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Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor. Meditation Teacher.
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Welcome to my website & Sacred ONLINE space – continually evolving..

My vocation is Raising Vibration.. and doing so working in the new energies delivering High Dimension Teachings through Groups, Workshops, Courses, Events & Retreats.

I’M TRACEE. Welcome to my website that is designed to offer you options, guidance & wisdom that resonates to nourish the soul.
Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, with extensive experience as an.. Intuitive | Channel | Healer | Psychic | Entrepreneur | Visionary & Writer for Internal Wellbeing,  Ascension & Meditation.   I am a fiercely passionate optimist and dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. Through sharing my channelling consciously as well as spiritual teachings, knowledge along with sharing my personal, profound depth of spiritual and Life experiences.

My vocation is totally dedicated to Raising Vibration.. and doing so working in the new energies consciously, delivering High Dimension Teachings through Groups, Workshops, Courses, Awakened Events & Retreats.

Motivation & Empowerment come through working at soul level often from a place of knowing yourself and being challenged – this is the process of awakening.. to explore within – we just need to know how to do it and to be held safely whilst we do.   I am passionate about empowering others to hold space more deeply..

Answering my own calling in 2004 to follow my passion.. full time with my whole heart and soul I found a way to ‘Channel’ my compassionate energies, in wanting to assist others and to do ‘something’ worthwhile that made a difference in helping others which at that time was through holistic therapies & spiritual healing..

I was unaware of just how much I would evolve and that my journey would seek the unknown and my trust would be strong enough to follow it.. to deliver continually in ways that were not yet ‘out there’..

It took me ‘time’ to realise that in fact initially I hadn’t yet reached my vocation.. until I began delivering channelled sessions in many ways and holding space witnessing soul after soul transforming themselves and evolving and emerging through this deep inner work and receiving channelled guidance to do so.

There have been many layers to this.. and also there are many paths to ascension.  Over the years I have found my own unique way to deliver healing and transformational energy through many methods and levels of awareness, channelled through healing modalities and awakening guidance that allow a process to assist the inner shift within each of us.

Throughout all of my own personal & spiritual journey I learned that the core development ‘tool’ has always been Healing & Meditation these are the tools we each seek to ascend and we will all reach deeply within to embrace both when we are ready..

When we do this is where the transformation happens and we are capable of emerging and delivering ourselves into the world in a whole different authentic way.

My relationship with beautiful India for more than 20 years has also taught me much and given me the techniques from ancient wisdom to incorporate within my Channelling in the New Vibration resulting in High Dimension® – Meditation, Workshops, Courses, Events & Retreats.

For me my passion is to help others find theirs and have the confidence to follow their own calling.  I know that we each have our unique energy to offer to the world and that others are also waiting for you to deliver it!

I offer once a year a 6 week online course – High Dimension Calling as it gives you an opportunity to literally do this and rather than book several one to one sessions this gives you the opportunity to work with me in a concentrated way at a deeper personal level to assist in helping you achieve your goals.

I have incorporated into this course so much soul development as well as business guidance to help you mentally, emotionally and spiritually to deliver your physical business into the world. But it is ONLY for those ready to do the work and take action!

We are all aware that we have to work on ourselves but often do everything we can to focus externally either on others or by pleasing others before we actually do this, often initiated by a low period of time in our life or when we feel disillusioned with the world and it causes us to truly break out to do as I did and want to do something worthwhile.. something that makes you feel that YOU are making a difference.

Seeking your vocation is a specific part of the awakening process so I hold space for others to seek within during the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme – we ALL go through a process when we are becoming conscious and over the years of working with so many transforming it occurs in different ways and ‘life stories’ yet the process is the same.. we will ALL do this HDA&HP process whether we realise it not.

It is just that this channelled guidance gives a unique way of allowing us to consciously and rapidly take the journey stripping back layers and unravelling the sludge within to awaken and ascend.. it is not for the faint hearted but you will be ready if you resonate, have already done a lot of work on yourself and now just feel often frustrated ready to move forward.  Ascension is ultimately and truly comes when we feel empowered and TRUST ourselves and the universe implicitly.. we then find our unique authentic selves.

Reading this means you have been guided, resonated with the ‘Awakening’ energies and aware on some level both the individual and the collective universal changes that are taking place on many levels. ‘My vocation is to assist souls to find their wings and fly.. delivering teaching and channelled sessions for empowerment of self and others’.

