Financial collapse – Brings equilibrium & emancipation..

As per conscious awareness of the collapse of the old paradigm.. this is not fear though but fact, its just what we will allow ourselves to ‘see’ as individuals.

The current uprising though for me isn’t to stop it, its meant to happen to create a world we do want to live in.  We shouldn’t to return to the materlistic, rat race though but to find balance..  to make a conscious choice.

But to do so, we don’t want to enter the reality been ‘prepped’ for us the collective, by the 1%.. 

This has been channelled and predicted for a very long time, nothing about this is ‘new’ to me or many of you.  I have been sharing the spiritual aspects of the awakening, as a hugely positive future, full time for the past decade.

So now we are actually living these times..

Maybe my awareness other than the spiritual, channelled awareness, also of the physical living I have experienced.. helps me to ‘see’..

? Demonetisation in India, this was overnight and had zero value.. an interesting month of people living of off good will and kindness and ‘owing’ & only after it being able to pay digitally.

? India on so many levels, but specifically Kashmir, have lived the past 50 years in (mainly) and out of lockdowns, control, force, manipulated by fear and violence, government totalitarian, the army patrol the streets, houses and do exactly as they want, all places of leisure restricted for ‘the common people’ but open and free for the army and Gov.  How did it get to this.. in a nutshell after British rule left without leaving any systems in place, India apparently stepping in to assist the transition!
– Divide and Rule was how Kashmir was created, seperation, Pakistan – its complex, research it.  I knew nothing about it until 2011.. an ironic awakening year!  (As will have been for all of you if you look back).

? Cuba, seeing beyond the shiny hotels to get to know the locals, where TV is controlled, what is seen, heard on radios, even a mobile phone couldn’t be bought if you were Cuban, the beach bars and small businesses opened by the givenernment (you would never have guessed), and many would never consider asking because ‘we’ have been used to living the High life in minster hotels with huge poverty behind it.. and no the money doesn’t go back at that level but siphoned off.

? The Carribean, again huge hotels of wealth, abundance beyond belief, told not to leave the complex, of course I did and joined a local street party.. I even remeber the name ‘Roalsa Lea’.. it was vibrant, happy and welcoming.. but they had no mains water and very real struggles, yet close by was the running water in 5? hotels.

? Gambia.. where we experienced a shlnao shot of ‘local life’ and end the day in a 5? hotel with a feast and swimming pool, and told I cannot ask the guide to eat with us.

? South Africa.. an amazing soul who worked for me in Greece, talked about her childhood, seeing a string of blackout ‘posh cars pull up to each house offering them a colour TV if they voted the ‘right way’.

? Faminine and all that we have seen on the ‘TV over the years and live aid and endless charities that we all support, but still never making an actually breakthrough (whilst much work has been done, kindness shared and a difference is made), it is so controlled NOT to make it okay and keep it in lack..

? India children’s slums used as guinea pigs for Vaccines and dying.. I was there.. I know though my physical experiences!

I could go on and I am sure that each of you have also endless awareness through actual FACT, experiences that you have lived.

These are just a few scenarios that have helped me as an empath to awaken some more, that have sat with me and been significant on my journey (much more behind it all), but just an overview. I have travelled and lived overseas extensively and ALWAYS chosen to live within local and REAL communities (as much as I could, be allowed to as a foreigner!!)

But these scenarios I mention, are from the FALSE light, what many a tourist chooses, I have also been that person, one I am no longer resonating with.. Travel is now thankfully changing, we ALL are, and I hope that as we go forward ‘WE’ as a collective no longer travel to escape a life that seeks 2 weeks of ‘false’ reality in a foreign place.. that our lives are more full in LIVING nit EXISTING, to want more soul nourishment. I hope that when we travel we collectively do so to integrate and seek the soul of the people and country, as I have done for many years and its been POWERFUL in life experience and EMPOWERING to find my voice, courage and live more freely.

How have we allowed this, accepted it and supported it?  How can we rest within our hearts and souls that this is okay?  It is not.. and now we have FINALLY the opportunity to to align, bring equilibrium, and emancipation!

So for me the ‘financial collapse’ has been expected and welcomed, for US to change and choose a different way to live.  To do this it tales courage to unite, see what is happening and use voice to choose a different way.

We would be naive to ‘think’ (this is just our conditioning) that all is well and on its way back to ‘normal’.. no thanks!!  It was sniffling then and a relief to be leaving it all behind.

Our reality now though..? That depends on you, me and us as a collective.. this UNITY isn’t about us being okay and uniting with others for a ‘happy project’, do something good for a weekend of wellbeing,  or teach others, he others..

NO.. its raw and real and requires our active participation TOGETHER to create harmony, network and support each other.  To create a NEW way forward for ALL aspects of society. – Bring your energy to the @awakened souls network – email for information


Tracee Cullen.