Happy Birthday Chi MBS.. a bit of my journey!

Happy Birthday.. (long post:-))..
Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit – celebrating 17 years..

So 17 years ago I decided to walk my talk, follow my passion and create a sacred space for souls to gather to for healing, relaxation, a caring safe space, offering many opptunities for communication, as well as wellbeing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Initially (2004) it was a holistic centre covering many therapies, spiritual healing and interests as well as a ethnic, alternative, esoteric shop!

As an aromatherapist, healer, intuitive I delivered much of this under different ‘labels’ to accommodate a comfortable approach for a ‘time’ that people weren’t used to giving this time, money, space or care to themselves but learning quickly it was essential.

It took me 4 years to put the angel cards on the shelf!! As peoples minds broadened and trusted as well as travelled from far and wide. At this point (2008) I started to also hold space for ‘circles’ and teaching meditation and other subjects including Reiki, Crystals, Colour and held pamper, holistic days at Chi. As well as having a small team of employed and self employed staff throughout the journey.

Soon branching out to local then national events, delivering talks, workshops, attending MBS and then into London for 2011, when I also created my first overseas retreats to India, followed by Devon, Greece, & Glastonbury. Chi was then and is now still the hub of creation.

In 2013 I personally shifted fully into the New Vibration and changed it all.. to once again align, walk my talk, follow my passion.. always evolving and trusting the universe, teaching full time and I began to focus more deeply on assisting souls through ascension and the awakening process.

Having also channelled my own therapy in previous years, I then started to bring through courses and workshops aligned to New Vibration.. After channelling them, I also learnt from them too!

I found myself then working mainly with intuitives, therapists, healers and teachers in their own right from all different walks of life, carers, nurses, those wanting to become self employed, those fairly along the journey of consciousness but wanting to step up again to their next level of awareness, its different for everyone. All seeking transformation, change, a work/life balance an opportunity to ‘do something’ to make a difference in this world.

Now many I work with are wantinh to develop to teach, to hold space for others, help people on their spirirual journeys too, work at a deeper level and in the New Vibration!

So, all my work is divinely guided and ‘given’, all manuals, sessions and teachings from scratch and my own interpretation. I of course have attending so many courses over this time as I take learning professionally and authentically really seriously and therefore put all this energy to achieve the same experience for my students also.

I am sharing my journey as I reflect back on these 17 years of having guardianship of Chi and many often ask me these questions and also as I now help others to answer their calling.. follow their passion and help them to start their own holistic business, and so it is relevant of the experience.

My passion is teaching and seeing people transform, however it is at soul level and therefore can be very difficult situations to help people through, often ancient! However I know and have done for some time that I am here to raise vibration as, we all are as part of the collective. It can be a path less walked as we shine light for people to find their way back to themselves, to hold space through the releases and celebrate with them the energetic ‘wins’, the empowerment and changes they make.

In 2017 I felt the call to shift again to create my High Dimension Portal an online sacred and private teaching space for continued spiritual development and teachings which continues to grow alongside my courses and events at Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit right up to the day of lockdown in March 2020, (I had just completed a 7 day certification course).

Ironically many that worked physically with me were not wanting to join my online groups in 2018 as it felt for them not personal, but I had to trust my intuition, and knowing that energy is beyond time and space and the way we communicate is of higher frequency and the Aquarian age is about ‘technology’ and the collective, and when we hit 2020 2 years later.. well we know the rest!!?

I have worked over the years with several local businesses for catering and accommodation for students and so has generated and impacted locally for all these years too, as well as delivering the Awakened Holistic Healing Event since 2016 which gathered in excess of a 1,000 people, so we can look forward to what creations are in 2022.

So currently Chi – MBS is still the hub of creation, holds space for all that I do and I look forward to opening again to welcome you back, however it seems that for the groups, we have to wait for May.. but all is well and until then (and possibly beyond) I will continue to deliver FREE meditation and healing sessions online to help people through this transformational time we are experiencing.

So, if you made it this far in reading this detailed account of the life of Chi MBS (so far) then thank you.? drop a heart or a ‘like’ to let me know and if you have ever worked with me, visited Chi – Mind, Body, Spirit or want to in the future then I send you much gratitude for bringing your energy, trust & soul to share the exchange that we are feeling.

In love and unity,
Tracee Cullen