As a Spiritual Teacher, meditation has been key in my own development and I have taught it in many forms, guided firstly as a Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher, and through my own 'intense' spiritual awakening & development received High Dimension Meditation® method as a profound channelling an awareness of New Vibration.  Himalayan ancient Techniques have also been a big part of my journey and I teach this to 200 hour Teacher Training level.  You can start wherever feels 'right' for you and below I have given an overview from beginners to Teacher Training and explained the methods.  To become specifically a High Dimension Meditation® Teacher, you need first to attend the Meditation Teacher Training to be able to hold space in an expansive way!

High Dimension® - Meditation
- An introduction for you..

High Dimension® Meditation Introduction..

"I have been meditating for many years and throughout this time used many techniques and developed meditation classes, sessions and retreats"- Tracee Cullen.

It is important to realise that meditation has shifted enormously in alignment with vibration and therefore we must change our approach accordingly as many are now not finding it easy to meditate..

There are a few reasons for this.. and bearing in mind that I have taught meditation for at least 10 years.. the guided "walk down a path and view/see this and this" although relaxing is still external - this has been perfect for many years and in fact a huge part of my earlier meditation classes.

However as we are now shifting into new vibration we are raising our vibration and our development for those that are awakening means that we are finally able to go within instead of looking externally.. this means that we must simply 'BE IT'..

Tracee Cullen - 200 hours Certification
International Yoga Alliance Member

Meditation Teacher Training..

You will have reached a level of working on yourself through meditation over a period of time with regular practice to be ready to attend a Teacher Training course to be able to guide others. (speak to me directly if you want to discuss).

  • 7 Days Intensive course 
  • or held over 1 month ( 4 Saturdays & self study between))
  • option to add on 100 Hours Certification Course (6 days)
  • Daily LIVE teachings & Mentoring
  • Held ONLINE within my teaching portal
    Certification given on completion of Teacher Training Courses & enables you to obtain insurance as a Meditation Teacher.

Course Information & booking link -   Course Information

Meditation Foundation.. connect 'within' - TRUST your own intuition!

Going within... Replenishing..
This Meditation course is deeply restorative for those seeking some inner peace.. knowing that you need something more than time out.. you need soul replenishment.. to seek on a deeper level what lies within.. where you can simply 'Be'.

To learn to take away tools to continue this journey at home at your own pace!

Testimonial - Meditation Foundation Course
ONLINE | Accredited & Certificated

This course is fantastic for someone who is a beginner in meditation or someone experienced and just wanting a refresher.  I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it from start to finish. It’s great to know I can refer back to it at any point for future reference.  I was slightly reluctant at first due to it being online and not in a live group setting, however I can now see the benefits of it as I will definitely go through it again many times over the next year so I can compare where I was to where I am currently.

I’ve definitely learnt some new skills and techniques that I can put in my ever growing spiritual toolkit.  Thank you Tracee.


Meditation Foundati0n - For ALL Levels - ONLINE Immediate access

Meditation Foundation Course - Accredited - ONLINE £97
- or (In person - 2 day course £165)

This Meditation course is for those that are either new to meditation or for those that would like to deepen their practice or use as a stepping stop to the Meditation Teacher Training.  Invaluable as a 'go to' for lots of techniques, meditations, guidance and incredibly relaxing course!

‘Recap’ on the basics to in still a good foundation to your practice to assist you in your own development giving you more depth to enable you to deepen your practice with ease - suitable for all.  We will explore more depth in;

  • What is meditation
  • Preparation for meditation
  • How to sit/postures – being comfortable for practice (whatever your circumstances)
  • 5 Steps to meditation
  • Relaxation postures
  • Meditation Asanas
  • Breathe awareness & Pranayama (technique to assist you before you meditate)
  • Progressing with Meditation
  • Meditation, Mind, Mantra & Mudra
  • Meditations to try & explore different methods
    We will experience together, various different types of meditation to explore as you will resonate with some more than others & we will also include meditative/contemplative meditation.

    This course has been so successful, that I have now made it accessible to everyone, to work through at your own pace and the content is available 24/7 , whenever suits you with 1 year access, to revisit if you want to.

    This is for all levels, many are complete beginners, and some have meditated for many years, even 30+ and found that this has pulled it all together for them.  Himalayan Meditation techniques & life changes creates inner peace - if we choose it!
    Certification is given on completion for meditation purposes and shows the level achieved - enables you to attend the teacher training course should you resonate.
    Please note: This is NOT guided meditation which is good for relaxation, but still external and creates a 'busy' mind.  This is INTERNAL.

    Course Information & booking link -   Course Information

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Meditation Teacher Training


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Teacher Training.. Want to do your course in India or UK?
DUE To current Global changes - I am Teaching in the UK & ONLINE only!

Want to do your course in India or UK?

Meditation Teacher Training:  All of this is taught as above ONLINE - with daily LIVE teachings & mentoring.
Due to current global situation - all dates for India are current being taught online.

Feeling ready to take your Meditation to another level for your own development and to teach others?

  • India Teacher Training - Date TBC (Due to current global situation).
  • UK (Devon)Teacher Training

This is a comprehensive training enabling you to explore many aspects of Meditation.

Both of these courses will be held in a sacred space with like minded souls all sharing the journey of self discovery together..

You will be be working intuitively so that you can expand uniquely and authentically - the tools and teachings given will allow you the growth and expansion feeling ready to deliver your own sessions with a depth of knowledge and confidence to do so.


