Freedom to roam the earth & travel.. why spiritual awareness is key..

The ‘calling’ to travel as freedom seekers is immense, as is the ‘knowing’ that we want change..

There are so many layers of awakening that at some point we shift beyond wanting to ‘avoid the system’, this comes after the inner need to also want to ‘go off grid’ or ‘seek somewhere to be self sufficient’ to step out of the ‘system’ because we KNOW within that we came here to do this..  and then we align, unite and create the NEW World that we want!

It is from this place we can once again roam the earth freely as intended but it will be for EVERYONE.

Many people have lived for many years without the freedom to travel where they want to and now we ALL get a taste of this restriction.

Having spent a lot of time in India and Kashmir this reality is stark..  they have lived with lockdowns for 50 years! As they have also lived with ID cards, and restrictions to travel or live freely. Its oppressive at the very least.

.. and so those lessons have prepared me, to know what we must do and we must do it together!

There are layers of awareness that we must all journey through and we can only ever ‘see’ or ‘hear’ to the level of awareness we currently have, and so we must rest into kindness, have an open mind even beyond what we each now in the present have, and to go forward we must respond not react..  see and observe out triggers and then learn by going deeper within.

We are spiritual beings living a human existance and no matter what we believe at this moment in time there is growth, shifts and we need resilience, kindness and unity..  it is only then do we glimpse #oneness.

– Tracee Cullen: Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : High Dimension Meditation