Weeds are like ‘awakened souls’..

Wild Garlic addiction.. and all things natural.. a great ‘liner time’ to be alive..

I am loving being able to tap more deeply into my core and aligning to the ‘next chapter’..  2022 was always going to be a big shift for us all and it is encouraging us to gain a deeper relationship with ourselves and also supporting unity, the vibration of ‘6’.

Personally for me such powerful synchronisities are occurring, which always happens when we surrender and flow with the universe, but the frequency NOW is much ‘different’ if we can truly allow ourselves to TRUST. 

Many of my channelled visions are appearing in the physical now and I am grateful to have this compass and be able to share it with those whom resonate, also some of my previous teachings are able to be much more accessible to people that are now ready.. to receive and take back their empowerment, do the inner work, the new vibrational way, not still looking external or wanting teachers to do it for them.

It’s a conscious shift we ALL must take.. its liberating to see how many souls are now surrendering to realise their potential, and take the required path to shine fully and accept that the bigger soul lessons that have tried to dim their light, like doubting their intuition because ‘intuitive doubt’ is a major player in coming through to the next layer of frequency, when we have trusted and its not transpired, but in our core we ‘knew’ it would.

There are reasons for this though so relax, your heightening awareness is pushing through, you need now to delve right into it as your ‘calling’ is bright. ‘It is time’ to move through what you seek, reach beyond what you know and move past what feels safe and comfortable. The circles of souls that you spend time with (especially spiritually) must push you further, inspire and challenge you, a bit at least.. we learn from each other but there is always more at every stage of our physical life to aspire to BE, adapt to the ever changing frequency that is ascension and why we came here, chose to do ‘this’.. those whom you spend time with must be of a higher vibration to grow, we all have that possibility.

If we don’t then we are just floating and giving and not receiving the ‘next’ opportunity to grow. We are all both the student and the teacher, but we must also choose beyond our comfort zone!

So where does the wild garlic come in?  I am embracing nature as deeply as I can and love being able to cook with it is part of this, its abundant now as is nature, as we are, if we can allow.  To forage or align our food to be in sync with nature has a profound effect on us, as does picking it from the soil. In India one of the apparent greatest lessons seen at every meal is the hand to mouth eating, which is also essential to FEEL the earth cycles and nourishment truly.

Also the reminder (yesterday at a garden centre) when mainstream say to you, about wild garlic “its a weed” – what constitutes a weed.. well it is through my own experience, most things that grow that are full of natural medicinal healing properties.

For me, my analogy is this..

“Weeds are like ‘awakened souls’ – ignored in society until we can be, no more.. the powerful goodness comes through just by BEING present and remaining strong even in face of adversity, excluded in society until our presence becomes ‘seen’ authentically.  So my advice is to follow the weeds both medicinally and in community!”
– Tracee Cullen


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