Meditation Foundation - ONLINE Course
- An introduction for you..

Meditation Foundation Accredited Course..

This Meditation course is for those that are either new to meditation or for those that would like to ‘recap’ on the basics to in still a good foundation to your practice to assist you in your own development and therefore this is suitable for everyone.

Tracee Cullen - 200 hours Certification
International Yoga Alliance Member

We will explore within the foundation Teachings..

  • What is meditation?
  • Preparation for meditation
  • Relaxation Postures & Meditation Asanas
  • Meditation, Mind & Mantra
  • Breath awareness & Pranayama (techniques to assist you before you meditate)
  • Progressing with Meditation

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A weekend with like minded souls..

Going within... Replenishing..
This Meditation weekend is deeply restorative for those seeking some inner peace.. knowing that you need something more than time out.. you need soul replenishment.. to seek on a deeper level what lies within.. where you can simply 'Be'.

To learn to take away tools to continue this journey at home at your own pace!

Meditation Foundation Weekend - For Everyone!

Meditation Foundation Course - Accredited - £135 (Norm £165)

We will experience various different types of meditation to explore as some you will resonate with some more than others & we will also include meditative/contemplative Mediation.

This course is now held ONLINE  - £135

and also a couple of times a year in North Devon UK - £165

Suitable for all levels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Certification is given on completion for meditation purposes and shows the level achieved - enables you to attend the teacher training course should you resonate in the future.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Meditation Teacher Training

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Teacher Training.. Do you want to progress to 'Become what you Teach?

Meditation Teacher Training

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Feeling ready to take your Meditation to another level for your own development teach others?

UK (Devon)Teacher Training - Dates 2020 - Course Information or Book here for July 2020 or ?Book here for Nov 2020???

This is a comprehensive training enabling you to explore many aspects of Meditation.

Both of these courses will be held in a sacred space with like minded souls all sharing the journey of self discovery together..

You will be be working intuitively so that you can expand uniquely and authentically - the tools and teachings given will allow you the growth and expansion feeling ready to deliver your own sessions with a depth of knowledge and confidence to do so.

Namaste, Tracee.xx

Meditation - Buy NOW - Downloads

If you would like to access meditation - NOW.. Access Now

Then simply select the link and you can choose to download any that you resonate with.  You can then listen to it as much as you want as it

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 Meditation -  "All the answers are within
- we just have to be quiet enough to hear"!

 Develop Intuitively to work within the NEW Vibration!

Ancient Techniques - High Dimension


Reviews.. It's best to see what others say below..


Matt  - Barnstaple

Amazing weekend.
Kevin D - Builder & Reiki Master Somerset

Susan S - Reiki Therapist & Business owner Braunton

Julie P - Dowser Dulverton

?Meditation for Beginners


Fantastic Thank you so much, really enjoyed the whole weekend.x
Wendy - Devon

Amazing! Inspiring, start of a new beginning. Can't thank you enough for helping me start my journey & finding me.
Carrie - North Devon

Thank you so much for helping me on my spiritual journey. Absolutely loved this course.x
Claire - Devon

Thank you. 
Jordan - Somerset

Brilliant Learning & growth!x 
Sally - Hertfordshire

Meditation Foundation Weekend


Lovely Course.
Stephanie G - Wales

Really Enjoyed this course.
Susan S - Braunton

Fabulous, informative and practical.
Joyce H - Kent

Brilliant, enjoyed it so much.
Karen D - Devon

Thank you, feeling honoured, privileged and
Mandy B - Devon

Katrina - Exeter

Love :-)
Alexandra D - Newquay

I can't say thank you enough.xx
Kate B - Exeter

Truly got to experience the master pupil vibration. Thank you.  Emily J - Paignton

Life changing experience. Thank you so very much.xx 
Claire R - Barnstaple

Love, respect & gratitude.x?x 

Sue D Woolacombe

Value on so many levels.? 

Debbie T-Weston -Super -Mare

On the deepest level, Namaste.x


Meditation Teacher Training

Light Up the world.. SHINE!

"It's your time to SHINE.. so embrace the journey you know you must do..  Which is to go within"..

I am here when your ready.. See what resonates and how deep you feel you are ready to go.. and explore the changes which are inevitable! We either face them consciously or continue drifting into conditioning & patterns of old paradigm. - Tracee Cullen.

"Meditation has been essential to my own personal development.  Although courses and training are essential to us evolving and gaining or remembering knowledge.. ultimately we have to go within..  this is the awakening journey and NONE of this ENLIGHTENMENT can be found externally or given by another!" - Tracee Cullen

Get instant access to Downloads

Meditation at Home - with guided download

It's important to find a space and time that suits you and not to be too 'disciplined'..

in terms of beating yourself up about how long you meditate...  
Actually 10 mins can be very effective.. and remember that time is just an illusion!

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