HEALING..As a natural healer, amongst other labels, Spiritual Healer, Eastern & Western Reiki Master Teacher.. as the 'certificates' say.. I long ago dropped these labels though, having held large gatherings, talks and workshops on the subject of healing and have of course like many of you experienced many things beyond explaination but also gained wisdom … Continue reading HEALING..

The commitment and investment is in YOU not me..?

The commitment and investment is in YOU not me..? When you book with me to attend one of my courses, private session or retreats it is always a special moment and an exchange to honour in energy. Most people work with me over several years and complete several courses as they evolve, grow and shift … Continue reading The commitment and investment is in YOU not me..?

Who’s boss?

It's times like this (storm warning weather) that we have an opportunity to recalibrate and look at our significance in the world. As a physical. The universe is BOSS. Earth|nature will, in a second bring us back to the realisation that we need to learn to align to the weather, the seasons, moon cycles. This … Continue reading Who’s boss?


Often when I am holding space and working with people through ascension, healing & meditation courses, assisting in the conscious shift into new vibration these souls have already done so much internal work, know what is unfolding in the world and are already amazing intuitives themselves (deep inside). Together we silently acknowledge and honour they … Continue reading OUR DEEPEST FEAR..

Avoidance or rebalance?

We are seeing many people being triggered now to finally release that which is holding them back and if we are really on the journey to keep raising vibration, then we will see this in ourselves too. There are so many scenioros playing out rapidly now amongst ourselves, that have huge potential for clearing, growth, … Continue reading Avoidance or rebalance?

Solstice vibration..

Hi everyone..Just posting below to share some of the Glen Energy and Summer Solsitice vibration.. I am sure with the past 3 weeks energy and alignments, you will be feeling into much that is rising within you, and because of your awareness you will hopefully recognise that if you consciously focus on this them you … Continue reading Solstice vibration..

Full Moon.. energy update


Aligning to #bekind to ourselves will allow our capacity to do so, more deeply for others. This emotional full moon will have stirred 'old' feelings to rise to the top and 'spill' over,  often as a release and awareness of what is sub conciously still controlling our reactions.  So too, is are conscious awareness of … Continue reading Full Moon.. energy update

Days off, freedom & moon energy.

A lovely day off, in the fresh air and sunshine, absorbing the moon energy consciously choosing to honour the libra balance, process & ignite the Aries fire energy for fueling my passion and movement forward. A change is always good and keeps us aligned. Letting go, releasing is part of allowing in the new, and … Continue reading Days off, freedom & moon energy.


HAPPY HOLI...I have so many good memories of celebrating Holi in India.. my 1st experience was a bit naive as I was working there for a tour operator and driving past in full uniform on my company transport (a moped) and having from every direction paint thrown at me.. with such delight, laughter and appreciation … Continue reading HAPPY HOLI..