Soul Transformation - One to One
- A personal session for YOU..

Working One to One Introduction..

Working One to One can definitely have its benefits and I would encourage this if you are feeling stuck within a specific 'thing', 'time' or 'space', generally feeling lost or not knowing where to go, or what to do 'next'..

However I would request that you 'feel' into what you need and know that ALL sessions with me are for your own empowernet and therefore will be given straight through intuition and channelled guidance.  It is assumed to have a one to one that you are wanting to take responsibility for your own journey,  create change in your life.  i.e. I am not able to do it for you but you will be fully supported.

What you will get is a direct approach with a session FULL of current awareness for both you as the individual and the collective energy.  Mostly I am able to see far forward to the current situation and therefore you must be able to feel into what feels right and take the given guidance for your highest good and take action as you feel appropriate.

Whilst I have delivered endless 'readings' in the past (Intuitive, Tarot, Clairvoyant & Mediumship) with many returning clients regularly.. the energy changed significantly in 2013 and so I had a break from delivering one to ones (other than on my workshops, courses and retreats) and since I have been working very differently in the 'New Energy'.  So much so that my experience and 'BEING' the clear channel means that often a one off session is enough for you to feel empowered to make the choices and changes required for you.  So much clarity comes through immediately & of High Vibration so it is ALWAYS in alignment to YOU.

If you are wanting more of an ongoing support whilst you are going through the many changes that the Awakening brings then it would be best to join my ONLINE Group which is a group of likeminded souls all 'doing' this journey consciously. More information here.

Please see the booking options below..

Sessions with Tracee are given in confidence, with dedication to you for empowerment. Suitable for those specifically wanting direct channelled guidance, also drawing from personal, spiritual awakening & business experience to assist you in your current situation.

Both online & In person sessions available  - Delivered online through Zoom or Skype (no technical knowledge needed as all links given to you).

Soul Transformation

Each session is deeply healing & transformative.. a sacred safe space is ‘held’ for you to work at soul level.

Tracee Cullen -
Soul Transformation Mentor

"Having someone to reach out to when the journey gets tough or lonely is essential and especially having such a sacred space held and confidentiality is trusted as is the source".

The experience is both profound and immeasurable.

One to One ONLINE
- Intuitive Session..

Intuitive Guidance sessions are for those wanting to work on a one to one basis, if you have anything specific that you want guidance for or need direction.

You can bring to this session anything related to your personal or spiritual journey..

Maybe.. you have questions about the 'Spiritual journey, energy, psychic abilities, healing, methods of communication, spiritual tools' - Spiritual Mentoring for self development.  Click here to book.

In Person session..

Do you prefer an 'In Person' session?

These are limited but available.. at my centre in North Devon. - Click Here for availability.

Spiritual Business Mentoring..

"I wish I had someone as a 'go to' when I was setting up my holistic centre..  there are many aspects to this journey that involve both the spiritual elements, the personal aspects like confidence and courage!  As well as the professional business guidance".

All of this is held within a Business mentoring session with Tracee.

One to One ONLINE
- Business Mentoring.

Do you need some guidance on either setting up or realigning your existing Holistic/Spiritual business?
Need some direction, lost your passion, not sure how to grow, evolve and transform your ideas, skills or how to deliver this to the world!?

This session is both channelled & intuitive guidance incorporating personal spiritual and  business mentoring as required.

As an experienced business owner, mentor & teacher I have also created an online course that you may find beneficial - High DImension® Calling.. Follow your Passion course beneficial. - Click here for information.

As this could also be a good fit for you.

Providing specific holistic/spiritual ‘business’ guidance or support for lightworkers, healers, teachers etc..

Coaching Package -

With Tracee Cullen Teacher & Mentor

"Being able to have clear guidance on a specific thing to work through and to be accountable between sessions is invaluable in making progress and taking action for myself".

Life Changing on many levels.

One to One ONLINE
- Coaching Package

?This coaching package is for those wanting to have continued guidance through a specific situation or time frame – confidential, experienced guidance on your side!

