HEALING..As a natural healer, amongst other labels, Spiritual Healer, Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher.. as the 'certificates' say.. I long ago dropped these labels though, having held large gatherings, talks and workshops on the subject of healing and have of course like many of you experienced many things beyond explaination but also gained wisdom … Continue reading HEALING..

Creation is core.. fuel your challenges.

Here @ Chi.. as always creation is core and having always made my own lotions and potions, aromatherapy blends for people and products to gift and sell, this year brings even more creativity and exploring more options. Wellbeing is essential and empowering when we align to our inner knowing and our rebalancing takes places through … Continue reading Creation is core.. fuel your challenges.

Healer’s Journey..

So many of you will resonate with this.. saw it some time ago and feeling the energy now this is heightened at halloween and the start of the closing of the year! Although YOU the healer.. those actually 'out there' have had a difficult journey it is that which keeps your soul ignited to help … Continue reading Healer’s Journey..

What is Halloween.. in the New Vibration?

Halloween.. in the New Vibration. As we move rapidly into New Vibration.. we have to question everything.. as we let go of 'tradition' born from conditioning, polarity, fear and ritual it is days like this that we 'look' into what is Halloween? Well it has and is considered by many the closest or thinest of … Continue reading What is Halloween.. in the New Vibration?