5 Steps to Meditation - Short Course

- A easy way to gain instant support to create your own meditation practice

Mini Course for Beginners

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- 5 Steps to easily begin meditation

Join this - 5 Steps to Meditation 'Short Course'
which will help you to quickly, through short but important steps, achieve a peaceful starting place,
to attain your own meditation practice.

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Price £27
- Helping you to gain inner peace, a quiet mind & trust your intuition!

Meditation Teacher - Tracee Cullen
200 Hour International Yoga Alliance & Accredited by IPHM
(International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

'Meditation Short Course - For Beginners'..

Welcome to - 5 Steps to Meditation 'Short Course' which will help you quickly establish, through short but important steps to achieve a peaceful starting place to attain meditation practice.

These are invaluable steps that can be applied to any method.

We often try to sit in meditation after a busy day or after having a busy mind, or rushing around, or even if you are in a relaxed state, still just 'sitting in meditation' is not enough to prepare ourselves.

Meditation is a process of being consciously aware of ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. So it makes sense to prepare our mind, our body, settle our emotions before accessing our spiritual inner peace.

This doesn't have to take a long time it can be done in 10 - 20 mins, but also it can be extended to achieve an hour or longer for relaxation if your prefer - the beauty of this course being, you choose and use it to work with how you feel, or what you need.

We always have this 'inner peace' within us, and always are this, but we have to shift our awareness to achieve the calm to align within BEing inner peace. Ultimately we are looking to achieve 'nothingness'!

There are of course guided meditations that you may have already tried and these are good to a point but still 'busy' you have to follow and 'think' to do them, so when you feel ready as you have done now, to seek a quiet mind, to gain inner peace & learn for yourself you will find this to be a good starting point.

Or do you..

Feel ready to delve a bit deeper and explore ancient himalayan core teachings and techniques to form a good foundation and regular meditation practice at home?

See how you get on with the 'Short Course' and if you find it helpful, and you want to continue and develop further with meditation, be supported and deepen your practice then take the immediate access, Foundation Meditation Course which you can also take ONLINE and totally in your own time.

I used to teach this as a 2 day in person course but now offer it ONLINE within the Portal for easy access to resources whenever you want a 'top up' or to explore the sessions again, this is for everyone that resonates with creating and owning your own practice, not relying on a class or infrequent times, you can create your practice and fond what works for you.

This will give you a very good core understanding and ability to meditate with a good foundation.

Acquiring Knowledge & Skills

You will gain practical knowledge and skills through; 

  • Direct Teaching
  • Self Practice.
  • Energetic Initiation - transmission of energy
  • Continued Self Study

Create your own inner peace...

Raise your Vibration.. & learn the steps to maintain it!

5 Steps to Meditation - Short Course
 - Accessible to all for £27

Foundation Course - also Includes the 5 steps to Meditation
A certification of attendance given on completion - £67
*This was initially delivered since 2017 for a few years as a 2 day in person course for £165, but to be accessible to everyone and give ongoing access for a year to resources, it is now held online.
* *Can be used as a stepping stone to the Meditation Teacher Training Course

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Authentic Training.. For ALL levels.. to teach you!

About your Meditation Teacher - Tracee Cullen..

Tracee Cullen -
High Dimension® Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

My own personal journey has been varied with certification and experiences through different cultures and practices throughout the world and has so far taken and guided me to continually evolve enabling me for the past 16 years to assist others to raise their vibration to become authentic Therapists, Healers, Intuitives & Teachers.  

Established Full Time & Following my own Passion since 2004.
Facilitating national events, Retreats & Teaching Internationally since 2011.
Delivering specifically High Dimension Meditation, Workshops, Courses
& as a Speaker throughout the UK (since 2013).

High Dimension Meditation®, Finding You & Being You Retreats are held in
UK - North Devon & Glastonbury
  Overseas - Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka since 2011.
Founder of Retreats & Holidays Ltd.

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