Natural living.. regain our health & wellbeing..

Having had the privilege to enter a tribal village 20+ years ago,  my first time to visit and work in India.  I witnessed how they lived literally a totally self sufficient life, they ate from the land and forest/woods behind them, wild animals  and I even witnessed the authentic TRUTH of what nature can do.  The witch doctor that day had performed an operation for an appendicitis took the anesthetic from a plant as did the tools that were made to perform the operation..

The pictures are just a reflection of what happens when main stream ‘market’ the next thing that will keep us ill.. it was cased on TRUST that those who knew, knew and it was for our highest good.. sound familiar..

Sugar is an example of what is in our diet, which lead to processed food and gradually removing the natural food chain.. there is an agenda to take this to the extreme..

Research will also show you how the natural remedies, health and wellbeing were literally ‘disposed of’ to direct us into the pharmaceutical world..  many amazing holistic ‘doctors’ have lost their life trying to show us a different way..

Also..  why not research how the banking system started.. the first ledger entry.. and you will see this thing called ‘money’ is not what it seems but the ‘marketing’ of it has made us reliant and fearful as a collective.. it triggered our survival mode.. until we were in the ‘rat race’.. now we are emerging!

So don’t for one moment think that we cant remove all of this.. because we

The old paradigm is falling away, we are as a collective starting to listen to ourselves, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Ascension is about who we are.. returning to self, journeying inwards and part of that is rendering knowing and BEING..  we are part of the earth, not seperate and everything we need is given.. we are abundant in natural goodness..

The shortage, urgency, fear is of the manmade.. we can grow anything..  we are abundant.. the earth is amazing as we are.. (not sepearte).. when we look after ourselves we look after the earth and vise versa..

In the Yogic & Meditation himalaya practice this is non violence!

Namaste everyone,