As we allow change.. we evolve..

This was a post I wrote back in 2016, but may well resonate for many now taking this conscious journey.

The shifts have at times been uncomfortable for many.. mainly as we resist change..

As we allow change.. we evolve and ‘shed’ our skin many times.. allowing us to raise higher.. release old beliefs, fear and ego..

When looking back we no longer resonate with various situations, people, beliefs.. we evolve to adjust to the vibration..

Unity starts to become a priority for those that are also recognising this amazing waking up of souls.. and everything in that moment becomes clearer.. and even when we know we have to continue with many struggles and shifts we know deep within why.. and this creates trust..

You will shift relationships, jobs, location and much more to acknowledge your calling, life purpose.. your ‘work’ will assist others but you will also value yourself primarily which in turn creates balance & harmony..

Time becomes more fluid.. living in the now.. less planning.. less restriction (which can feel scary to know we have choices and options).. releasing from 3 dimensional restrictions..

We become whole as we embrace freedom..

There is no one way to evolve.. everyone chooses their path.. connections to be made.. teachings.. all for self development..

This is a very personal journey for all.. but done within unity is essential.

Have a lovely day everyone..