Together we are more..

A great ‘linear time’ to have a soul spring clean.. it is encouraging when we are able to release all that no longer serves us and BE present. When we realise it is a continuous process we are able to surrender more frequently and allow ourselves to be supported and nourished amongst other like minded souls.

My way of achieving this, remaining in balance, embracing conscious change and continual life transformational decisions is to hold space as the Awakened Inner Circle’.. where we are all raising vibration and support each other for the highest good.

Everyone has very high vibrational experiences at certain points in life and we ALL are also, as expected through this great overhaul of ‘life as we know it’ are experiencing the depths of low energy as we are releasing and navigating challenges to grow, to recalibrate into UNITY.

There is a space for voice or to just listen, to share or to just observe and align to similar experiences, the soul choice to support yourself through the High Dimension Intuitive Teachings that are recorded sessions to revist whenever you want to day or night, tap into the Higha Dimension Meditation library or be supportive to others in the group community chat and forums. Mostly we can choose to do it all as we navigate and feel SAFE to BE..

This High Dimension Group – the Awakened Inner Circle is simply about BEING.. ‘doing’ – through actively participating this journey of life. No one is better than anyone, awareness is a ‘meter reading’ of course to how we have insight and knowing but we all have to continually be able to support and be supported.. it is a part of the ‘how’ we are able to intergrate it into our physical reality.

I keep this space private and honour all that occurs within as sacred soul sharing.. when your ready to reach jnto the depths of BEING..

Come join the group.. we are live this Thursday morning at 10am (our monthly live seesion) but it is also available on replay for those that are members.

Here is the most benifical exchange to join..

Be open to fresh ideas, ways of navigating life and the transformative process we can embrace in every moment to align and support our path.. lets be the leaders in our own lives and the unity together to continue tontravel the path unknown together!

Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : CHI Mind, Body & Spirit Academy