Divine wisdom.. its ours.. together!

Beautiful, strong yet compassionate souls are stepping forward in a plentiful way to go beyond the immediate turmoil the energy presents to us as a collective, to stir us all up, to break us beyond the safe space we may want to choose.

We ALL know though that we are journeying together, and we are calling each other in now energetically to help push each other from our comfort zone. Although we are creating a new world, and we KNOW, PEACE, LOVE and COMPASSION, we also know that challenges are the ONLY thing to drive us.

Love each other, be kind, but honest, have boundries, deliver what our truth is and await the process within each of us to ‘SEE’ oneness again, who we are, step out of fear, we will be okay and more than that we will thrive on an abundance of higher frequency energy and alignment.

No matter how aware we are there are times we would all attempt to choose the road more travelled, rather than the road ahead of us which is less travelled.. but here we are together.. aligned in our preparation we have taken this past decade, to push through and support each other, through awaking energies.

Its turbulant for us all, we have to continually allow space to settle, to nourish and do our own clearing, processing.. with great intutive awareness it won’t be about the 3D, drama or polarity because we have consciously shifted some time ago. It will be just the vibration we feel as the collective absorb and relearn, undo and join the realisation of who we all are..

Its truly an amazing thing and yet its an energetic roller coaster..

I see now that those whom are leaders, intutives and have been a channel for sometime, need to consider the divide is here amongst us, we have to teach by example to unite whereas before this ‘moment all different paths led to the same way..

Well we have arrived at the junction!

This vibration as previously channelled sometime ago, as predicted, have arrived and can only be done TOGETHER.. no exceptions.

Thank you to all whom have loved and shared space with me, challenged me to push forward and to those whom now continue in immediate vicinity whether physical or virtual.

An abundant source of souls I have either taught previously or whom have been my teacher, and some are both? have stepped forward to contact me, its such an inspiration that the universe has prepared us ALL in exactly the right way. We must keep choosing to shine bright and surrender, but hold the divine feminine energy whether male or female as part of, not seperate to GAIA.

Namaste everyone,