Change is not painful..

When you KNOW that you must create CHANGE.. make decisions that will change your direction, what you do, who you resonate with BEING..  Settle inwards..

For the moment you need SPACE, a safe one, because the changes BEING asked of you now, requires deep innerwork that you havent yet done.  YOU will have done a lot of soul work, raised your vibration, be conscious of the collective ascension, probably been helping others in some capacity for years, and YET.. here you are with such knowing and inner wisdom, feeling the call to create change that will take you again an unknown path..  move you out of what you are already great at.. but it’s time again to go beyond your comfort zone.  Don’t be hasty though, as it feels to be..

Align to do the inner work at YOUR next level (different for everyone), so that you may align your physical life to your spiritual awareness and grow.. create SPACE within to see clearly what the way forward is, from the present moment, shift fully and wholehearted into New Vibration (just having awareness does not do this).  It requires a conscious shift, another layer of surrender and TRUST in yourself.

When you feel all of this deep within you are READY.. to take the High Dimension®? Awaken & Healing Programme

I have been requested to add another date, so this is your opportunity to really shift every aspect of your life that you consciously or sub consciously KNOW needs and adjustment.. that there is more, you are more than what you are allowing yourself to BE.

If you resonate then you WILL also feel resistance, or will have had until now.. mainly because you are used to struggling alone, not able to accept or voice that you feel ‘lost’ in some way, are seen as the ‘expert in what you do’ and so you are completely out of feeling able to seek or accept a space being held for you, which of course is essential for us all.  It may also be the ‘lack’ and not able to invest in yourself either financially or give linear time to you.. but you know that this is an illusion as by doing so you breakthrough all of this..

The world can wait for a moment whilst you recalibrate and decide how you want to show up in the world, use your valuable energy and time and where and with who, doing what..

So join me and a group of other souls completely aligned to you and also digging deep to have courage to take this course together.. and I look forward to working with you..  what have you got to lose?

A lot actually!! You will lose all that is holding you back energetically, beyond the mind, you will see your path in a TOTALLY different way, aligned mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in the New Vibration, you will be able to re programme your reasons, reactions and impulses, defenses, resistance for making decisions (or not making them, which is also making a decsion)!

This is a SPACE for you to align with and find YOU as you never have before because the vibration has changed aslnd so must we.

“Change is never painful.  Only the resistance to change is painful.”

See you on the inside!

Namaste everyone,