highest greatest good,    only fully though, once you have returned 'home' and seen the true value of you investing in yourself in this way.  

Its amazing to allow a peaceful mind, relaxation and the opportunity to 'hear yourself' again.. yet bring profound personal and spiritual growth, so therefore this retreat is for both beginners & advanced whether you wish to learn & develop or deepen your practice.

- All sessions will be led by Tracee Cullen, High Dimension® Intuitive, Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator.

About the Island..

Amorgos, the chosen Island for this retreat and a gem of an island that remains unspoilt and steeped in traditional white washed houses with many local tavernas and Kafineos (local cafes) to explore.

The island still today grows many herbs that are used everyday for various teas, therapeutic remedies, therapies and medicines.  We will have opportunity to forage, and see the distillation process from mountain to essential oil.

Places to visit and explore open your mind to the local way of life and give you an opportunity to explore this beautiful island, amazing scenery, vegetation, idyllic villages and scenery and many old churches,  pathways & recipes..

This Island naturally holds therapeutic energies and is in the centre of the Aegean Sea a cluster of 24 islands which the ancient Greeks named Cyclades because they compared it with a circle that surrounds the holy island and place of adoration of Apollonas in Delos.

Local villages on Amorgos..

Our meditation shala overlooking the bay..

What's Included:

  • 7 nights in exclusive and private VILLA
  • Rooms are spacious and ALL have sea views overlooking looking the bay of Aegiali with private terrace & pergola
  • Half Board meal basis (hot & cold buffet breakfast & lunch or dinner)
  • Inclusive of all retreat High Dimension® Soul Work & Meditation
  • Transfers from ferry to villa and return on Island.
  • Visits to local villages and traditional restaurants.. meet the locals!
  • Explore the island as a retreat group
  • Visit to Essential Oil distillery - see the process from mountain collection to essential oil.. so much local ancient knowledge on herbs still used for medicinal uses.
  • FREE use of all Spa facilities, Hamman, Sauna, Indoor (with hydro jets) & indoor pool.
  • 10% off of face & body treatments in the Spa
  • Plenty of free time to relax & replenish
    - as well as a good balance of group sessions, exploring and of course good Greek food! .. all very healing & yet energising.. a sense of release & freedom is gained from this experience - many memories will be created and treasured.
  • An established retreat that is always refreshingly new.. in experiences & wisdom.. we are part of the collective intention we manifest!

  • Beach Sunset Meditation
  • Hiking or gentle walks on ancient pathways
  • Greek Dancing Lesson
  • Cooking Class with lunch
  • Herbal Tour

Greek Island Spiritual Retreat..

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The Villa and Costing..

7 Night - Greek Island Retreat - 12th - 19th September 2023 - BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED
PRIVATE VILLA with sea water swimming pool, Jacuzzi, private rooms, outdoor eating area, relaxation space, meditation shala as well as dining and kitchen facilities for lunches and personal dietary requirements if required.

Costing & room options.. 

My intention is for this group to be 15 - 16 people and will run dependant on minimum of 10.  I have chosen to return to this unique stunning, special and incredibly healing island and celebrate the opportunity to be offered to stay at the new VILLA that is a part of the family owned venue I have worked and stayed with on Amorgos.

I ALWAYS trust that the universe gathers us together as a group, from all walks of life for this soul to soul, unique experience and so whoever is guided to book will do so, aligned enough to answer the calling to attend!

Places are LIVE in booking system so will show as available if there is still room occupancy.  Bookings are in 'real time'.

Please note:

If you have previously worked with me or attended one of my retreats and want to attend this one then you can go ahead and book a place, as you will have resonance with my High Dimension Soul Work & Meditation.   If this is your first time then please contact me directly so that we can have a chat about the retreat and attending before booking.

ALL rooms are within the private VILLA and are of Superior standard:
- with sea views, private terraces and access to the private pool, on a half board meal basis - breakfast & lunch or dinner option.


Quadruple Bedded room - 

- Quad rooms have a sliding stylish glass wall within the 4 bedded spacious rooms, creating 2 twins if preferred.  Both sides gaining separate access to the 3 separate rooms for the toilet, shower and basins (so that 4 people can use at the same time!).

EVERYTHING has been thought through with such attention to detail and luxury for all participants.

Extra Information:
- The Villa is brand new and so all rooms at the VILLA are new, beautiful and well maintained, with good facilities as you would expect from a Greek private luxury villa.
- The 4 bedded rooms are more spacious and can have the dividing sliding stylish wall if required for privacy.

- Living areas are shared spaces, also providing a good amount of peaceful space for reflection.

- Each room has direct access to the pool area.
Board basis:

Half Board - includes breakfast & lunch or dinner
Breakfast - An Amorgian buffet breakfast with a great variety of local specialities, continental & cooked breakfast options included.