Working with me is that I assist you to take the tools to implement yourself to do ‘it’ yourself.. so that you can finally trust yourself and listen to your own intuition within, to feel that self confidence that everyone thinks you already have!

Working with me you will be wanting to make changes within your Self, Life, Circumstances and to be seeking change on some level. I will hold space, guide and mentor you at a profoundly deep soul level but the actual shifts and work will be done by you!

The old vibration is to want someone else to do it for us.. i.e a therapist, doctor, teacher, reader.. these roles have been essential in our progression but as you awaken you realise that you ‘know’ you have to ‘Go within’.. and you will ‘want’ to but we just don’t know how to.. most times caused by confidence, however you know at this level.. only you can do it. This where I come in as a channel working in the new vibration – EVERYTHING I deliver is for you to go within and ‘get it’ for yourself.. to assist you in clearing and bringing awareness to your spiritual journey.

It is also essential to know that as fear rises we can put this off time and time again but there will become a time when we are each ready to do the work!.. That time is now..

It is always at our difficult times that we struggle to bring in change but the universe has guided you through and brought difficult times to awaken you! You will of wanted this change many times before now finding yourself here. For many years I have worked as a healer, intuitive and taught individuals and groups through the journey of wanting someone to ‘mend’ them, be given a magic solution.. but ultimately we have to each do this for ourselves or else will will continue to feel dis-empowered.

Working with ancient knowledge and New Vibration techniques to simply ‘Be’.. (Please note this is not about a specific modality or any ‘attunements’ it is going within, universal, for everyone, simply feeling empowered to know who you are at soul level and it is ALL internal – NOT external).. Everything you seek is within.. the problem is we manly seek externally for acceptance, solutions, guidance and to fully live our lives we must reach deep within and seek our Authentic Unique selves..

Each level of growth and awareness is actually not ‘receiving’ anything but releasing another layer of that which no longer serves us.. this is why it feels hard.. but the outcome as you emerge and find your wings is something quite unimaginable.. especially when we feel ‘lost’ or lacking in direction, or simply asking ourselves why are we here…

The journey of ‘Awakening’ is a long and continuous journey.. the ‘New Vibration’ is knowing that you are not alone and to do this journey collectively with like minded souls is far more beneficial than struggling alone.

View below to see where you resonate at this moment.. everything is accessible online.. for anywhere in the world. I also deliver courses within North Devon, Glastonbury & India/Goa.

  • One to One sessions ~
  • High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme – A journey of self transformation at a profoundly deep level, feeling empowered to hold your place in the world and join collective consciousness & like minded souls!
  • High Dimension Calling – Set up your own Holistic/Spiritual Business, whether you have so many ideas you don’t know how to get started, not sure what to start or you have a business and feel ready to take it to the next level.
  • High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle – A fortnightly online group of LIVE sessions for Spiritual development and navigating the current energies with other lightworkers, healers, awakened souls.
  • High Dimension Meditation – A simply way to go within.. BEing it.
  • High Dimension Portal – Come and join my community to share the journey together, this has been created as a sacred space with downloads, meditations, energy updates, blog and much more..

I look forward to connecting with you in whichever ways resonates with you. Please see my current schedule of Courses, Workshops & Retreats, which is continually updated – Full Workshop, Course & Retreat Schedule

Feel free to contact me directly for a chat to see which Workshops, Courses or Retreats are the right ‘fit’ for what you are seeking.

MY NAME IS… Tracee Cullen
Following my passion full time in 2004 to open my own Holistic & Spiritual Centre in North Devon.. Travelling when possible – helping when and where I can for charity..Evolving continually with the current vibrations & teaching..Spiritual Development & Holistic Business Mentor since 2008 -Most relevant experience & qualifications – Just ‘labels’!!!Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Healer
200 Hour Meditation Teacher – Int Yoga Alliance
Diploma in Numerology, Aromatherapy, Reflexology,
VTCT Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy & Reiki
Past Life Regression, Intuitive Channel, Medium & Psychic
National Teaching Certification held.
INTERVIEW WITH HER CONVERSATIONS.. AUGUST 2018For those that would like to know more about my journey & teachings – please view the interview below..Direct Email: contact@traceecullen.com
Direct contact Telephone Number: 01769 560118

Namaste – ‘My Soul honours your Soul’
Tracee Cullen.
Intuitive, Channel & Retreat Facilitator