Solstice vibration..

Hi everyone..
Just posting below to share some of the Glen Energy and Summer Solsitice vibration..

I am sure with the past 3 weeks energy and alignments, you will be feeling into much that is rising within you, and because of your awareness you will hopefully recognise that if you consciously focus on this them you will free yourself some more.. let go of your desire to do as you alway have, whether it be a behaviour, how you react or what you do..

Do you run or do your hide, retreat either physically to your space or internally to your monkey mind..? Maybe journeu your o servations and be TRUTHFUL with yourself.

All is well we are journeying together and our souls need each other to bounce off and continue into unity..

The thing is with ascension on at this level we are left with the ‘big ones’ to shift, often what we dont want to see, and to achieve the fluidity, flow and freedom we need now energetically we will have to maybe come out of our ‘safe space.. remove some of what we have worked a long time to achieve.. thats how it works!!

So sending love and healing.. for you to delve within to seek your inner peace that when is settledalmost immediately gets disturbed again for growth.. its always about the growth!

No matter how much we sometimes want to stop where we are, our soul calling won’t allow it.. we will feel ‘uncomfortable’ again to make us continue.. and at some point realise that the often difficult journey is to lead us to a deeper responsibility for ourselves and the collective and so we must continue, its nit about reaching a ‘quiet life’ its about BEING here to shift this phenonimal cycle in humanity..

Often we all have an option to ‘play small’ and it feels like a more peaceful way to live because its still huge in many ways of assisting others, but we truly know why we are here and we are on the brink of a momentus rising, as we have never experienced before.

Namaste everyone,
AQUARIAN Energy, Age & Living.