Mind or heart.. can you hear?

This is a good representation of my personal experience and transistion of working in the New Vibration. To hold space through my chanelling, intuitive guidance & High Dimension Courses so that each soul can learn to ‘hear this voice within’ and to gain inner confidence to TRUST it.

Yes the voice is there all day.. everyday, and actually resides within our heart & stomach ‘gut instinct’ (not mind) but the mind will do all it can to over ride the inner voice, it has a lifetime of experiences, fears, and deeply impacting life experiences, opinions of others, and what society ‘says’ that it wants to return back to the ‘raw state’ ( I call it)..

.. and so we must look within, beyond this to a place where we can simply unravel, observe it and dissolve it. A technique I use in the High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme | ONLINE & 1 yr access | 4 levels £495 (In person £800) this has changed my life, given me freedom but it does take focus and a conscious effort to choose YOU, so that this can occur.

Once you do it will be so freeing and empowering you can surrender more deeply to who you really are and LIVE it.. Unapologetically and authentically!

  • there is only one way that we can do this and its inwards.. it is only about WHEN we choose to do it.

Life changing transformation occurs in this way when we release and surrender all that we know, and the align out physical to the spirtual which is who we are. Many have such amazing knowledge and practical experiences of BEING but aren’t able to fully align to BE it and live it because of the inner conflict and self doubt that will rise more strongly actually the more you ascend.. the more you shine and the more you need to shift frequency and surrender fully the old paradigm.

For this that resonate 2022 date for my High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme (HDA&HP) will start on April 8th. It’s a 3 month journey of mentoring and support through the inner journey and held over 3 weekends online with LIVE teachings and own paced sessions. It’s also incredibly empowering, nurturing and supportive. You have High Dimension Meditation®, soul sessions and of course every part of it is deeply healing and restorative.

Yes we each have this inner voice and yes always trust it.. but first we have to be able to hear it, trust it and live our life by it. It is the only way..

My teachings and mentoring will ALWAYS take you back to YOU. I hold space and you will do the inner work, you will learn how to and what that even means!

Aligning yourself spiritually and physically is key, drop ALL labels and old ways of being and working.. there is a freedom within that will set you free physically, mentally, emotionally and so you will align spiritually (knowing who you are as energy).

Namaste, I look forward to working with you..

NOW push through the resistance and all the reasons why you can’t..?? its the very thing I am talking about.. your mind stopping what your heart knows you need!

Until you invest in YOU, to get out of lack, nothing will change, whether that’s time, effort, money, energy, nurturing, kindness or all of it. Soul Choice.. (we cover that in the course too)!

Tracee Cullen
Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : Spirit Academy

  • 1 year access given to the HDA&HP so you can revisit sessions and keep supported. https://traceecullen.com/high-dimension-awaken-healing-programme/