The sessions for this package include:
1.5 hours initial ONLINE session – schedule on booking
2 x 45 mins sessions – private link will be sent after 1st session

These sessions can be taken all within a week if your focus, willingness to actively participate & circumstances are allowing for change. This will create an alignment to shift the energy or if prefered on a weekly basis for 3 weeks to help assist in accountability and focus with space to action whatever is needed.

£48 per hour*.

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"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

People can only meet you with their own level of awareness.

Spiritual & Personal Guidance


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Feeling like you need to initiate change on a deep level?

High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme..

A journey to work deeply on yourself to explore within to 'Find You'..  of course you are always there but we have layers of conditioning which may be behaviours, beliefs, that are often self sabotaging for our development..  maybe even the ego that shows itself as FEAR - not to move forward, not good enough,  or who am I to do this?  So many aspects are from literally lifetimes of conditioning..  When you resonate then its 'time' ..

The Awaken & Healing Programme has been described as 'putting your soul in the washing machine'.. a process that is removal of conditioning but through awareness of observing what we as individuals are expecienge and the collective.  a process of detachment for others, behaviours, beliefs.. etc.

Giving yourself the 'time' and guidance as you are held in this sacred space to find the ability to shine through and BE.. ..the most AUTHENTIC version of YOU.. and the confidence to do so.  To break FREE from society, conforming that keeps us suffocating..

This brings a profound change to be in CREATION.. follow your passion and use your voice for the highest good.. to be heard and then to observe and notice the changes you set out to actively participate in!

?Namaste, Tracee.xx

Want something RIGHT NOW.. Then download a Meditation / Soul Session direct from our library. 

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Then simply select the link and you can choose to download any that you resonate with.  You can then listen to it as much as you want as it

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Reviews.. It's best to see what others say below..


Matt  - Barnstaple

Amazing weekend.
Kevin D - Builder & Reiki Master Somerset

Susan S - Reiki Therapist & Business owner Braunton

Julie P - Dowser Dulverton

?Meditation for Beginners


Fantastic Thank you so much, really enjoyed the whole weekend.x
Wendy - Devon

Amazing! Inspiring, start of a new beginning. Can't thank you enough for helping me start my journey & finding me.
Carrie - North Devon

Thank you so much for helping me on my spiritual journey. Absolutely loved this course.x
Claire - Devon

Thank you. 
Jordan - Somerset

Brilliant Learning & growth!x 
Sally - Hertfordshire

Meditation Foundation Weekend


Lovely Course.
Stephanie G - Wales

Really Enjoyed this course.
Susan S - Braunton

Fabulous, informative and practical.
Joyce H - Kent

Brilliant, enjoyed it so much.
Karen D - Devon

Thank you, feeling honoured, privileged and humbled.xxx?
Mandy B - Devon

Katrina - Exeter

Love :-)
Alexandra D - Newquay

I can't say thank you enough.xx
Kate B - Exeter

Truly got to experience the master pupil vibration. Thank you.  Emily J - Paignton

Life changing experience. Thank you so very much.xx 
Claire R - Barnstaple

Love, respect & gratitude.x?x 

Sue D Woolacombe

Value on so many levels.? 

Debbie T-Weston -Super -Mare

On the deepest level, Namaste.x


Meditation Teacher Training

Light Up the world.. SHINE!

"It's your time to SHINE.. so embrace the journey you know you must do..  Which is to go within"..

I am here when your ready.. See what resonates and how deep you feel you are ready to go.. and explore the changes which are inevitable! We either face them consciously or continue drifting into conditioning & patterns of the old paradigm. - Tracee Cullen.

Choose the right option for You!

It's essential that you choose what resonates with you..

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Meditation at Home - with guided download

It's important to find a space and time that suits you and not to be too 'disciplined'..

in terms of beating yourself up about how long you meditate...  
Actually 10 mins can be very effective.. and remember that time is just an illusion!

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