Awakened Journey..

Raising Vibration takes many forms and we all have a journey inwards before we can do so.

The journey is continous and evolves through ‘linear time’ as we revisit time again the cycles in which we have to recognise our triggers to be able to shift into conciously responding.

As we know the awakening soul is about unraveling, undoing.. it is what breaks us open that hits us at what I call ‘raw state’ to allow the beauty and essence to shine through.

We are humbled by this experience and know with a smile in our hearts that we will never be the same and for that we must be thankful.

But the journey is not ‘fluffy’, it is often excruciating for the soul to live through the detachment required and to witness the illusions fall away of everything that once made sense.

We must honour this journey, the progress we have each made and know that as we go forward the highs become higher and the lows become lower, we are shifting frequency.

..and so the same journey begins when we recognise it all again as we Ascend as part of the collective..

We know our mindset and participation has an immediate effect on the collective..

It is now that we learn most deeply that unity is far beyond a few or just what satisfies our soul immediately, maybe to come out of solitude but to know unity is ALL.. to surrender and totally freefall into merging our energies as one.

Join AWAKENED souls network a New Vibration – where we can journey together and reach out to others.. before realising ‘there are no others’.

Tracee Cullen.