Who’s boss?

It’s times like this (storm warning weather) that we have an opportunity to recalibrate and look at our significance in the world. As a physical.

The universe is BOSS. Earth|nature will, in a second bring us back to the realisation that we need to learn to align to the weather, the seasons, moon cycles. This ancient knowledge is who we are and so honour all we can to live in harmony.

We surrender when we are going through ascension and today as I write this in Devon which is being blown around (as most of UK) we are reminded who’s boss!

Respecting nature is essential, but more importantly, what we can be reminded of once again is that we are part of the earth, nature the eco system!

Humans have for far too long counted themselves as superior in all aspects of living as the 3D physical shows us.

We have abused collectively the land and resources and therefore also ourselves!

It’s a form of unhealed aspects within that makes this happen, self sabotaging and now for those of us who have awakened to this knowledge, and are knowing, we become impatient with those most irresponsible in leading the material world.. because we know within, who we are as energy and we know that we are not seperate.

Since 2012 specifically we have been removing illusions, ‘we’ have chosen to ‘stay’, the earth is leading us (as she always does) and ascension is now rapid in this realisation. Thisnos a snippet of course, I go through in detail in the High Dimension Awaken and Healing Programme (HDA&HP).

So days like today remind us of just how small we are in context to the elements. Not in a fearful way but in a celebration of just what we are a part of and this is energetically, profound.

It’s time.. and has been for a long while.. to nurture ourselves and the earth because both represent the same thing and on a physical level, work with the land, flood plains, oceans, soil and resources. It goes beyond, this we know, but in this moment let’s have gratitude for having within this awareness, because we are Spiritual BEINGS and have the opportunity to live an earthly life and experience it all!

It’s NOW that we must create conscious change.. and BE the change we want to see in the world!

I reflect also from my earlier days working in America and having to inspect hotels for the Brochure, first seeing all the hurricane shutters and how to secure them into the ground.. this also shows how very lucky are in the UK to have this as a rare event!

Wherever you are in the world.. keep nurturing and SEE the magnitude of this amazing planet.

The EARTH – Today ‘she’ is cleansing and letting us know whos boss!


Tracee Cullen.