MEDITATION | YOGA is the vehicle.. ‘UNION’

MEDITATION | YOGA is the vehicle.. ‘UNION’

  • Patanjali wisdom shared and explored..

This morning again I am awake early before everyone else rises, just enjoying BEING and the energy of the sun rising, my inner knowing that we are not seperate, and that we are about to experience the most incredible shift in consciousness.. together. I have WHOLE heartedly felt, known and held space for this, projected this as my TRUTH and concentrated on delivering awakened teachings about this conscious knowing (without doubt) and aligned fully in vibration for the past 10 years of my holistic | spiritual teachings.
So now this morning..

Reflection as I prepare to teach and hold space again next week, for incredible transformation. It’s a Calling.. OM.

  • Patanjali was a SAGE of wisdom in ancient India. He created the Sutras (written in Sanskrit) – which are in my understanding short statements of truth, direction, inspiration and wisdom.

As I approach my next MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING accredited course (24th July 2021) I reflect deeply within and revist as I frequently do, for myself to consider many of the ancient teachings I share, because each time I revisit there is more depth. This is the key to teachings, sharing knowledge and authentic content for literally a life changing experience and MOST IMPORTANTLY why I call this unique course ‘Become what you Teach’, because of its balance of ancient practices – Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama & new vibration awareness, yogic practices and BEING.

To hold space to deliver such ancient practices and to be a clear channel of new vibration we cannot do so from the intellect, it has to be from oursleves in wholeness and from the heart. When we ‘become what we teach’ it is with flow and grace we are able to help others to return to themselves, to explore who they are and step into BEING, beyond the ‘noise’ of the world.

There are a collection of 196 Sutras, each one teaches how to live a meaningful, fulfilling life, it is though, through practical meditation that we receive the awareness, depth of understanding and opportunity for growth.

Written over 1,700 years ago, the Sutras remain as relevant to the modern yogi and meditation teachers because they are timeless, simple and also, I feel an essential part of returning to BEING that we are now seeking in the Aquarian age (specifically since 2012).

Yoga (union | to join) is known to be the journey.. the teachings take the known PHYSICAL (asana) into being able to be still, comfortable and of awareness to meditate. This is why we do asana, sadly mostly in the western world sole focus is on just asana.

Here is an example of a sutra, translated from sanskrit and explained for the wisdom within.

Sutra 1.2: yogas citta-vrtti-nirodhah

– Translation: Yoga is the control of the mind.

Meditation/yogic practice is the practice of calming and quieting the mind of the distractions and stresses of the world.

So.. This is what we as a collective crave, search and need.. however it is NOT found externally, which is where we search often for many years, in location, holidays, other people, even guided meditation is external – a great starting point to bring relaxation, but there will become a point that you seek more, to go within, because this is the ONLY place that we can enter a state of BEING.

I teach also my channelled (2013) meditation practice ‘High Dimension Meditation’, which is such a simple process, yet it is the journey to get out of our own way!! That is the elements of focus to achieve. This is also how I have personally accessed the inner teachings, and been a clear channel.

I feel incredibly lucky to have recieved this method and never underestimate the value of transformation it brings and has impacted so many people lives for the better, and catapulted them on their onward journey too.

I now in 2021 am finally ready to teach this to others to teach too 🙂 I will support and recommend those who take this opportunity to get this out there. Currently there is a charge as we are still in the exchange of energy as money to value such ‘time’ and knowledge, however I see this given freely when the opportunity arises, and when the collective can appreciate the exchange. (Often when the solar plexus has been worked on essentially to a point of ascension required).

Whilst I incorporate this as an element in the MTT, it is mainly what I use to teach and help the teachers to gain their deep practice, return to knowing, rather than the practices within the course that are already vast and essential to building an excellent core of knowledge for their future students.

Those wanting to continue on and develop to deliver the High Dimension Meditation Method (specifically), can do after completion of the MTT certificated course, because this covers everything to give you the ability to take your students from beginner to advanced teachings, which is needed often for our own development to hold space in a balanced, authentic approached way first.

It’s important no matter where we are in
our awareness that we take the inward journey.. I offer workshops and course for BEGINNERS | ADVANCED | TEACHER TRAINING but not actual classes, however I have held space and taught some wonderful teachers over the years and would be happy to recommend them.

Namaste everyone,
In Love & Unity,

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