Honest reporting?

When main stream media start to ‘talk’ about what is collectively going on.. (a link below), it will raise an eyebrow to those whom have known and aware of the process now, and to also ‘see’ it with caution to WHY now..

All is well.?? for those of us that have been aligned and sharing teachings of awakening for this past decade, we are still holding space and galloping on with creating positive spaces, delivering teachings for transformation, helping practitioners become teachers and those ready to create change and go within to really get to know themselves for what & why they are here and how much their energy is needed and appreciated in the collective.

We are all working together, and those whom are now questioning and feel ready to create a world that is aligned for the highest greatest good for US ALL then great.. we continue and the frequency is getting lighter, although the illusions stronger to drop away.

Let’s do this!

The divide with ‘light workers’ as I have talked about for about a year, ‘ which has always proved unpopular!!, but is like it or not fact rather than ‘judegment’, it is now of course coming into collective consciousness.

As is my often described term for those not willing (through fear) to truly voice, step up or do the inner work, but instead share just the ‘good bits’, not their authentic struggles with ascension to transform our conditioning to break free, instead choosing silence or reflecting others practices to try to be popular or ‘liked’ as I say being ‘fluffy’ for many years, many are now realising they have much to do or are closing down and joining the system, often targeting those whom are couragous enough to hold space in this difficult ‘time’ linear. By challenging souls that are warriors of transformation is creating mis leading information and actually trying to without realising to ‘dim the light’.

We are ALL amazing souls of the SAME energy and when we realise this we can surrender and feel safe, but to get there requires ‘hard soul work’ facing EVERYTHING but with the New Vibration energy not ‘old’ just meaning frequency not right or wrong as this is only our perception anyway!

Anyone wanting to delve within, deeply and safely and to do so in New Vibration you are welcome to chat to me about the High Dimension Awaken and Healing Programme which starts 10th April 2021, because it is about navigating gbis journey consciously.

Here is an article that I have seen floating about for a few days. It may reach some that ‘read’ MSM, and for those that don’t, its an observation of what is being ‘Fed’ and whether people within are able to actually have a free voice or if it is also part of the agenda.

Its time to unite, but not in the ‘old’ way, first we must let go of our conditioning of ‘what that looks like..

Tracee Cullen: Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : High Dimension Meditation