Workshops ~ Courses ~ Classes ~ Retreats..

Continually evolving to deliver high quality Training & Development to assist in the collective shift in vibration & Awakening Energies.

I offer an extensive variety of subjects training in many  disciplines both throughout the UK, Greece & India ~ all of which are my spiritual homes.

Essentially each talk, class, session, workshop or course is about bringing together ancient techniques & the modern Awakening Energies to enable learners to develop within, evole, find their wings & fly!

  • Offering you professional teaching working with your energy as an individual.
  • Many subjects will assist you on your own Physical, Spiritual, Mental & Emotional journey.
  • To maintain professional ethics & standards for our Workshops & Training.
  • To offer approachable and relaxed guidence to develop at your own pace.
  • To provide affordable workshops & retreats to enhance your development.
  • To promote an inclusive programme for all.
  • To support all – beginners & continued development requirements.
  • Establish a reliable service giving you confidence and passing on knowledge
  • To pass on the knowledge and develop for everyones highest greatest good
  • Continued support throughout your journey.

To book workshops or courses;

50% non refundale deposit is required to confirm your booking & the remaining balance to be paid on the day the workshops/course commenses.

Contact 01769 569118.