As a natural healer, amongst other labels, Spiritual Healer, Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher.. as the ‘certificates’ say.. I long ago dropped these labels though, having held large gatherings, talks and workshops on the subject of healing and have of course like many of you experienced many things beyond explaination but also gained wisdom and insight into ‘healing’ beyond the already amazing ‘act of healing’ in person or distance.

Healing is a natural and continuous process for everyone, throughout life whether consciously or sub consciously and ‘self healing’ is much more talked about and supported in the current vibration, where people are wanting (and need) to learn ‘how to’ for themselves.. this is New vibration, to recognise our wellbeing is essential. It is for us to listen to our intuition and learn to take responsibility for our own health, and with awareness and learning we can mostly make healing choices, sometimes needing to seek a healer to help hold space to initiate the process, but NOT to have expectations to ‘fix us’ (old vibration). Supporting ourselves to remain in balance and conscious of our wellbeing is essential.

The physical body has the ability to heal snd return to a state of homestatis (“same” and “steady,” – in Greek), the process to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival.

In 2016 I was called to deliver a Reiki Retreat for all levels of certification in 2016 in Glastonbury at the beautiful Abby House (sadly not a retreat house any longer), which was to assist souls to deliver healing in the New Vibration, and channelled guidance of what we would be doing, how healing us transforming, interestingly now collectively we are seeing this evolve more.

I even stopped teaching these ‘methods’, which still feels a bit ‘odd’, as it was a huge part of what I did, but I simply felt empowered to explore and move beyond the actual ‘act of healing’.. also I had taught many reiki master teachers who are delivering excellent courses of their own now, so it’s all good progress and evolving for everyone.

I one day just started channelling, what turned out to be an incredible transformational process, this was about the same time, as a lot of you know and many of you have attended this as a ‘course’, again I had to give it a label!!

This still blows me away now.. just how evolved we all are and that when we choose to take responsibility for our own healing (you can’t do it until you feel this way), then it’s simply profound and life changing.

It is of course also specifically about shifting into new vibration (there is a significant difference in how we receive, work and trust.. its a surrender and needs us to step into BEING).. NONE of this process was from my actual thought process, although I know my healing experience would have given me capacity to receive it. AGAIN GRATITUDE..

Something you may not know.. is that after channelling it, I read through and I learnt from it! This is a realisation that marked a change in my channelling and ability to be clear and step out of the way.. totally!

So for me evolving again on from the High Dimension®? Awaken & Healing Programme, (which is healing at core level, magnetics, sub conscious and conscious and a shift into collective consciousness awareness.. navigating through the ascension process, energetically releasing and empowering, a process that you have to do yourself, not me..), I found myself having to explore deeper awareness again.. because in 2019 to current vibration.. the universe chucked me a new direction to navigate!

So, I have since progressed energetically to delve even deeper within magnetics, frequency, herbal and natural remedies, that we can access much more easily now when we apply ourselves beyond the ‘mind’ and been given no choice but to replace what the system provides as a doctor and the pharmaceutical industry.

This wasn’t initially a choice but I know within that the universe deals us what we need to explore and stears us on a path to experience what we must to be inspired to do, through challenges and then to inspire others, and ‘healing’.. so whilst this past 3 years, I have quielty navigated what has been a difficult path for sure, (honestly.. more like horrendous at times.. we need to know more about this collectively to help each other) but a higher level has driven me, often when I haven’t known how.

Interestingly though this focus has supported my channelling, profoundly and brought through so much for the collective, creative workshops and empowering courses, as well as given me focused periods of liner time of feeling able to return to give healing to others when needed, which is a part of who I am at core level, to assist also other healers to progress. This is about continuing my path as a channel of healing energy for the highest good, often through mentoring as so much has expanded in ways to deliver ‘healing space’.

I will share to assist others whenever I can and so this will come, for now I am sharing because I am AGAIN ‘blown away’ with the power of healing in the capacity of what seems futuristic but its not.. its ancient (of course) it is here, has been for a long time but we needed the frequecy of the Aquarian age to shift us to accept and be open to it all, and we as humans (that bit of us)! has such knowledge on the earth plane both spiritually and practically with the ability through technology to achieve literally what we once would have called MIRACLES.. this is our healing now, for me it’s my doctor! My personal go to, to remain in the best health and balance possible.

Again it is the will to take responsibility for our own healing journey, even when we don’t think we can and the challenges are enormous, we can, and our trust in ourselves and the universe has to be profound to create change and then assist others. In fact it has been my lead throughout this, always fascinated into how I can help others with these methods, but first I had to do it for myself.. I am not there yet..

But I am on my way and giving it my all, because I believe, always have done since 2019 that I was given this experience to bring awareness.. I often used to say back then.. ‘I know what this is about, its a spiritual lesson, one to achieve much from it to help others, after myself.. I also used to say; but I don’t have the energy to do it, to research, endless and I mean endless herbs, tech and more..

I wanted to just focus and continue fully in my teachings, and actually I have but I also had to make difficult decisions to not deliver some things I wanted to, but again.. ta da! I was supported because the crazy 2020/21 shifts removed what I would have done anyway!

Know within that your own wellbeing journey whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual (maybe at times all at same time), it is ALL part of ASCENSION and the life path we have come to experience, embrace and then to transform the energy to make a difference in this world. This will be in whatever capacity or willingness we make the soul choice to embrace!

So, I am sharing this with you because..

  • for all the healers that are evolving, TRUST!
  • for everyone dealing with cronic illness quietly, keep going.. day by day!
  • to all those who are already struggling with health and worried not being able to see a doctor or get appointments.. there is hope!
  • for all those conscious of struggling with mental health / wellness.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.. it is also a symptom of ascension.. reach out.
  • to any fellow souls navigating Lyme.. I am with you.. keep shining and speak out.
  • when people you know, friends, colleagues and even family disappear, when you most need the love and kindness, or worse they actively knock you down.. know that this is also ascension.. keep strong, keep your circle nourishing and supporting you, no matter how small it appears. You will be okay and align.
  • to absolutely EVERYONE.. things are changing in our world, rapidly.. THANKFULLY.. and that includes healing and our ability to change and evolve. EMBRACE it!

In love and unity,
TRACEE Cullen.

– here to learn, experience, love, teach and change a bit of the world..
Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : CHI Mind, Body & Spirit Academy