The only path.. create the shift to walk it

Our heart is our core intuition as is the solar plexus, we know how we ‘feel’ (heart) and we have the passion (solar plexus) which also fuels the decision – (fear or free will)?

This is where soul choice comes in and it is here that we MUST choose ourselves. We have to have the courage to walk our path and align to do so, be able to surrender also and unite.

The ‘sticky bit’ is when we are shifting through a level of consciousness (which happens in cycles all our lives), and we sometimes feel a bit lost or disconnected to even ourselves and during these times we cannot seem to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ or ‘hear’ or ‘know’ our way forward. All of our senses that are incredibly powerful can seem out of alignment. (Yet often you are still able to help others as you’re an empath).

Knowing within that your intuition is strong, your understanding of the world, all that is unfolding is ‘on point’ and yet you still can’t seem to go forward, fully walk your talk and align your physical life to your authentic path, your truth, and make the choices you know you want to.

It is at this point, that deeper inner work is calling to be navigated, to shread another layer of illusion, all that you have recently or past few years learnt, needs to be processed, to release all that know longer serves you and to consciously create change, through allowing all of your life experiences and wisdom to shine through you unapologetically, not through anger, truth or fear, but as equilibrium, balance of created inner peace that can then reflect into your external world.

Aligning your spiritual which rapidly ascends, can have quite annimpact on the physical, the body and surroundings, because you are walking one foot in the Old Paradigm and foot in the New Paradigm, not through choice but just because of the circumstances of where you live and your external world.

If you resonate and feel ready then come and do this 3 month (3 weekends, 1 month apart to align to frequency shift that YOU will have created) and receive support in between.

Treat your soul to what is needs now, to explore and answer the inner call you get, know and feel but not sure how? When you do you can know how to now change your life even more and participate in creating a new world by doing so.

Working totally in the New Vibration (there is a significant difference), simply by BEING. If we didn’t have resistance and a lifetime of social conditioning to doubt ourselves and play small, we could each access this and remain in alignment easier.

As it happens this course will SHOW you and support you and yet it is up to YOU to then do it and stay there!

More information & testimonials of the achieved transformation. You are needed NOW to shine, without pain and resistance.?

In love, unity and peace.

Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : CHI Mind, Body & Spirit Academy

Start Date:
8th April 2022