The new paradigm requires this surrender..

The whole point of me transitioning in 2013 into teaching COMPLETELY in new vibration was for me to know; how to hold space with such knowledge and wisdom from my own path into the New Paradigm, be able to articulate something that cant be measured, to ‘show so it can be seen’ to what this actually is, what the new paradigm requires from us at surrender level & how to deliver such profound techniques to be FELT to then create a profound TANGIBLE transformation.

To recognise what is occurring, in terms of how we receive, transform energy and ‘work’ in this energetic state of consciousness takes inner TRUST. 

Knowing that my ‘givien’ teachings had shifted to be able to do so in a way that the knowledge is FELT, not learnt or taught ‘at’, and certainly there is no specific ‘thing’ or ‘way’ to learn.. only to explore the discussion, follow the path inwards in this exceptional and instant way to BEING. 

It is then for the student to allow healing within as as there is a physcial awareness of healing taking place throughout.  I share teachings, wisdom and knowledge in a way that is so that the confidence of those I work with are able to allow the shift also into new vibration.  This requires a letting go of all that we have learnt previously, on the understanding that EVERYTHING brought us to this point and from now we cam flow IN FREEDOM.

In many ways all the amazing tools we learnt, the techniques to raise our vibration, even to become a healer, intuitive or ‘awakened soul’ is suddenly of no importance to take with us where we are collectively shifting in awareness..  the tools and rituals became the vehicle we needed from old vibration to new.

This of course can be hard to understand especially for those I work with that have learnt so much, teach others and have been doing things a certain way for even 20/30 years sometimes.  It seems that the wisdom we accumulated from ancient times is about length of struggle and knowledge achieved through it, in the old paradigm (not wrong at all, just frequency) like me, we had a long journey, simply awakened earlier to take this path and be a part of the raising vibration to get to now. 

But the new paradigm is about BEING.. nothing else!  Infact so simple we can take some linear time to allow it!

It is felt though, by us all at some point, known so rapidly now, but.. to surrender, to make this shift requires a step inwards WITHOUT all the previous tools and teachings.. and it feels strange to start with, just as it did for me to receive a message back then to NOT teach all I had learnt!   Wow I remember it clearly, TRUST and surrender like never before (but I knew within) it was a profound shift we are making and it has to be done this way – consciously!
I also remember cancelling my sucessful gatherings, spiritual circle groups (as they were) to align everything to BEING present and empowering others also to do the same.

From his point we can TOGETHER shine brighter, unite more easily and raise vibration by BEING.

The High Dimension®? Awaken & Self Healing Programme starts on Friday – it is how you also surrender and ‘re’ or ‘un’ programme yourself – it is 3 months support, mentoring and shifting consciousness in this way.  Held over 3 weekends with one month a part to allow for a recalibration of energy between as your vibration raises and you release from all that no longer serves you. 

Best to join ONLINE for exchange of energy, access when you want and also to revisit anything that has specifically helped you.–Healing-Programme

Tracee Cullen.
Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : CHI Mind, Body & Spirit Academy

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