Avoidance or rebalance?

We are seeing many people being triggered now to finally release that which is holding them back and if we are really on the journey to keep raising vibration, then we will see this in ourselves too.

There are so many scenioros playing out rapidly now amongst ourselves, that have huge potential for clearing, growth, support and each time something comes up that we fear or tests or triggers we have the opportunity to communicate, or if not then to feed the fear. (not seen as fear though).

There is much at play to make us segregate also. Remember that heavier energy infiltrates by bringing self doubt, lowering energy and then makes us remove oursleves from are source of likeminded souls, light etc..

So many beautiful things have come out of ‘awkward situations’ rapidly now (designed to hold us back but actually we make choices not to) the expansive clearing comes just by communicating.  It’s incredibly simple, yet when we still look externally to blame what has triggered within ourselves, we lose the opportunity to raise vibration again to the next level. We choose to stay where we are, often in solitude, because it stops us growing, when we want the quiet ‘life’ it satisfys this part of us, but only momentarily!  We ALL do this..

Judgement of people happens often as a protection, rather than an actual event or reality and it can be the biggest divide, often again called in because it pushes us past our comfort zone, so it can be easier to stay ‘safe’ but know that actually we need to stretch, we know why we are here and anything that is not aligned to unity, beyond self has to be faced, worked on and have clear communication or else we continue on our path ‘holding’ it and making it something it isn’t because it’s the ‘mind, thoughts, chitta’.

At this moment in time those with much awareness will be ‘used’ as the scape goat to not look within, communicate or clear energy that has manifested long ago in close proximity that they don’t want to look out, keeps coming up or is a continual challenge from others, so it show in another way highlighting the same pattern for breakthrough, it will depend on their resistance, to resist again and challenge you rather than the real issue or see it and you help them through it.

Know that if this is you, it is infact a ‘compliment’ of your energy, because the real shifts happen for people at this level. It won’t feel great and you will see it time again for what it is. You are an empath, chosen because you to have experienced this on your journey, you can recognise it and hold space, but it may well not be welcomed.

If you are aware that you have done this yourself, then seek within to find the courage to communicate in a balanced way, beyond the mind, thoughts, chitta and see where the beautiful flow of energy can go, no matter how fearful you are (in a good way), because its pushing you beyond the illusion of how we see life, situations or where we are ‘playing small’ (even if we want to, it’s not why we are here).. it soon becomes uncomfortable again.

Often we all seek a ‘quieter life’ one where we have found solitude in awareness, content in physical life, yet we know deeply that we are here to unite and create this balance not just for ourselves, its beyond all of our judgements.. until we action this we are part of the segregation.

As a year 5 in numerology we are creating change and balancing the physical and spiritual.  It’s our road map!

If we communicate clearly and actively participate and it is not aligned, then we have tried to meet the energy, trigger, learning opportunity to grow, in a balanced way and can continue forward clearly and without regret or malice or continued mind /thoughts playing it out.  If we havent done this, then we carry the ‘story’ and repeat it.

Judgement is for me the most obvious part of our awareness, and when we make a judgement based on other peoples word, opinion or version then we are part of feeding that imbalance also.  We need to seek within to remain in balance and communicate, or else we all fuel the segregation and are not part of the unity.

We are all doing the best we can in kindness, and whilst we can see the triggers in others and ourselves and have often taken a lot of ‘energetic battering’ whilst its navigated, know also that we cannot be responsible for others when they do not go within to ask ‘what is my lesson’, why is this being shown?

What is also showing more and more at the moment is a trigger comes up within a place of light that is actually about something else and it can be big for the person and they feel empowered against the trigger but not actually about facing the real issue, this as we all know because we have all done it, it is avoidance.

Shine within everyone, its not an easy journey and its certainly not fluffy!

Chose your battles wisely and where the issue really is not with those that are supportive and aligned to see it all for what it is.

Manifestation is almost instant when aligned and currently I see such divine wisdom, guidance, earth angels appear immediately when needed.  For this is the way we remain in balance, open and trusting.

Reach within and reach out with live and kindness.

There are no them and us, there no ‘others’ we simply are #oneness and we first have to reach unity to journey beyond collectively to oneness.  No matter how aware we each are, we cannot do this alone!

Much love everyone, keep going. 🙂

Tracee Cullen: Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : High Dimension Meditation


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