Lunch or Dinner - An abundance of locally sourced FRESH ingredients creates our 5 course dinner of traditional and locally grown meals served daily within our own private restaurant over looking the sea, or we can choose as a group to dine at the 5* hotel restaurant also included within the price. (Sometimes the group will explore local tavernas to take their Half Board as a lunch).

Non refundable deposit required at booking: BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED

As per Villa payment agreement:

Cancellation Terms apply.

Joining the retreat means you can travel from any location and so travel arrangements will differ for everyone.

Not included:
- Transport - Flights & Ferry (assistance given for booking & details of my travel form the UK if you want to book the same).
- Travel Insurance

- Drinks

Joining the retreat:
You can gather at various points throughout the journey, whichever suits you and your current location.  Either the airport (UK or Athens) or ferry port (2 options) given on booking with further travel help.

Previous prices as guide:
Ferry price £45 - £50 seat or £75 approx each way (business class lounge), flights from £200 - £400 return, Athens Taxi £35 return. 

If you have any questions then please call me directly on 01769 560118 or email me directly at contact@traceecullen.com

Once you have booked your room option then an email will be sent giving you the best flight options / requirements to meet the ferry and any relevant retreat information for travel.  People can travel from anywhere to join this retreat so the meeting point can vary for each of you.  Generally if travelling from the UK the meeting point is Heathrow as this has the best direct flight option or at the ferry port in Athens.

*Please note that if you book a triple or a quadruple room and the numbers change it to a twin, then the additional fee will be charged on allocation, based on a first booked basis.

Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa

The 1.000-year-old Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, built on the cliffs 300 meters above the sea, is a landmark for the island.

We will visit the local essential oil distillery, that creates their own herbal remedies and we gain knowledge of the process.

Essential oil distillery..

& foraging for sage if you want to.. :-)

Visit the source of goodness..

We get to visit and explore the abundant supply of essential oils in their purest form, discuss remedies and goodness.  An opportunity to bring home a little bit of Amorgos with us.  I always top up here with Oregano oil.

 High Dimension® Meditation as a Greek Island Retreat...

The perfect combination of raising vibration, soul development & Relaxation!

 'BEING YOU'.. It's a simple as that.. 


I enjoyed the meditation immensely & feel that it has helped me to find peace & the tools to able me to maintain this feeling.  Location was totally wonderful & Nurturing.
Beverley  - Greek Rreat

I thoroughly enjoyed it, ;oved the meditation sessions, the company, walking, the surrounds.
Karen D  Greek Retreat


Hotel, Views, Food, Sun, Sea, Peace, People.  Learning about Me and how to Meditate being at Peace with myself.
D Morgan - Greek Retreat

The retreat was amazing. Location was simply stunning.  No specific highlights.  I just felt blessed to be a part of this very special retreat.
Amanda - Greek Retreat

Friendship, Meditation.  Spending time getting to know me.
Karen J - Greek Retreat


Yes it was enjoyable. Highlights were Island Tour, swimming in the sea.  Getting 'essential oils/distillations', sunset on beach, meditations, company of others - like minded people & Tracee's facilitating. Thank You.
Stephanie B - Greek Retreat

Glad I came.  Meeting people - the vibration of Aporgos.
Stephanie W - Greek Retreat

Raise Your Vibration.. SHINE!

"It's your time to SHINE.. so embrace the journey you know you must do..  Which is to go within"..

I am here when your ready.. See what resonates and how deep you feel you are ready to go.. and explore the changes which are inevitable! We either face them consciously or continue drifting into conditioning & patterns of old paradigm. - Tracee Cullen.

"Meditation has been essential to my own personal development.  Although courses and training are essential to us evolving and gaining or remembering knowledge.. ultimately we have to go within..  this is the awakening journey and NONE of this ENLIGHTENMENT can be found externally or given by another!" - Tracee Cullen

India Spiritual Retreat

Glastonbury Retreat..

Tracee Cullen

Has been teaching meditation since 2006 & delivering Spiritual Retreats since 2011..  Teaching sessions to groups using many techniques dependant of the group and energetic vibration.

Meditation - Ancient wisdom Yogic Sutra studied in the Himalayas.. - High Dimension Meditation® - Channel as New Vibration Meditation..

Delivering Course & Retreats for  - Beginners - Advanced - Teachers

Teaching from beginner level through to Teacher Training courses in India, Greece, Sri Lanka, throughout the UK & ONLINE.


Once you are brave enough to go within.. That's when the magic happens..

Of course we can also be 'afraid' of success and change, so another reason not to try!

Choose the right option for You!

It's essential that you choose what resonates with you..

Come join me for this very special retreat - if you feel the calling!

Just a few places available..

Retreat within | Meditation  |  Replenishment @ Soul Level | Healing & Restorative

It's important to find a retreat that suits you and energetically ant to allow space for Soul Transformation.

Each retreat is personally researched and offers local knowledge as well and Spiritual teachings with Tracee..  
Book now to avoid disappointment.. and remember this is investing in YOU!

Have a question about the retreat?  Email me directly here.. contact@traceecullen.com

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