  • All course materials and teachings are included as required for this course.
  • The full schedule will be given once booking confirmation received & WILL require full attendance
  • Certification is given on completion of the FULL 7 days or 100 hours completion as booked course.
  • You can continue on to achieve the 100 hour meditation course should you wish within the year.
  • Taught by Yoga Alliance & International Yoga Alliance teacher - Tracee Cullen.

Not Included:

  • Accommodation, Meals, Insurance or Flights (if taking course in India).
    Although assistance will be given & on location and airport pick ups etc.

Namaste, Tracee.xx

5 Steps to Meditation   -FREE Download

Not sure where to start?

If you would like to access this FREE 5 steps to meditation - click here to Access now

Simply select the link and you can download the FREE guide.  I will also then send you a video telling you how to access the 5 steps in videos I created, with me taking you through each step (if you prefer).

Click & Download now

 Meditation -  "All the answers are within
- we just have to be quiet enough to hear"!

 Develop Intuitively to work within the NEW Vibration!

Ancient Techniques - High Dimension


Reviews.. It's best to see what others say below..


Matt  - Barnstaple

Amazing weekend.
Kevin D - Builder & Reiki Master Somerset

Susan S - Reiki Therapist & Business owner Braunton

Julie P - Dowser Dulverton

Meditation for Beginners


Fantastic Thank you so much, really enjoyed the whole weekend.x
Wendy - Devon

Amazing! Inspiring, start of a new beginning. Can't thank you enough for helping me start my journey & finding me.
Carrie - North Devon

Thank you so much for helping me on my spiritual journey. Absolutely loved this course.x
Claire - Devon

Thank you. 
Jordan - Somerset

Brilliant Learning & growth!x 
Sally - Hertfordshire

Meditation Foundation Weekend


Lovely Course.
Stephanie G - Wales

Really Enjoyed this course.
Susan S - Braunton

Fabulous, informative and practical.
Joyce H - Kent

Brilliant, enjoyed it so much.
Karen D - Devon

Thank you, feeling honoured, privileged and
Mandy B - Devon

Katrina - Exeter

Love :-)
Alexandra D - Newquay

I can't say thank you enough.xx
Kate B - Exeter

Truly got to experience the master pupil vibration. Thank you.  Emily J - Paignton

Life changing experience. Thank you so very much.xx 
Claire R - Barnstaple

Love, respect & gratitude.x?x 

Sue D Woolacombe

Value on so many levels.? 

Debbie T-Weston -Super -Mare

On the deepest level, Namaste.x


Meditation Teacher Training

Light Up the world.. SHINE!

"It's your time to SHINE.. so embrace the journey you know you must do..  Which is to go within"..

I am here when your ready.. See what resonates and how deep you feel you are ready to go.. and explore the changes which are inevitable! We either face them consciously or continue drifting into conditioning & patterns of old paradigm. - Tracee Cullen.

"Meditation has been essential to my own personal development.  Although courses and training are essential to us evolving and gaining or remembering knowledge.. ultimately we have to go within..  this is the awakening journey and NONE of this ENLIGHTENMENT can be found externally or given by another!" - Tracee Cullen

Tracee Cullen

Has been teaching meditation since 2006..  delivering sessions to groups using many techniques dependant of the group and energetic vibration.

Guided meditation, ancient wisdom Yogic Sutra studied in the Himalayas.. High Dimension Meditation® channel as New Vibration Meditation..

Delivering classes and teaching from beginner level through to Teacher Training courses in India, Greece, Sri Lanka, throughout the UK & ONLINE.


Once you are brave enough to go within.. That's when the magic happens..

Of course we can also be 'afraid' of success and change, so another reason not to try!

Choose the right option for You!

It's essential that you choose what resonates with you..

Each of the following workshops and courses are created to work intuitively..

Which course is right for me?

  1.  If you haven't done much meditation at all  have a busy mind, need to update and deepen your personal practice then the Meditation weekend is for you.. - You can then attend the Mediation Teachers Training course following on if you want to you feel drawn to attend.
  2. If you have had regular practice and do your own meditation (even if you keep letting it slip - which is normal)! then the Teacher Training course is for you. - You can choose the 7 Day intensive or the 100 hours - Either gives you sufficient teaching experience but you will have worked and developed yourself more by doing the 100 hours and attain this for 'status' which is NOT e
  •  Meditation Foundation Course -  For ALL levels.  An excellent core learning of ancient techniques and new vibration to create your own practice at home and quieten a 'busy' mind.  Instill inner peace.  TRUST your intuition
  •  7 Day ONLINE Meditation Teacher Training -  An immersive and intense course to fully embrace and BE present without distraction.   Daily LIVE teachings & Mentoring.
  •  4 Week ONLINE Meditation Teacher Training  -  LIVE teachings held each Saturday over 4 weeks & self paced study between. 
  •  100 Hours Teacher Training - (6 days add on course) Must have completed the Meditation Teacher Training first as the hours are taken into consideration.
  •  High Dimension Meditation® Teacher Training - Must have completed the Meditation Teacher Training (not 100 hours) & the High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme - to have experienced this method fully to hold space and assist others through their spiritual development.  You will be recommended as a High Dimension Meditation® Teacher.

Get instant access to Downloads

Meditation at Home - with guided download

It's important to find a space and time that suits you and not to be too 'disciplined'..

in terms of beating yourself up about how long you meditate...  
Actually 10 mins can be very effective.. and remember that time is just an illusion!

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