HEALING..As a natural healer, amongst other labels, Spiritual Healer, Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher.. as the 'certificates' say.. I long ago dropped these labels though, having held large gatherings, talks and workshops on the subject of healing and have of course like many of you experienced many things beyond explaination but also gained wisdom … Continue reading HEALING..

Mind or heart.. can you hear?

This is a good representation of my personal experience and transistion of working in the New Vibration. To hold space through my chanelling, intuitive guidance & High Dimension Courses so that each soul can learn to 'hear this voice within' and to gain inner confidence to TRUST it. Yes the voice is there all day.. … Continue reading Mind or heart.. can you hear?

Days off, freedom & moon energy.

A lovely day off, in the fresh air and sunshine, absorbing the moon energy consciously choosing to honour the libra balance, process & ignite the Aries fire energy for fueling my passion and movement forward. A change is always good and keeps us aligned. Letting go, releasing is part of allowing in the new, and … Continue reading Days off, freedom & moon energy.

Current energy..

The past 4 days have brought intense collective energy and many empaths have been releasing this energy through the impact felt. (Today should feel clearer). If you have had sleepless nights especially the 6th for those most conscious and also the 7th, as well as possible out of character angry or raging outbursts or extreme … Continue reading Current energy..

Rise & Shine.. :-)

ALL IS WELL.. as we continue to see the 'old paradigm' show itself through illusion bring lifted continually.. remembering its not about the actual situation, rule, drama.. its about how we react or respond.. We can have felt angry, emotional and a deep release this past 2 days specifically Friday as the Saturn and Jupiter … Continue reading Rise & Shine.. 🙂

It is ‘time’.. we are ready!

It is 'time' as we ride the energies given this past few days, into the potentency of alignment, which creates space for an 'avalanche' of consciousness into the 14th and 21st December 2020. Illusions are lifting rapidly now, and whilst for some it can seem 'heavy' to live through, it is getting lighter everyday. It … Continue reading It is ‘time’.. we are ready!


Many aspects of ascension requires us to go deeper, just when we 'think' we have reached a 'better' space.. there is more, challenging our current awareness, perception or belief.. the truth is we are ascending in every moment. When it gets tiring or 'too out there' for our current conscious awareness we can want to … Continue reading WHEN WE CHOOSE TO..


BEING inclusive as healers and intuitives, honouring the journey and all those whom have been a partnof it so far..

Shift inward.. your wellbeing needs it!

Through many years of inner work, survival, and pushing through, awakening from a conditioned society our souls need rest, nurturing and to be able to align to natural bio rythems. These are functions of the serotonin/pituitary gland which are supported and become expansive through meditation. This is known by both science and intuition! When in … Continue reading Shift inward.. your wellbeing needs it!