People are strange.. that much we know.. and so is the journey we take as individual awakening to collective unity.. the Aquarian energy highlights this even more.

Acting out of kindness and being open is something we have to ALL work towards.

We have to be open to work together as a team, drop the competition even when its to do good!

Its amazing how when aligning and trusting people to be authentic, they can then become secretive and detrimental to the outcome and not realising that they are not acting for the highest greatest good.  There is always a chain of events, people and reasons behind every situation that can be delicate and need gentle yet objective support.

The current energy is aligned to amazing light frequency yet the journey collectively is still purging – so even if you feel YOU have done ‘your depths of inner work’ feel aligned to the New Vibration or at least have conscious knowledge – remember that we are also part of the collective!  And there is NO OTHER WAY than to do it together..??

Of course much of any situation is illusion, even, of doing the right thing.. but its old vibration to do it alone, struggle or just be in survival mode.. we are aligning to compassion, abundance (not material led) & freedom.

No one is better than anyone else but the shared concern for each other now should be paramount and there are ways to be transparent but also remain in confidence of those that request it from us.

We are all called to share knowledge when it is to help and assist souls, but unfortunately the ego rises in some to think they are better than others, or that they can do it all themselves.

There are times however that we all need help and support and some won’t ask for it and are in dangerous situations both physically and mentally but what is felt (and known) by some of us is the energetic and spiritual aspects.

There are a great deal also of incredibly high vibrational souls with amazing knowledge and teach who are choosing to exit (a soul choice as we know) and some who are staying but again choosing to dim their light through, force, overwhelm or just tiredness of many awakened years to reach NOW – we must be vigilant to ALL souls (especially those whom seem to be coping well).

Those who continually help others both by being of ‘service’ or in there ‘work’ and whom as a character in everyday life assist naturally but have not yet got balance in their giving/receiving are perfect candidates to be checked in on.

I know as I did this for so many years and the more you give the more people expect and then they get upset when you can’t give to everyone all of the time. Its actually part of ascension and spiritual aspects of raising vibration. It will happen several times and each time we are more conscious but still givers first!

Because of my personal journey with this several years ago, I can now see clearly and reflect on and more importantly use it to help other theapists, intuitives and teachers that have reached overwhelm or even burnout but not realised as they can energise and replenish also easily.

– But it is tough because you share a part of yourself as you will know when assisting others and so much of your ‘time’ energy and space to ensure safe passage for development for them that you become close to each other and genuinely wish them every success for their onward journey but attachment can form ‘friendships’ (I feel its beyond that in new vibration its soul connections) and they can often feel let down when the level of communication cannot be sustained.

– But in reality nothing changes at all for the teacher/ therapist/ intuitive whenever you see, speak or connect to them its the same and a delight to see them shining bright.

– Moslty this is a healthy balance again of giving and receiving energy and general acknowledgement of the journey shared.

– Some will not have quite done enough inner work and feel attached to you and expectations can be unhealthy or they may try to duplicate you.  If this happens it is only through experience now years later, I recognise boundries and sometimes detachment (not often) are called for because if you continue it becomes more draining and they do not find their wings..  ultimately they will though and grow through the experience as you have shared the tools to do it! (They may not see this for sometime).. but do it anyway because through consciousness this is not about popularity it is about doing the right thing! And is part of the journey into UNITY.

– Some whom you work closely with will detach and judge you, when they are no longer a part of a treatment, course, group (or whatever you deliver that they have attended with you, its different for everyone) and they feel ‘abandoned’ and it will be without realising just how giving you are and you will have been beyond the call of the ‘work/in service’ label, and you will have done so without agenda.. (normally this is when you receive endless messages all times of the day for support or connection and you will each time be pointing them back to themselves for courage and confidence) it can be tough as sentives and often we remain silent no matter how this behaviour is distributed..

– For me, holding space can be just what you do and its there to share when souls are ready and each soul and space shared is never forgotten.  Its unconditional and all these aspects are viewed and observed rather than ‘being in it’.. there is a massive difference and one I teach deeply on the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme

– You know that anyone that has worked with you if being genuine will share the goodness and be in gratitude for the energy freely given, the knowledge shared, experience and growth, it will most likely always be the ‘afterwards’ that these fictitious attachments or abandonment issues can rise.. and they do because they are deep within us ALL and as a collective we are working on this to get ‘back to each other’.. and we will do!

– when we reach resolve or see people after sometime they realise that you are no different to them than you were when working deeply with them and welcome them exactly the same (as you did before) no matter what.. unconditionally to a space and opportunity if lessons have been learnt, to review the learning and what has occurred and from this space there is unity (that could not be achieved before).

There are many of you going through this right now and so if it helps at least one person then this share has been worth it, it can save years of isolation and hard core resistance to keep going, through this experience s lightworkers, intuitives and teachers.

In love and unity,