Days off, freedom & moon energy.

A lovely day off, in the fresh air and sunshine, absorbing the moon energy consciously choosing to honour the libra balance, process & ignite the Aries fire energy for fueling my passion and movement forward. A change is always good and keeps us aligned.

Letting go, releasing is part of allowing in the new, and gives us traction to ‘see’ and move into what we are meant to do. Our souls FEEL everything and when we listen to our heart, anything is possible.

We only need to figure out how to BE and accept the challenge to what we are to evolve into, in this moment. We don’t yet need the how.. the universe is in charge of that!

So, for all those whom are feeling into this potent current energy, its about doing more inner soul work and questioning everything that we do or who we are, in terms of labels and freeing ourselves enough (again) to gain clarity and ultimately live this life in joy, even and most importantly the challenges.

It is the challenges that creates the flow for me, as any writer, musician or creative soul will know, this is where the magic happens!

In this peaceful moment of BEING there is so much to rise beyond yet to honour the physical too, to accept the gifts given in gratitude to continue the journey and shift onwards.. wholehearted and peacefully.

We must value ourselves and not wait for it from others, this we know, to allow oursleves to grow and be confident in the path we choose, use our voice and keep aligning into the unknown, the path less travelled, will continue to inspire others to feel safe to also.

Light leads the way and we are all doing this for someone or many, whether we know it or not.

I look forward to continuing this weeks teaching with the current established lovely groups of souls, all aligning again for the next part of their journey in holding space for others. I will be starting the professional tarot course, completing the 4 week Meditation Teacher Training Course and continuing to deliver business mentoring for those who are creating their own spiritual / holistic businesses or aligning the one they already have, in my High Dimension.. Follow your Passion 6 week course – this is always profound and an honour to work with those who resonate.

So many have contacted me this past week, all with different things coming up for them but actually, whilst struggles and feeling may seem extreme or ‘different’, it is all about the shifts we are collectively feeling into, about stepping into the new vibration (we have be doing this for sometime but now is for action and we many however awakened are unsure what or how to) and being ready for the next step forward now.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you all and for those ready to do this deep inner work to finally shift in consciousness to BECOME and take action, so that we ‘walk our talk’ ‘becone what we teach’ and ‘action what we voice’. The High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme starts on the 10th April 2021 – a 3 month journey together.

Oh yes and not to forget I have a new group starting for those local to Devon, which will be hugely benifical in how we go forward in a freer way! The networking will be on a wider level too so the group is held on a free space so we can all grow together in a positive way, without fear and to do so aligned to love compassion and kindness. I have had some wonderful souls contact me to either join the group or offer help to work together and lead a area forward (thank you), so all is good on that front.

All in the birthing stage now, of course aligned to the astrological new year!

Much love everyone,

P.s. if any of you are struggling.. dont do this alone thats old energy, reachbout and contact me. If you have a busy mind and seek help for meditation then join my free High Dimension Meditation – For Everyone where you can access video lessons and shared energy 24/7.

Namaste – My soul honours your soul.