Creation is core.. fuel your challenges.

Here @ Chi.. as always creation is core and having always made my own lotions and potions, aromatherapy blends for people and products to gift and sell, this year brings even more creativity and exploring more options.

Wellbeing is essential and empowering when we align to our inner knowing and our rebalancing takes places through gentleness with self and nurturing with all that nature has to offer.

Having also taken a long and more advanced herbal journey myself this past 3 years, I have mostly managed to maintain, against the odds, equilibrium of health.

Key for me is also meditation, it is for all spiritual development. A quiet mind is essential and the vehicle to my intuitive teachings. Incorporating the yogic path and lifestyle choices, ayurveda and natural wellbeing allows us to reach deep within and align to the earth, to even notice all this wealth of nourishment, what we can create and use in our daily lives to enhance everything!

Creativity is spurred on firstly by being in a state of BEING.. we have to have removed the noise, busy mind and allow our energy to resonate with what we are wanting to achieve naturally.

Holding space for alignment and stepping into BEING, a way of life more than an actual ‘act to do’ is my passion, as is to help other souls to gain the insight themselves to create conscious change, create a balance work / life, freedom is part of ascension, the path we take to unravel and find who we are, beyond the challenges and transform that energy, to fuel to do good in the world. ?

I learn’t long ago, it is ALL ‘soul choice’ and so we can only show people the way, through example of leading the life we want, achieving the results we share, by walking our talk and it is totally up to people to come forward when they are ready, because for me to work with souls whom feel dragged along, who aren’t ready is wasted energy.

We each have to choose to live a better aligned life for inner peace, to be different and explore beyond what we have done day in, day out, what society teaches us.. to be external from ourselves. It takes conscious intention to begin, and a skilled safe space to ‘do it’.. which is to meet yourself where you are and evolve.. a bit at a time, and that way every moment is progress and BEING present.

I choose to use my skills, energy and linear time to help those whom also want the same.

  • this too changes and evolves!

Namaste everyone, life is too short to not do what you love and live your passion!

Contact me if you resonate and feel ready for the next step, whatever that is for you, it’s different for everyone, again the beauty of chanelling the ‘space and energy’ without specific focus, is that each person gains what they need, we will together find the immediate best way forward.

Namaste everyone, BE YOU..
(No one else can be)!

Tracee Cullen.