Full Moon.. energy update


Aligning to #bekind to ourselves will allow our capacity to do so, more deeply for others.

This emotional full moon will have stirred ‘old’ feelings to rise to the top and ‘spill’ over,  often as a release and awareness of what is sub conciously still controlling our reactions. 

So too, is are conscious awareness of BEING alert and sure of knowing intuitively of huge change, what’s needed and the feeling of wanting security and grounding into earthly living, (as spiritual beings), to bring balance and harmony to this ‘moment in time’.

We are now in 1st gear! to go forward in a totally new way of living, or at least knowing its what is needed for collective survival which is heightened in this Taurean influence in energy.

When we are triggered it shows us what needs healing in ourselves and what repeated behaviours we still hold that must be released in order to move forward into New Vibration which is aligned to #kindness #compassion #unconditionallove

Watery Scorpio is intense as always and the depth of release can feel deep, even exhausting depending on how much internal work we have already done.  It can though, just be a gentle conscious shift of ‘seeing’ continued patterns or leave us feeling totally wrung out.  Either way.. we are receiving what’s needed to bring balance to both our physical and spiritual aspects of our soul.

Tracee Cullen

#kindness #kindnessmatters #love #meditation #peace #conciousness #awakening #awakened