Bringer of light.. choosing to go within..

The more light that is present the more we can literally ‘see’.?

We are shown the aspects of ourselves that we need to work on, go within, release.  Often the reflection or purging comes up through an abundance of light.. normally in the presence of an intuitive, highly awakened light worker.. because the energy and presence, align given situations, forces the unhealed parts of us to rise.

This is why we mistake the person, situation or challenge that arises or is triggered from sub concious as a negative experience or something or someone to be avoided.

When in fact the opposite is true, because the shift is at soul level and you are ready to experience it. The universe has aligned the right energies to experience the next ‘thing’ to experience to shift a bit ‘higher’ in frequency.

When we are evolved enough, we will trust ourselves and the light force that we have been drawn too, to appreciate the experience and as we look back we are truly grateful for this, because we know that it is our only time that we grow.

If not evolved or still in fear, we can want to avoid the growth, stay the same or play ‘small’ meaning to avoid our next stage in the journey that requires us to step up or evolve, because it will ALWAYS mean change!

Conscious change is healthy and an aware acceptance of stepping often into the unknown, but choosing to do so anyway.  It is inevitably about TRUST, in ourselves and the UNIVERSE – then realising we are not separate!

Clearing and choosing this path is an exceptional way to unravel, safely and return peacefully aligned to soul purpose – to raise vibration.  My next High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme starts in October.  If you resonate to conciously bring chabge then this is for you.

No matter where you are on your journey, the next step awaits you.  You are not taught ‘at’ but space held for you to go deep within where you choose to do the inner work!

It’s life changing, because you choose to shine brighter than you currently are, accept change, participate in the collective, align you voice and awareness into physically living who you really are at soul level.

You will find courage to hold space more authenticity for yourself and others and to follow your passion beyond restrictions of your sub conscious.?

I look forward to working with you and together sharing space to clear the 3D, Awaken some more and align to the Ascend level of BEING the channel.

Much love all,
Tracee Cullen: Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : High Dimension Meditation

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