I have so many good memories of celebrating Holi in India.. my 1st experience was a bit naive as I was working there for a tour operator and driving past in full uniform on my company transport (a moped) and having from every direction paint thrown at me.. with such delight, laughter and appreciation

As a brit and not many tourists compared to now as it would have been 21 years ago, you were a target, and mostly they love us and the interaction.

As I returned back to where I lived, so many of the locals and staff (many are still friends now) came out to see ‘the state of me’ and celebrate that I had ‘been got’ and this gave them some bravery too.? it is a compliment to ‘play colour’ in this way, I just didn’t know that then!, and that was what I was doing and so I didn’t have any paint with me! To reciprocate would have actually been polite.

It is still etched on my mind now as a lovely time to experience and whilst I have been there for Holi several years since, that is still poignant.

HOLI is a celebration of LIGHT, good over evil and also of spring.  The vibrancy of colour alters mood and creates shifts in people as does the laughter and interaction to ‘play colour’.

There are many opinions about the paint that is used for the environment and also this year the gov have supposedly ‘banned’ it due to obvious reasons, but the WILL and SPIRIT of the soul is too strong and too vibrant, and so I celebrate your Joy for those taking part as family’s and communities and for me, here in the UK today not in the same way but through speaking via video call with friends in India who are celebrating with colour and then I will be making a healthy vibrant, full of natural local Goan spices curry!

Namaste everyone, Happy Holi,
May we continue together on our journey of LIGHT, to overcome anything less than TRUTH, compassion and KINDNESS.

Tracee Cullen: Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : High Dimension Meditation